Free Clap VST Plugins & Clap Samples

Here are the best websites to download free clap VST plugins and free clap samples. There are free clap plugins for PC and Mac.

Many of these free clap sound libraries offer royalty-free samples that can be used in both personal and commercial music projects.

I have downloaded and tested many free VST plugins and free sample packs. These are some of the best clap sounds online.

Best Free Clap VST Plugins

  1. Clap Machine
  2. Clap of Luxury
  3. Clap DRUMS VSTi
  4. Snaps Claps Slaps & Shouts
  5. Hand Clap Samples
  6. Ultimate Claps Drum Kit
  7. Looperman
  8. Sample Swap
  9. Sample Focus Clap Samples
  10. Hands Make Sounds
Best Free Clap VST Plugins
Best Free Clap VST Plugins

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1. Clap Machine

Clap Machine | Top Clap VST Plugin
Clap Machine | Top Clap VST Plugin

The Clap Machine by 99Sounds is a plugin that offers a range of natural hand clap sounds. It provides a simple way for musicians to include realistic clap tones in their tracks.

This plugin can do more than provide single clap sounds by pressing various keys simultaneously. This mimics the sound of a group of people clapping together, adding more depth to your tracks.

What sets Clap Machine apart is its wide selection of sounds. It offers four full octaves of clap sounds that were recorded in multiple locations with different amounts of natural reverb. 

This provides plenty of options for music creators to choose sounds that best fit their musical style.


  • Easy to add natural-sounding claps
  • Make group claps by playing multiple notes simultaneously
  • Features four full octaves of clap sounds
  • Includes sounds recorded in various locations
  • Provides varying degrees of natural reverb
  • Perfect for adding more depth to your tracks
  • Offers versatile sound selections to fit any musical style

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2. Clap of Luxury

Clap Of Luxury
Clap Of Luxury | Clap VST

The Clap of Luxury is a plugin that offers the ability to generate any synthetic clap sound you can imagine. This software uses a cutting-edge syncable noise algorithm, manipulated and passed through three distinct filters. 

No matter the genre or style, you can create the perfect artificial clap sound tailored for your musical project.

With Clap of Luxury, you get a personalized digital percussionist. You can manipulate clap sounds as subtly or as dramatically as you like. From just a hint of clap to full-on applause, the choice is yours.


  • Synthetic clap sounds
  • Uses a syncable noise algorithm
  • Applies the sound to three separate filters
  • Offers a high level of personalization
  • Ideal for various music genres and styles

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3. Clap DRUMS VSTi


The Clap DRUMS VSTi is a virtual instrument brought to you by Softrave. With this plugin, you can access 400 different clap drum sounds gathered from various drum machines and keyboards.

A key feature of the Clap DRUMS VSTi is its ability to tune the individual analog drift for each clap. 

This function eliminates the mechanical repetitiveness of the clapline and offers a more analog sound.


  • 400 Unique clap drum sounds
  • Sourced from a variety of drum machines and keyboards
  • Ability to customize individual analog drift for each clap
  • Helps in creating less repetitive, more analog sound
  • Collected and recorded sounds over a span of ten years

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4. Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts (Kontakt)

Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps And Shouts
Snaps, Claps,Slaps, Stomps, And Shouts

Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts (Kontakt)

The Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts is an exciting vocal and body FX virtual instrument designed for the full version of Kontakt. 

The creators have recorded a 24-piece mixed choir performing an array of vocal and body effects, encapsulating energetic snaps, claps, chest and knee slaps, stomps, and 12 distinct shouted words.

The sounds in this pack were produced at one dynamic level (loud) and featured up to 12 round robins. 

The men and women were recorded separately for the shouts, providing the flexibility to layer these sounds for added depth and texture. 

  • Features snaps, claps, slaps, stomps, and 12 shouted words
  • Captured in a dry hall with three microphone positions
  • It comes with convolution reverb and a key switchable FX
  • Exclusively compatible with the FULL version of Kontakt

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Free Clap Samples

5. Hand Clap Samples

Hand Clap Samples By Wavbvkery
Hand Clap Samples By Wavbvkery

The Hand Clap Sample pack is a unique sound kit that can add an organic texture to your music tracks. Instead of the usual synthesized claps heard in most modern music, it uses recorded hand clap samples, providing a more natural feel to your projects. 

These samples can be used alone or layered with other drum sounds for more diverse and interesting effects. With this free sample pack, you also get the freedom to mix and match different sounds, creating your own collection of group claps.

This Hand Clap sampler pack includes 10 individual clap samples and 18 double claps, all recorded by two people using one condenser microphone. 

The result is a batch of mono WAV files that have yet to be high-pass filtered, leaving room for your modifications or additions. 

This gives you the flexibility to shape and alter the sounds according to your preferences, ensuring that nothing is lost during the editing process.


  • Contains 28 WAV Files
  • Includes 10 single clap samples and 18 double claps
  • All WAV files are in mono for better audio mixing flexibility
  • No high-pass filtering applied
  • Allows you to combine and pan different samples
  • Royalty-Free

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6. Ultimate Claps Drum Kit

Ultimate Claps Drum Kit
Ultimate Claps Drum Kit

The Ultimate Claps Drum Kit is a comprehensive clapping sound library that can assist music creators in developing standout beats. With more than 192 distinct clapping sounds, this software offers an extensive range suited for any music genre.

This kit includes 32 Bounce Klaps, Mellow Claps, and Solo Claps each. It offers 64 Stacked Claps and 32 Wild Urban Claps, further expanding your collection of sound options.

All these can be used for a wide range of popular music genres, such as EDM, Trap, Hip-Hop, Dance, Rock, Pop, Drum, Bass, and Dub-Step, to name a few.

  • 192 Clapping sounds
  • Ideal for various music genres
  • Includes 32 Bounce Klaps
  • Comes with 32 Mellow Claps
  • Offers 32 Solo Claps
  • Features 64 Stacked Claps
  • Provides 32 Wild Urban Claps

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7. Looperman

Looperman Clap Samples
Looperman Clap Samples

Looperman is a great online platform for producers and music creators. This platform gathers a range of free clap loops, samples, and sounds under one roof. 

These sounds are free to use and have been kindly uploaded by other users for public use.

  • Offers a wide range of free clap loops and samples
  • Enables reporting of any files that may violate copyrights and guidelines
  • Supports a search box feature for easy lookup of specific loops and samples
  • Supports multiple tools, including Acid, Fruity Loops, Ableton, Pro Tools, Garageband, and Cubase

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8. Sample Swap

Sample Swap
Sample Swap

Sample Swap is an extensive audio sample website that provides free, downloadable loops and samples dedicated to music creators worldwide. This site offers tools for creators to enhance their music.

Every sample hosted on the platform is converted into low-quality MP3 files for an easy preview.

One of the unique features of SampleSwap is the inclusivity that it offers. The sounds and audio samples provided are not just the works of its founder, Canton Becker, but are contributions from various talented artists around the world. 

  • Fine-quality 16-bit 44kHz WAV stereo samples
  • Free registration and downloads
  • Low-quality MP3 previews of the samples

Sample Swap

9. Sample Focus Clap Samples

Sample Focus
Sample Focus

Sample Focus is a digital library filled with roughly 5,540 unique clap and snare drum samples. These are all free to download and are royalty-free, meaning they can be used without paying royalties to the original creator. Sample Focus continually updates the library with new sounds.

This resource includes a unique tagging system that organizes sounds based on their category, timbre, mood, character, and instrument. For convenience, you can also sort samples by tempo or musical key. If you need help finding the right sound, Sample Focus recommends similar sounds on every sample page.

  • Collection of around 5,540 clap and snare drum samples
  • Completely free to download
  • Sounds are royalty-free
  • Daily updates with new sounds
  • Powerful tagging system to categorize sounds
  • Ability to filter samples through tempo range and musical key
  • Recommendations of similar sounds on each sample page

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10. Hands Make Sounds

Hands Make Sounds By 99 Sounds
Hands Make Sounds By 99 Sounds

The Hands Make Sounds is an incredible free clap sample pack that offers 158 handclaps and finger snap samples.

This versatile pack was captured in six diverse indoor locations, helping bring unique and natural reverb characteristics to music creators for each space. It’s a broad and varied blend of handmade percussion sounds that will make your tracks come alive.

These clap samples were recorded in various spaces ranging from a small restroom to a large empty hallway. While you can add your personal touch of reverb, these samples stand out with their captured natural reverb profiles of these different spaces.

All samples have been standardized and trimmed to ensure fluidity by avoiding any pops or clicks. Layering several clap samples and triggering them at the same time can serve up great fat claps as well.

  • A pack of 158 handclaps and finger snap samples
  • Captured in diverse locations to provide a unique natural reverb
  • Over 150 life-like sounds to enhance music projects
  • Recorded in various room setups and sizes
  • All samples were normalized and trimmed for smooth transitions
  • Samples can be layered to create distinct sounds
  • The samples come in stereo 24-bit WAV format with a 44.1 kHz sampling rate
  • SFZ and Kontakt 5 mappings included

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Clap VST plugin?

A clap VST plugin is an audio plugin that emulates the sound of a handclap in a digital audio workstation (DAW). These plugins can create different styles and variations of clap sounds.

Why Would I Need a Clap VST Plugin?

A clap VST plugin can help to add different elements to your tracks and help create a fuller-sounding track. They play an important role in creating music in several music genres like Hip Hop, pop, and dance music.

How Can I Use These Free Clap VST Plugins?

Once you download a Clap VST plugin, you install it into your DAW. From there, you can use it to generate different clap sounds in your music tracks. The usage varies depending on the DAW and the specific instructions provided with each plugin

I hope you found this selection of free clap VST plugins and free clap sample packs helpful.

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