20 Best Free MIDI Chord Packs & MIDI Chord Progressions

Here are the best free MIDI chord packs for quickly turning simple patterns into chart-topping hits. Save time and ignite your creativity with these free downloads.

Have you ever felt stuck trying to find your track’s perfect chord or chord progression?

MIDI chord packs can help. They can be a game-changer for both new and experienced music creators.

What Is A MIDI Chord Pack?

A MIDI Chord Pack is a collection of chord progressions, harmonies, and melodies that music creators can use to speed up their music creation process. 

Best Free MIDI Chord Packs
Best Free MIDI Chord Packs

These packs are free and can help generate a structured chord progression for a song, essentially serving as a blueprint for creating music. 

Using MIDI chord packs, you can have a hassle-free and time-saving approach to songwriting, allowing for a smoother creative process.

Here are some of the benefits of using MIDI chord packs:

  • Easy to Use – MIDI chord packs are simple, making creating music easier.
  • Quick Start – They help you start your music projects quickly, saving time to set up basic chord progressions.
  • Inspiration – Using MIDI chord packs can provide fresh inspiration, helping to spark new and exciting ideas for your music.
  • Learning – For beginners, these packs are a great tool for learning and understanding chord structures and progressions.

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Best Free MIDI Chord Packs

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each MIDI chord pack. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. SHLD Free MIDI Chord Packs (7,900)

Unlock your creativity with SHLD Free MIDI Chord Packs! Dive into over 7,900 MIDI files featuring every major and minor key, cool chord progressions, and rhythmic variations.

These MIDI files are ready to drag and drop into your favorite DAW, making music creation a breeze. Best of all, they’re free and open for contributions so that you can add your own flair to this collaborative project.

SHLD Website

Essentials MIDI Pack 01
Essentials MIDI Pack 01

2. Essentials MIDI Pack #1 (293)

Boost your music creation with the Essentials MIDI Pack. This pack equips you with 293 MIDI files featuring every major and minor scale, various unique scales, and triad chords ready to use in your DAW.

Plus, enjoy bonus piano and guitar chord charts to enhance your melodies. It’s a must-have tool for any music creator and is free.

Essential Pack

3. Library of Chords in the Circle of Fifths

Save time while making music with the free MIDI Chord Library, organized in the Circle of Fifths.

This MIDI pack helps you quickly find and use chords in various keys, making trying out different harmonies in your tracks easy.

Drag and drop functionality and a color-coded system aligned with Ableton clip colors facilitate a smooth workflow, allowing you to focus more on your creativity.

Library Circle of Fifths

4. Free Chords Pack (17)

Jumpstart your music projects with the Free Chords Pack, offering both samples and MIDI files to fuel your creativity.

Ideal for breaking through beat block or for setting the perfect mood, this pack gifts you with 17 smooth and inspiring chord progressions adaptable to Hip Hop and Pop tracks.

Feel free to modify them to suit your style, adding a personal touch to your tunes. It’s a handy tool that brings a spark of inspiration to music creators.

Free Pack

5. Master MIDI Collection (20+)

Get your hands on the master MIDI Collection, a comprehensive pack bursting with essential resources for music creators.

Within it, find everything from a chord bank and power chords in all 12 keys to a diverse range of pulses, risers, and runs.

Whether you’re crafting rising tones or looking for that perfect chord, this collection offers many options to enhance your musical pieces, and it’s free.

It’s a go-to for professionals aiming to upgrade their workflow swiftly.

Master Collection

6. Sweetwater MIDI Chord Pack

Sweetwater MIDI Chord Pack
Sweetwater MIDI Chord Pack

Unlock your creative potential with the Sweetwater MIDI Chord Pack, a free resource for music creators at every level.

This pack simplifies the chord creation process, offering a range from simple triads to intricate extended chords, all easily used in any DAW.

It features CORE Progressions to inspire both novices and seasoned producers, making it a breeze to craft compelling musical pieces.

Grab your free download and start making great tracks today!

Sweetwater Pack

7. MIDI Chord Pack

DixonBeats presents the MIDI Chord Pack Free 2019, a handy tool for all music creators.

DixonBeats, a versatile music producer, generously shares MIDI files, acapella, and other fantastic resources to fuel your music-making process.

This free pack is a gift and a catalyst to spark great music. Download it now and see your beats elevate.

Dixon Beats

8. Anthemic Trance Pads MIDI (20)

Get ready to boost your tracks with 20 free chord progressions from the ‘Antheic Trance Pads series.

Perfect for trance and all melodic genres, these MIDI loops are a breeze to add to your work, boosting your music creation to the next level.

Grab your royalty free pack from Dance MIDI Samples and start creating now. No payment or email sign-up is required. Let your anthemic trance journey begin.

Anthemic Trance

9. Key Chords (10)

Key Chords MIDI Pack
Key Chords MIDI Pack | Chords and Progressions

Explore the limitless sky of music creation with Roundel Sounds’ “Key Chords” pack. This giveaway features 10 MIDI chord progressions ideal for Future Bass, ED, and Pop genres.

Each progression comes with two top-quality WAV preview files, giving you a variety of sounds to loop in your projects.

Enjoy the ease of dragging and dropping these royalty-free files into your favorite DAW, letting you focus more on creativity and less on the technical details.

Grab your pack and start crafting your unique sound today.

Key Chords

Free Hip Hop MIDI Pack
Free Hip Hop MIDI Pack

10. Free Hip Hop MIDI Pack (130)

Unleash your creativity with Essential MIDI’s ‘Free Hip Hop MIDI Pack.’

Perfect for crafting tunes in hip hop, trap, Lofi, and more, this pack boasts over 130 free MIDI files, including three construction kits and exclusive Boom Bap drum loops.

Grab this royalty-free pack and kickstart your music production journey with ease and style.

Download Pack

11. Black Lotus Audio Chords (25)

Black Lotus Audio Chords
Black Lotus Audio Chords

Boost your creativity with Black Lotus Audio’s free MIDI pack named “Chords.” Ideal for EDM creators, it offers 25 minor chord progressions perfect for genres such as house, trap, dubstep, and more.

Explore various progressions in different minors to find that spark for your next track.

Compatible with all major DAWs, this pack is a handy tool for both learning and producing music. Grab your pack and heighten your music creation process.

Black Lotus Audio

12. Unison YouTube MIDI Chord Progressions (45)

Unison YouTube MIDI Chord Progressions
Unison MIDI chord pack | YouTube MIDI Chord Progressions

Unison brings you the YouTube MIDI Chord Progressions pack, a collection of over 45 chord progressions from renowned artists like Drake, Future, and Harry Styles.

Snag this pack to enjoy complete customization freedom with MIDI files, allowing you to shift keys and choose any sound.

Unison Pack

13. Essentials MIDI Pack Chord Progressions (168)

Essentials MIDI Pack Chord Progressions
Essentials MIDI Pack Chord Progressions

Dive into the Essentials MIDI Pack 07 for chord progressions to pop up your compositions.

Packed with 168 MIDI files across 5 keys and including alternate voicings, it offers you an array of choices and educates you on using them effectively with handy chord charts.

Suitable for various DAWs, this free pack is a golden resource to spark thousands of fresh song ideas while keeping things royalty-free.

Take advantage of this fabulous toolkit for crafting your next hit.

Essentials Pack

14. Free MIDI Chord Progressions (10)

Meet your next favorite tool: the “Free midi Chord Progressions: 4-Voices in Complex Tie” pack!

It brings you thousands of 4-voice MIDI chord progressions, all in unique complex time signatures, to give your tracks a fresh angle.

Visit Website

15. Free Chords Midi Pack (20)

Free Chords Midi Pack
Free Chords Midi Pack

Boost your tracks with the “FREE Chords Midi Pack” from Rewired Records.

You’ll get 20 free chord progressions to spice up your music. Plus, check out the handy tutorial to master writing melodies from your chords. Grab this free pack and let the music play!

FREE Chords Midi Pack

16. MIDI Pack Chord Progression Lite for EDM (80)

MIDI Pack Chord Progression Lite for EDM
MIDI Pack Chord Progression Lite for EDM

Dive into Callybeat’s “MIDI Pack Chord Progression Lite for EDM” to elevate your tracks. These chords are perfect for the EDM genre and will add the spark you’ve been seeking.

Lite Pack

17. Emotional MIDI Chords Vol. 1, 2 & 3 ( 30)

Emotional Midi Chords Pack
Emotional Midi Chords Pack

Add some heartfelt touch to your tracks with the “Emotional Midi Chords Vol. 1, 2 & 3” pack.

Inspired by mainstream artists like Illeniu and Seven Lions, the pack offers 30 MIDI files designed to evoke sadness and deep emotions.

Compatible with all DAWs and video editing software, it’s a go-to for stirring creativity in your next piece. Grab this free pack and pour some soul into your music.

Emotional Kit

18. J-Pop Essential Chords MIDI Pack (15)

Meet your next source of inspiration: the “J-Pop Essential Chords MIDI Pack – Hajiari.” This pack grants you 15 essential J-Pop chord progressions neatly organized in folders for ease of use.

Perfect for anyone looking to craft that authentic J-Pop sound effortlessly.

J-Pop Essentials

19. Producer Hive MIDI Chord Pack (50)

Producer Hive MIDI Chord Pack
Producer Hive MIDI Chord Pack

Check out the Producer Hive MIDI Chord Pack! It’s a handy resource that comes with 50 one-bar MIDI files packed with popular chord progressions.

You’ll find them easy to use thanks to their organization—major progressions are in C, while minor ones are in A minor.

Plus, they’re named with a Roman numeral notation to help you pick the right one quickly.

Transpose them in any MIDI roll to fit your preference. Remember that they are free and royalty-free, so feel free to use them in your projects and share them with others.

Producer Hive

20. Free R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Kit (10)

Free R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Kit
Free R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Kit

Don’t miss the chance to spice up your tracks with the free R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Kit by TrapSoul.

This kit is your shortcut to capturing the soulful vibes of artists like Suer Walker and Bryson Tiller.

It offers 10 lush, emotion-packed R&B chord progressions that can serve as a fantastic learning tool or instant inspiration for your next project. Grab your free kit now and let the creativity flow!

R&B Kit

21. Essential Free MIDI Chords for Chill (40)

Essential FREE MIDI Chords for Chill.
Essential FREE MIDI Chords for Chill.

Kickstart your chill creations with the essential free MIDI chords for Chill pack.

It comes with 40-chord progressions perfect for composing serene tunes. Whether you’re diving into pop, ambient, or chillwave, this pack infuses your songs with a relaxing vibe to help you craft music that genuinely resonates.

Get your pack today and add that touch of tranquility to your music.

Essential Chords

What is a MIDI pack?

A MIDI pack is a group of MIDI files that contain musical data. These MIDI packs consist of chord progressions that can be used in your DAW’s piano roll to create melodies and chord progressions.

Are the MIDI chord packs royalty-free?

Some of the MIDI chord packs are royalty-free. Check out each website’s terms and conditions to see how you can use the files.

Can I use the MIDI chord packs with any DAW?

You can use the MIDI chord packs with any DAW-supporting MIDI files. These MIDI packs will work seamlessly if you use Logic, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Studio One, Cubase, or any other DAW.

How do I use the MIDI chord packs?

To use the MIDI chord packs, drag and drop the MIDI files into your DAW’s piano roll. You can manipulate and edit the chord progressions from there to fit your desired style or sound.

Are the MIDI chord packs suitable for all genres of music?

Yes, the MIDI chord packs are suitable for a wide range of genres. Whether you produce EDM, lo-fi, pop, rock, hip-hop, or any other genre, you will find chord progressions in these packs that can inspire and enhance your music.

Can I use the MIDI drum patterns in my own music?

Yes, the MIDI drum patterns are designed to be used in your own music productions. You can import them into your DAW’s drum software or virtual drum machine and customize them to fit your tracks.

How can I get started with the MIDI chord packs?

To start, download the MIDI chord packs and import them into your DAW. From there, you can experiment with different chord progressions, melodies, and drum patterns to create your own unique music.

We hope you found this list of free MIDI chord packs helpful. Bursting with potential, these free MIDI packs are designed to bring inspiration and ease to your music creation process.

Imagine the new tracks you can create faster with these packs added to your collection.

What do you think about these tools, and do you have any favorites?

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