5 Best Free Harpsichord VST Plugins, SoundFonts, & Samples

Download the best free Harpsichord VST plugins, Harpsichord plugins, and Harpsichord samples to use for your music projects. I’ve included harpsichord plugins for PC and Mac.

This compilation of free harpsichord plugins includes lists of features, screenshots, and videos for a closer look at how the plugins operate.

What Is A Harpsichord VST Plugin? A Harpsichord VST plugin is a virtual instrument that emulates the sound of a harpsichord instrument. Harpsichords are keyboard instruments that produce sound by plucking strings with quills.

Best Harpsichord VST Plugins

  1. Darksichord
  2. DSK Overture
  3. SIM-HC
  4. Harpsichord SoundFonts
  5. Harpsichord
  6. Rmi Rocksichord ( Kontakt )
  7. RetroMagix Harpsichord ( Demo )
  8. Harpsichord Samples
  9. Free Harpsichord Ableton Live Pack
Best Free Harpsichord VST Plugins
Best Free Harpsichord VST Plugins

The difference between a harpsichord instrument and a piano is that the strings of a harpsichord are plucked with quills, while the strings of a piano are struck with hammers.

I’ve personally downloaded and tested hundreds of free VST plugins, and these stand out as some of the best free harpsichord VST plugins.

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each harpsichord plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Darksichord | Best Harpsichord Plugins

Darksichord | Best Harpsichord VST
Darksichord by Electronik Sound Lab | Best Harpsichord VST Plugin

The Darksichord has been expertly crafted to give you a darker take on the classic Harpsichord sound.

It’s been processed with several layers of sound and effects, with LPF Filters and LFO Modulation for extra depth and character.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Reverb Effects
  • Attack & Release Controls
  • LFO Rate & Depth

Darksichord | PC & Mac

Darksichord Preview

Best Harpsichord VST Plugins

2. DSK Overture

DSK Overture | Best Harpsichord VST
DSK Overture by DSK Music

The DSK Overture is a powerful and versatile orchestra instrument plugin that features four layers of 40 classic instruments, one drum kit, and ten internal combos.

With its advanced multimode filter, amp envelope, midi channel selector, panorama control, level, and gain controls, the DSK Overture is perfect for creating complex and realistic orchestral arrangements.

The plugin comes with effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, and midi automation for even more creative possibilities. This is one of my favorites on this list.


  • Four layers with 40 classic instruments
  • Drum kit and ten internal combos included
  • Advanced multimode filter for sound shaping
  • Midi channel selector for versatile control
  • Panorama, level, gain, and mute controls


  • Offers realistic orchestral arrangements
  • Includes effects like reverb, delay, chorus
  • Supports midi automation for creative flexibility
  • Versatile for different musical styles


  • Requires understanding of MIDI controls
  • Limited to orchestral and classic sounds
  • It could be resource-intensive on some computers
  • Specific focus, not a general-purpose plugin

DSK Overture | PC


SIM-HC | Best Harpsichord VST
SIM-HC by Quilcom

The Sim-Hc harpsichord simulator is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create realistic harpsichord sounds.

It uses innovative technology to produce accurate and convincing results, while still being incredibly easy to use.


4. Harpsichord SoundFonts

Harpsichord SoundFonts
Harpsichord SoundFonts | Garageband Harpsichord Sounds

An excellent option for harpsichord sounds is to use harpsichord sound fonts. You can install a free SoundFont player and load the sound fonts into the SoundFont player. 

Free Harpsichord Sound Fonts

  1. The Blanchet 1720 – Play a virtual harpsichord copied from an 18th-century French instrument. It’s perfect for adding a touch of history to your music. The soundbank is available in soundfont or Kontakt 2 format. Either way, you’re sure to get a high-quality, authentic sound. 
  2. Christian Zell Harpsichord 1737 – 420 MB
  3. Musical Artifacts – This site offers five free harpsichord sound fonts to download and use with your music production projects.
  4. Campbells Soundfonts – The Campbell’s Harpsichord features a rich, full sound and is designed for ease of use.
  5. The Small Italian – Small Italian is a soundbank of a harpsichord copied from an anonymous 17th-century Italian instrument. This soundbank is perfect for Renaissance and 17th-century music and is available in Kontakt 2 format and sf2 format.

5. Harpsichord VST

Harpsichord Sample Libraries | Virtual Harpsichord

The Harpsichord plugin has a rich history and unique sound. Its design allows for total control over the instrument, making it perfect for any musician.

The instrument interface provides control over the different types of harpsichord sounds, while the voice management interface allows for pitch and glide control.

The filter section interface allows users to create different sounds using the X-Y pad.

The envelope Interface allows for amp, filter, and pitch modulation. The LFO Interface provides control over the two LFOs.

The modulation matrix interface allows users to route different modulation sources to destination parameters, and the step modulator interface can be used to create rhythmical patterns.


  • Instrument Interface
  • Voice Management
  • Filter Section
  • Envelope Interface
  • LFO Interface
  • Modulation Matrix Interface
  • Step Modulator Interface
  • Arpeggiator

View Plugin | PC

6. Rmi Rocksichord ( Kontakt )

Rmi Rocksichord
Rmi Rocksichord | Harpsichord Kontakt

The RMI Rocksichord is a vintage electric harpsichord that brings the look and sound of classic harpsichords to your modern studio.

It features 12 original stops, allowing you to create a wide range of sounds. Accents add 24-bit 44.1 kHz sampling to give your music more depth and realism.

Stop mixing controls let you create your own unique sound, while the full effects section provides everything you need to tweak your tone.

The MI Rocksichord is also compatible with the Kontakt Player, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. With its beautiful sound and vintage looks, the RMI Rocksichord is an ideal way to add a touch of class to your music

  • All 12 Original Stops
  • Accents 24 Bit 44.1 Khz Sampling
  • Stop Mixing Controls
  • 350 Mb Sample Library
  • Full Effects Section
  • Kontakt Player Compatible

Rmi Rocksichord | PC & Mac

7. RetroMagix Harpsichord ( Demo )

RetroMagix Harpsichord
RetroMagix Harpsichord

The Retro Magix Harpsichord is a versatile and powerful virtual harpsichord that can be used to create a wide range of sounds.

It is based on the Flemish, French, German, and Italian models. It is suitable for Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical music and contemporary styles such as neoclassical and fusion.

The Harpsichord plugin has several built-in effects, including vibrato and tremolo, that can be controlled using low-frequency oscillator controls.

The Harpsichord is available in VST 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows, as well as in Audio Unit, VST, and VST3 for macOS.RetroMagix | PC & Mac

8. Harpsichord Samples

Here are some websites that offer free harpsichord samples to download.

  1. Looperman – Looperman offers a wide selection of free harpsichord loops, samples, and harpsichord sounds created by a music community.
  2. Website – A collection of free harpsichord instrument samples to download.
  3. Free Sound – This website has over 60 single harpsichord samples to download.

9. Free Harpsichord Ableton Live Pack

Harpsichord Samples
Harpsichord Samples

Looking for an exquisite, realistic harpsichord sound? Look no further than Mitchell’s Harpsichord, a free Ableton Live Pack.

This beautifully crafted instrument was sampled and built by Charlie McCarron and Mitchell Adam Johnson, two of the most talented developers in the music software world.

The resulting instrument is extremely life-like, with every note of the harpsichord meticulously sampled and the mechanical noises each key makes.

You have complete control over whether the notes are sustained or staccato, a filter, a reverb, the volume of the mechanical noise, and the volume of the harpsichord itself.

Live Pack | PC & Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Harpsichord?

The harpsichord is a keyboard musical instrument that was popular in the Baroque era. It looks like a small piano, but with a different sound. The harpsichord has two keyboards, each with its own set of strings. The sound of the instrument is produced by plucking the strings with quills.

There are two types of harpsichords: the single-manual harpsichord and the double-manual harpsichord. Each type of harpsichord has its own unique sound. The single-manual harpsichord has one keyboard and chamber, while the double-manual harpsichord has two chambers, each controlled by a separate keyboard.

How Do Harpsichords Work?

The harpsichord is a plucked string instrument. The strings are plucked with quills, which are small, sharp needles. The quills are attached to the keyboard, and when you press a key, the quill plucks the string. The vibration of the strings produces the sound of the harpsichord.

What Makes a Harpsichord Different from A Piano?

The difference between a harpsichord and a piano is that the harpsichord is a plucked string instrument, while the piano is a struck string instrument. The sound of a harpsichord instrument is produced by plucking the strings, while the striking of the strings produces the sound of a piano.

Harpsichords are also smaller than pianos and have two keyboards, while pianos only have one keyboard. Harpsichords were popular in the Baroque era, while pianos became popular in the Classical period.

What Is The Difference Between A Harpsichord And An Organ?

The main difference between a harpsichord and an organ is that the harpsichord is a plucked string instrument, while the organ is a blown wind instrument.

Harpsichords were popular in the Baroque era, while organs became popular in the Classical era. The sound of a harpsichord instrument is produced by plucking the strings, while the blowing of air produces the sound of an organ through pipes. Harpsichords are also smaller than organs and have two keyboards, while organs only have one keyboard.

What Is the Difference Between a Harp and Harpsichord? 

A harp is a large, multi-stringed musical instrument that is played by plucking the strings with the hands.

A harpsichord is a smaller, single-stringed musical instrument that is played by using a keyboard to pluck the string. Both instruments are used in classical and pop music. The main difference between the two is the size of the instrument and the number of strings.

In conclusion, whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner just starting out in the world of hip-hop, pop, classical music, or baroque music, these free harpsichord virtual instruments, sound fonts, and samples offer great options for adding a vintage tone to your tracks.

With round robins and presets recorded in stereo width, you can expect to hear a sense of play in the synth that brings your songs to life. So go ahead and give them a try.

These are great free alternatives to paid plugins like Spitfire Harpsichord, Harpsichord by Sonivox, Arturia Harpsichord, and Grimaldi Harpsichord.

I hope you find this list of free harpsichord VST plugins, sound fonts, and samples helpful. These are great options for musicians and music producers.

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