11 Best Free Online MIDI Editors & MIDI Players

Here is a collection of the best free online MIDI editors and free online MIDI players to edit MIDI files online in your web browser.

These free tools offer online piano roll editors so you can upload a MIDI file, make changes, and export the MIDI file to your desktop.

All these online MIDI editors and players are browser-based, so they work with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Best Free Online MIDI Editors & MIDI Players

Best Free Online MIDI Editors & MIDI Players

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1. Signal Online Piano Roll Editor

Signal Online MIDI Editor - Free Online Piano Roll Editor
Free Online Piano Roll Editor

Signal is an open-source free online MIDI editor and player packed with helpful MIDI editing features.

Upload any MIDI files, modify the notes, and choose from over 110 instruments.

  • Upload and Export MIDI Files
  • Over 110 Virtual Instruments
  • Online Piano Roll Editor
  • Multitrack MIDI Note Editing
  • Modify Velocity & Pitch
  • Change the Tempo For Music
  • 4/4 Time Signature
  • Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox

2. Online Sequencer

Online MIDI Sequencer / Online Piano Roll Editor
Online Piano Roll Editor

This is a free online MIDI piano roll editor and player.

Upload MIDI files or load MIDI sequences from other online music creators.

  • Offers 40+ Virtual Instruments
  • Import & Export MIDI
  • Customize Grid, Time Signature, BPM, & More
  • Play Notes With External MIDI Controllers

3. Music Box Maniac

Music Box Maniac

The Music Box Maniac online melody editor lets you create custom melodies and share them online.

This online MIDI editor supports importing and exporting MIDI files, so you can use other music software like FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Reaper to create melodies.

  • Shift and expand MIDI notes
  • MIDI file import preview
  • MIDI edit history
  • Full-screen edit mode

4. AudioNodes

AudioNodes Online MIDI Player

AudioNodes is an online audio editor that can have multiple audio and MIDI tracks.

This site offers a piano roll editor and tons of other features.

The interface is not like most music applications, so it can be confusing to get started. But they have a helpful documentation website to learn about the application.

5. Online MIDI Editor & Player

Online MIDI Editor & Player

Online MIDI is a free online MIDI editor and MIDI player.

Use pitch bends and controllers to create glides and stereo pans.

  • Edit Pitch, Velocity, Duration
  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Available Effects: 3-band EQ, Reverb, Low-pass Filters, & LFO Modulators
  • Export: MP3, WAV
  • Import & Export MIDI Files
  • Optimized for Google Chrome

6. JummBox


JumpBox allows users to create and share chiptune melodies online.

You can upload and modify MIDI files.

JumpBox can play several rows of patterns simultaneously.

Each with its own set of patterns. The bottom row is for drums, while the majority of rows can play melodies or harmonies.

Notes can be added or removed by clicking on the gray lines at the top. The notes are automatically played out loud by JumpBox.

7. Muki MIDI File Player

Muki Free MIDI File Player
Free MIDI File Player

The Muki MIDI Player allows you to drag a MIDI file into the window and it will play the MIDI song.

  • Premade Playlist with Hundreds of MIDI Songs
  • 3 Visualizers: Bouncing Bubbles, Plasma Lights, Sonogram Hills
  • Supported Formats: .mid, .mus, .xmi, .mod, .xm, .it, .s3m, .psm, .amf, .ay, .gbs, .gym, .hes, .kss, .nsf, .sap, .snd, .spc, .vgm

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8. Cloud MIDI Player

Cloud MIDI Player - Free MIDI Player
Free MIDI Player

Cloud MIDI Player is a standard MIDI file player to play MIDI files in your browser.

Playing MIDI files does not require the installation of any software or plugins.

  • Supported Formats: MIDI, KAR,HMP, MUS, XMI, MMPZ
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

9. Chip Player JS MIDI Player

Chip Player JS Online MIDI Player
Online MIDI Player

Chip Player JS is a free online MIDI file player. It offers a vintage computer operating system appearance but offers great MIDI player features.

Offers a huge selection of pre-installed MIDI files: Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Classical Music, Jazz, and more.

  • Audio Visualizer
  • Search For Popular Video Game Tracks
  • Drag & Drop MIDI Files to Listen
  • Randomly Load Video Game MIDI Files

10. HTML Online MIDI Player

HTML Online MIDI Player
Free Online MIDI Player

This is a simple website to play MIDI files in your web browser.

11. MIDI Player XG

MIDI Player XG
Free MIDI File Player

The MIDI Player XG can playback XG or GS formatted MIDI files.

Drag and drop your MIDI file into the browser window to hear it played back.

MIDI Editor FAQs

What is An Online MIDI Editor?

An online MIDI editor allows you to upload and edit MIDI files online. MIDI editors allow you to edit, cut, and rearrange MIDI notes. You can also modify the pitch, velocity, and glides.

What Are MIDI Files?

MIDI files are files that store music sequences.

Where Can I Download Free MIDI files?

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We hope you find these free online MIDI editors helpful.

If we missed any online MIDI editors, please let us know in the comments.

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