11 Free Online MIDI Editor Apps & MIDI Players

Here is a collection of the best free online MIDI editor websites and free online MIDI players for editing MIDI files in your web browser.

One of the benefits of online MIDI editors is the convenience they offer in terms of editing MIDI files without having to install any software on your system. This means that you can access all the features of a pro MIDI editor directly from your web browser without having to worry about compatibility issues or system requirements.

Online editors also often come with a range of advanced features that allow you to create complex MIDI files with high precision and accuracy. These free tools offer online piano roll editors so you can upload a MIDI file, make changes, and export the MIDI file to your desktop. All these web-based MIDI editors and players are browser-based, so they work with all OS systems.

Free Online MIDI Editor Apps & MIDI Players

  1. Signal Online Piano Roll Editor
  2. Online Sequencer
  3. Music Box Maniac
  4. AudioNodes
  5. Online MIDI Editor & Player
  6. JummBox
  7. Muki MIDI File Player
  8. Cloud MIDI Player
  9. Chip Player JS MIDI Player
  10. HTML Online MIDI Player
  11. MIDI Player XG
Best Free Online MIDI Editors Free MIDI Players
Best Free Online MIDI Editors & Free MIDI Players

What is An Online MIDI Editor?

An online MIDI editor allows you to upload and edit MIDI online. MIDI editors allow you to edit, cut, and rearrange MIDI notes. You can also modify the pitch, velocity, and glides.

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1. Signal Online Piano Roll Editor

Signal Online MIDI Editor - Free Online Piano Roll Editor
Free Online Piano Roll Editor

Signal MIDI Editor is an open-source online tool that allows you to create music without installing any software.

This fully equipped MIDI editor features a multi-track piano roll editor that allows you to orchestrate freely with velocity, pitch bend, expression, and modulation to create expressive sound.

Additionally, it has a GM-compatible sound module that loads 128 virtual instruments, enabling you to play countless notes in your browser.

The Signal MIDI Editor also supports MIDI I/O, allowing you to record performances from a connected MIDI keyboard or play sounds using a hardware synthesizer.

The graph editor of Signal MIDI Editor allows you to change the BPM and time signature in the middle of a song, even for non-4/4 time signatures and 300+ bpm.

Signal MIDI Editor supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers on desktops, and you can even install it as a Progressive Web App.

  • Upload and Export MIDI
  • Over 110 Virtual Instrument Options
  • Online Piano Roll Editor
  • Multitrack MIDI Note Editing
  • Modify Velocity & Pitch
  • Change the Tempo For Music
  • Midi Keyboard Support
  • 4/4 Time Signature
  • Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox

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2. Online Sequencer

Online MIDI Sequencer / Online Piano Roll Editor
Online Piano Roll Editor

Online Sequencer is a web-based MIDI editor that allows users to compose and save music online or on their computers.

With a piano roll on the left-hand side of the screen, users can draw notes and adjust various parameters to create their own unique sounds.

The default instrument is an electric piano, but there are over 40 virtual instruments available to choose from.

Users can also import and export MIDI and customize the grid, time signature, and BPM of their sequences.

The app offers more advanced features, such as volume, panning, detune, reverb, distortion, and an equalizer, which allow users to create more intricate compositions. The app is free to use and supports external MIDI controllers for note input. Start playing!

  • Offers 40+ Virtual Instrument Options
  • Import & Export MIDI
  • Create Melodies
  • Customize Grid, Signature, BPM
  • Add New Notes with Your Mouse
  • Play Notes With External MIDI Controllers


3. Music Box Maniac

Music Box Maniac
Music Box Maniac

The “Music Box Maniac” MIDI Editor app is an online music tool for creating and sharing custom music box melodies.

It offers support for MIDI file import and export, so you can use other music software to make your melodies.

The app features multiple note scales for the most common DIY paper strip music boxes, as well as playback start offset, insert, and delete bars.
Additionally, you can shift, expand, and narrow notes as needed.

The editing history allows you to roll back and switch between versions at any time. At the same time, the MIDI file import preview lets you see your imported tracks before finalizing your melody.

The “Music Box Maniac” MIDI Editor app offers export options to PDF, MIDI, MP3, DXF, and SoundTrap.

You can also take advantage of the full-screen edit mode for easier editing.

If you need help with creating a melody or want to offer help to other users, be sure to check out the melody requests page.

  • Shift and expand notes
  • MIDI import preview
  • MIDI edit history
  • Add New Notes with Your Mouse
  • Full-screen edit mode

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4. AudioNodes

AudioNodes Online MIDI Player | Musical Instrument Digital Interface

AudioNodes is a powerful online audio editor and digital audio workstation that runs in your browser. It offers unlimited tracks, a piano roll editor, real-time effect chains, and a 200-step undo history.

The interface may need to be clarified for some users, but AudioNodes provides a helpful documentation website to facilitate learning the application.

This digital audio workstation is based on modules called Nodes. It allows users to edit simple audio, create sounds and effects, and compose complete scores on a simple, intuitive UI.

AudioNodes is under development, and new features and changes are expected to be released over time.

The basic concept of AudioNodes is simple: some Nodes produce audio on their own, while others modify audio input, and they are connected by audio connections carrying a sampled audio signal.

AudioNodes offers a versatile and powerful tool for audio editing and composition.


5. Online MIDI Editor & Player

Online MIDI Editor & Player | Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Online MIDI Editor & Player

OnlineMidi is a versatile and free online MIDI editor and player. This app allows you to create unique and complex MIDI compositions, offering a range of tools to manipulate pitch, velocity, duration, and controllers to add glides and stereo pans.

The platform also includes unlimited tracks and an impressive array of effects, such as a 3-band EQ, reverb, low-pass filters, and LFO modulators.

The app supports exporting MIDI compositions to MP3 or WAV files and importing and exporting MIDI.

OnlineMidi’s drum kit includes 11 drum loops synchronized to any tempo, and users can assign audio files to MIDI notes.

For each MIDI channel, users can edit settings for a 3-band equalizer, volume, stereo pan, reverb, amplitude ADSR envelope, low-pass filter ADSR envelope, and LFO modulators.

The platform is optimized for editing microtonal pitches, and users can copy, transpose, change durations, and change velocities for notes in any time range.

  • Edit Pitch, Velocity, Duration
  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Available Effects: 3-band EQ, Reverb, Low-pass Filters, & LFO Modulators
  • Export: MP3, WAV
  • Import & Export MIDI
  • Optimized for Google Chrome

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6. JummBox

JummBox | Edit MIDI Online

JumpBox allows users to create and share chiptune melodies online.

You can upload and modify MIDI songs.

JumpBox can play several rows of patterns simultaneously.

Each has its own set of patterns. The bottom row is for drums, while the majority of rows can play melodies or harmonies.

Notes can be added or removed by clicking on the gray lines at the top. JumpBox automatically plays them out loud.


7. Muki MIDI File Player

Muki Free MIDI File Player
Free MIDI Player

The Muki MIDI Player allows you to drag a MIDI file into the window, and it will play the MIDI song.

  • Premade Playlist with Hundreds of MIDI Songs
  • 3 Visualizers: Bouncing Bubbles, Plasma Lights, Sonogram Hills
  • Supported Formats: .mid, .mus, .xmi, .mod, .xm, .it, .s3m, .psm, .amf, .ay, .gbs, .gym, .hes, .kss, .nsf, .sap, .snd, .spc, .vgm

Muki Website

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8. Cloud MIDI Player

Cloud MIDI Player - Free MIDI Player
Cloud MIDI Player | Free MIDI Player

Cloud MIDI Player is a standard MIDI file player that allows you to play MIDI songs in your browser.

Playing MIDI songs does not require the installation of any software or plugins.

  • Supported Formats: MIDI, KAR, HMP, MUS, XMI, MMPZ
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

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9. Chip Player JS MIDI Player

Chip Player JS Online MIDI Player
Chip Player JS MIDI Player | Online MIDI Player

Chip Player JS is a free online MIDI file player. It has a vintage computer operating system appearance but great MIDI player features.

It offers a huge selection of pre-installed MIDI songs, including Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Classical Music, Jazz, and more.

  • Audio Visualizer
  • Search For Popular Video Game Tracks
  • Drag & Drop MIDI Songs
  • Randomly Load Video Game MIDI

Chip Player

10. HTML Online MIDI Player

HTML Online MIDI Player
HTML Online MIDI Player | Free Online MIDI Player

This is a simple website where you can play MIDI in your web browser.

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11. MIDI Player XG

MIDI Player XG
Free MIDI File Player

The MIDI Player XG can playback XG or GS-formatted MIDI files.

Drag and drop your MIDI file into the browser window to hear it played back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are MIDI Files?

MIDI files are files that store music sequences.

Where Can I Download Free MIDI files?

Please check out Free MIDI Files & Songs.

In conclusion, the availability of free online MIDI editors and players has made it easier for musicians to create and edit MIDI data online without installing software.

With just a computer keyboard and access to virtual instruments, anyone can start playing and creating melodies on MIDI tracks.

MIDI editors also allow you to edit MIDI data and add new notes to your compositions.

Additionally, the ability to adjust the time signature lets you create music in a variety of styles.

These tools make it possible for anyone with an interest in music to explore the world of MIDI online for free.

I hope you find these free online MIDI editors helpful.

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