25 Free Sample Kits For Producers

Here are the best free sample kits online for music creators to download thousands of free music samples.

These free sample kits offer a wide selection of royalty-free samples, loops, and drums to add to your music collection. I have downloaded and tested many of these free sample kits and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

What Are Sample Kits? A sample kit is a curated collection of audio clips and sounds that music producers use to craft tracks. These kits can contain a variety of elements, such as drums, vocal snippets, and instrumental loops.

Best Free Sample Kits

  1. Retouched Linn Drum Samples
  2. Free Acoustic Drum Samples
  3. SampleRadar Lo-Fi Samples
  4. Free Lo-Fi Sample Pack “Lunar”
  5. Cobra Drum Kit
  6. Foley Factory Lo-Fi Sample Pack
  7. Ultimate Drum Shots
  8. Free Lo-Fi Drum Samples
  9. 808 Drum Kit
  10. EDM Loops
  11. DJ Pain 1 Lavish Loops
  12. SampleRadar Pop Samples
  13. Free Piano Loops Sample Pack
  14. Drum Loops Sample Pack
  15. MELODY V3
  16. New Loops Free Trap Kit 2
  17. Free Guitar Sample Pack
  18. HAZE UK Drill Sample Pack
  19. Blessings Sample Pack
  20. Hop Sub Vol. 1

Need more sounds? Dive into our collection and download thousands of free music samples.

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free sample kit. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Retouched Linn Drum Samples

Retouched Linn Drum Samples
Retouched Linn Drum Samples

The Retouched Linn Drum Samples offer a fresh take on the iconic Linn drum sounds of the 80s, reimagined to meet the demands of today’s music creators.

While the original Linn LM-2 drum machine shaped the beats behind stars like Madonna and Billy Idol, it lacked the punch and precision by today’s music standards.

This collection updates those classic drum hits, enhancing them with modern sound design techniques such as tape saturation, analog compression, and new reverb tails.

From tweaking pitches to overhauling kicks, this kit provides both revamped and faithful samples to suit your production needs.

  • 49 drum hits
  • Inspired by the Linn LM-2 drum machine
  • Suitable for genres like 80s, Synthpop, and Synthwave
  • Royalty-Free

Retouched Linn

Free Acoustic Drum Samples

Free Acoustic Drum Samples
Free Acoustic Drum Samples

The Free Acoustic Drum Samples from WAVBVKERY is a collection inspired by Jon Sine’s B Studio session, during which a vintage Ludwig drum set caught his attention.

Recorded with a large-diaphragm condenser microphone, this set offers individual hits with a raw and organic sound.

While some elements, like the snare, boast high quality, others, like the kick, offer a more raw texture.

It’s ready for various genres like rock, jazz, and indie.

  • Inspired by a vintage Ludwig drum set
  • Single mono mic recording
  • 44.1 kHz / 24-bit sound quality

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SampleRadar Lo-Fi Samples

The Free Acoustic Drum Samples from WAVBVKERY is a collection inspired by a Jon Sine’s B Studio session where a vintage Ludwig drum set caught attention.

Recorded with a large-diaphragm condenser microphone, this set offers individual hits with a raw and organic sound. While some elements, like the snare, boast high quality, others, like the kick, offer a more raw texture.

It’s ready for various genres like rock, jazz, and indie.

  • Inspired by a vintage Ludwig drum set
  • Single mono mic recording
  • 44.1 kHz / 24-bit sound quality

Sample Radar

Free Lo-Fi Sample Pack “Lunar”

Free Lo Fi Sample Pack Lunar
Free Lo Fi Sample Pack Lunar

The Lunar Free Lo-Fi Sample Pack is a specially curated collection for music creators looking for a blend of vintage tones and modern vibes. With over a hundred assorted samples ranging from drum shots and melodic loops to ambient recordings, Lunar provides the essential sounds for crafting chill beats perfect for all moments.

The analog and acoustic-based drums have a characteristic lo-fi touch and are processed using various effects for a unique, organic feel. The melody loops evoke a sense of nostalgia, while the ambiance recordings add depth to your mixes.

  • Variety of drum shots with lo-fi processing
  • Nostalgic melodic loops for added depth
  • Ambient recordings for enhanced mix depth
  • 120 total files in the pack
  • Royalty-Free licensing

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Cobra Drum Kit

Cobra Drum Kit 1
Cobra Drum Kit 1

The Cobra Drum Kit offers a neat collection tailored for those wanting to dabble in hip-hop and trap music production.

Crafted by Savage Beat, this drum kit provides users with drum samples, loops, and even a full beat to kickstart their music-making journey.

While it’s an excellent starting point for beginners, its versatile sounds can benefit music creators of all experience levels.

  • Ideal for hip-hop and trap music creators
  • Includes drum samples and loops
  • Royalty-free sounds

Cobra Kit

Foley Factory Lo-Fi Sample Pack

Foley Factory Lo Fi Sample Pack
Foley Factory Lo-Fi Sample Pack

The Foley Factory Lo-Fi Sample Pack provides an innovative collection of sounds perfect for music creators. Born from the tools and machines at the Akustikbild Galerie workshop in Germany, this pack captures the unique and organic sounds of saws, staple guns, drills, grinders, and more.

The included raw recordings also allow you to mold and shape them into your own signature sounds.

  • 200 Lo-Fi samples
  • Inspired by real-world workshop sounds
  • 79 original Foley recordings for creative freedom
  • Includes 39 drum hits, 14 FX sounds, and 13 atmos tracks
  • Comes with 1 construction kit for ease of use
  • All files are 100% royalty-free

Foley Factory

Ultimate Drum Shots

Ultimate Drum Shots
Ultimate Drum Shots

The ultimate drum shots pack is a curated collection for music creators seeking diversity and quality. Recognizing that drums form the core of modern tracks, this pack offers an array of high-quality drum shots to enhance your music.

Whether you’re into Trap, Techno, Synthwave, or Reggaeton, there’s something for every music genre. Once downloaded, these royalty-free samples are yours to use indefinitely.

Ready to elevate your tracks? Dive into this pack and discover the potential of premium drum sounds.

  • Offers 327 one-shot drum samples
  • Covers genres from Hip Hop to Psytrance
  • Includes kicks, snares, claps, hats, and percussions
  • Delivered in high-quality 24-bit WAV format
  • 100% Royalty-free

Ultimate Pack

Free Lo-Fi Drum Samples

Free Lo Fi Drum Samples
Free Lo Fi Drum Samples

The Free Lo-Fi Drum Samples by Patchbanks offers a unique selection of 165 drum sounds, carefully curated from vintage recordings, cassettes, and even old-school sampler floppy disks.

These sounds have been layered and then treated with classic analog equipment to achieve a genuine lo-fi vibe, infusing them with rich saturation.

Download these samples at no cost by simply adding them to your cart.

Whether you’re crafting a hip-hop beat or diving into the boom-bap genre, these sounds can be the perfect addition to your toolkit.

  • Comprises 165 total audio files
  • Includes kicks, snares, rimshots, hats, and extras
  • Sourced from vintage recordings and gear
  • Enhanced with analog saturation for a true lo-fi feel

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808 Drum Kit

The 808 Drum Kit is an invaluable addition for every music creator, taking inspiration from the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine.

This free sample pack serves up over two hundred distinct 808 drum samples reminiscent of the beats that once transformed the music landscape.

  • Inspired by the renowned Roland TR-808
  • Great for a wide selection of musical genres
  • Perfect for modern and classic projects

Free 808 Drum Kit

EDM Loops

EDM Loops
EDM Loops

The EDM Loops collection offers a fantastic set of 100 free EDM loops that music creators can seamlessly integrate into their tracks.

Ranging from pads and bass to synths and fx, these loops are designed to perfectly complement various EDM genres.

All the loops come in the high-quality 24-bit WAV format, ensuring compatibility with most of the latest DAWs and operating systems.

  • 100 EDM loops
  • Set at 125BPM for uniformity
  • Variety includes pads, bass, synths, and fx
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • Royalty-free usage

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DJ Pain 1 Lavish Loops

DJ Pain 1 Lavish Loops
DJ Pain 1 Lavish Loops

The DJ Pain 1 Lavish Loops collection is a great assortment of 35 multi-genre samples crafted meticulously by the platinum producer DJ Pain 1.

From the melodic tones of vintage flutes to the rhythmic beats of wavy keys and the shimmer of glistening synths, these sounds are tailor-made to boost your music projects.

Conveniently in WAV format, these samples promise excellent quality and broad compatibility.

Import them into your favorite DAW and let your creativity soar!

  • Contains 35 multi-genre samples
  • Features vintage flutes, wavy keys, and glistening synths
  • Crafted by platinum producer DJ Pain 1
  • High-quality WAV format
  • No sample clearance is required
  • Ideal for hip-hop, trap, r&b, pop, and EDM tracks
  • Compatible with popular DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton, and Logic

Lavish Pack

SampleRadar Pop Samples

The SampleRadar Pop Samples pack is your go-to set for crafting catchy, modern pop hits.

Drawing inspiration from dance, hip-hop, and R&B genres, this collection boasts sounds designed to deliver that signature punchy pop vibe.

The pack organizes sounds into four distinct construction kits, each complemented by bass, beat, and synth samples tuned to a specific tempo.

  • Features four construction kits
  • Contains bass, beat, and synth samples
  • Specific tempos: 90, 100, 120, and 130bpm
  • High-quality 24-bit WAV format
  • Royalty-free usage

Sample Radar

Free Piano Loops Sample Pack

The free piano loops sample pack by Hip Hop Makers offers a set of 20 high-quality piano samples tailored for music producers.

Whether you’re creating an emotional ballad or a catchy hip-hop beat, these loops can elevate your tracks.

Each loop is designed with versatility in mind and is suitable for various music genres.

  • Contains 20 piano loops and samples
  • Royalty-free for versatile usage
  • WAV format, 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit rate

Free Piano Loops Sample Pack

Drum Loops Sample Pack

The Drum Loops Sample Pack by Hip Hop Makers provides music creators with a collection of 20 premium drum loops to enhance their tracks.

Carefully crafted and designed to fit various genres, these loops are an excellent choice for both new and experienced producers.

  • 20 Drum loops
  • Exclusively available from Hip Hop Makers
  • WAV format, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit rate

Drum Loops Sample Pack



The MELODY V3 by Trisamples is a valuable addition for music creators focused on trap and hip-hop.

This pack comes with 10 melody loops designed with modern trap sensibilities.

Serum presets corresponding to each loop and midi files are included to enhance customization.

With loops primarily set at 140 Bpm in C minor, you gain the versatility to modify or completely re-envision them.

The unique twist is the use of Xfer’s Serum, known for its bass prowess, applied innovatively for melody creation.

As a bonus, creators have the freedom to use these loops and free MIDI files in commercial projects without royalty constraints.

  • 10 melody loops, 140 Bpm, mostly in C minor
  • Includes Serum presets (.fxp) for each loop
  • MIDI files (.midi) for cross-DAW compatibility
  • All content is royalty-free


New Loops Free Trap Kit 2

New Loops Free Trap Kit 2
New Loops Free Trap Kit 2

The New Loops Free Trap Kit 2 is a rich collection tailored for those looking to explore the more mellow shades of Trap and Hip Hop.

It encompasses over 50 premium-quality sounds, from engaging loops to punchy one-shots.

Notably, it packs multi-sampled 808 bass kicks and crispy snares.

Moreover, it offers ready-made kits for specific software like Reason’s Kong and Battery 4, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Instrument patches for platforms like Kontakt 5 and Halion 6 are present to ensure compatibility and extend creative horizons.

All the content is royalty-free, ensuring music creators can use them freely in their projects.

  • Over 50 Trap sounds leaning towards mellow vibes
  • 13 Trap WAV loops and 10 in REX2 format
  • 38 one-shot samples, including multi-sampled 808 bass kicks
  • Ready-made kits for Kong, Battery 4, and Geist 2
  • Instrument patches for Kontakt 5, Halion 6, and NN-XT
  • 5 MIDI files for flexible compositions

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Free Guitar Sample Pack

The free guitar samples pack is a collection of authentic bass guitar loops and samples designed to elevate your music projects.

Unlike digital reproductions from music software, these sounds come directly from a real live bass guitar, ensuring a genuine and rich tone in your tracks.

Exclusively available on Hip Hop Makers, they suit a variety of musical genres.

  • Authentic bass guitar sounds
  • 25 unique samples
  • High-quality WAV format

Free Guitar Samples

HAZE UK Drill Sample Pack

HAZE UK Drill Sample Pack
HAZE UK Drill Sample Pack

The HAZE UK Drill Sample Pack offers a gritty collection curated for UK Drill and Trap music production.

Created by Loop Cult, HAZE brings the authentic vibes of London’s underground scene right to your fingertips.

This pack is infused with menacing synths, deep basses, and the unique spirit of raw UK Drill.

  • Authentic UK Drill and Trap sounds
  • 224 High-quality samples
  • 24-bit WAV format


Blessings Sample Pack

Blessings Sample Pack
Blessings Sample Pack

The Blessings Sample Pack is a dynamic offering by JB & HezTheProducer, tailored for music creators aiming for depth in their tracks.

This pack features 25 sets of multi-layer melody loops, each equipped with a primary melody complemented by counter melodies.

It’s not just a teaser; it’s a comprehensive pack to fuel your creativity for an extended period.

The loops encompass a range of emotions, from the energy of trap beats to the relaxed vibes of Lo-fi and the richness of Rick Ross-inspired tunes.

  • 25 Sets of multi-layer melody loops
  • Curated by JB & HezTheProducer
  • Main melodies accompanied by counter melodies
  • Suitable for various moods and genres

Sound Pack

Hop Sub Vol. 1

Hop Sub Vol 1
Hop Sub Vol 1

Crafted with precision, this sample pack provides 5 construction kits that come complete with their individual stems.

Regardless of your track’s tempo, there’s something for you with loops set at various beats per minute.

Each kit is comprehensive, from bass and drum to instrumental and melody loops.

Sub Kit

Percussa Toolbox

Percussa Toolbox
Percussa Toolbox

The Percussa Toolbox is a dynamic compilation of percussion samples masterfully recorded and curated by Richard Gould.

This collection isn’t just your regular percussion pack; it dives into unconventional percussive sounds, introducing instruments like the ocean drum and thunder tube.

While it offers a mix of traditional percussion samples like shakers and cymbals, it also branches into captivating sound effects, such as bowed cymbals.

  • 89 Royalty-free percussive hits
  • Features sounds from instruments like chimes, ocean drums, and thundertubes
  • Contains unique SFX sounds using rare techniques


Hitz N Stabz Sound Kit

HItz N Stabz Sound Kit
HItz N Stabz Sound Kit

The Hitz N Stabz Sound Kit offers a compact yet versatile assortment of audio samples.

This collection, presented by Hipstrumentals, is specifically curated for those looking to incorporate unique sounds like horns, stabs, and various effects into their musical projects.


Simply Space

Simply Space 1
Simply Space 1

The Simply Space sound collection offers atmospheric pads and melodic hits skillfully crafted by the talented Nigel Good from Canada.

This royalty-free sound library brings spacious melodic pads combined with emotional synth stabs, making it great for enhancing the depth and ambiance of any track.

These sounds blend harmoniously with common chords, and variations of each sound ensure diverse textures in your project.

Reverse the samples for intriguing tension builders and swooshes.

Plus, with added NKI patches compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 5, you can easily play and manipulate these sounds.

  • Royalty-free
  • 64 audio samples
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • 34 NKI patches

Simply Space

Producer Spot Free Sample Kits

The Producer Spot offers a collection of diverse drum sample packs catering to genres like Trap, EDM, House, and more, making it a go-to resource for music creators.

These packs combine high-quality sounds, ranging from 808 drums to live kicks, snares, and unique percussion.

Whether you’re creating pulsating EDM tracks or experimenting with Tribal rhythms, these packs offer ample variety.

Each sound is crafted with precision and is available in Wav 24-bit format, ensuring compatibility and top-notch quality.

  • Variety of genres: Trap, EDM, House, Vinyl, Tribal, 808, Live Drum Samples
  • High-quality sounds in Wav 24 Bit format
  • 100% Royalty-Free for creative freedom
  • Comprehensive packs including claps, cymbals, kicks, snares, and more

Producer Spot

Analog Supplies Vol. 3

Analog Supplies Vol 3
Analog Supplies Vol 3

This pack is a delightful mix of over 90 melodic loops and drum samples.

From profound kicks and sharp snares to ambient field recordings and inventive percussion one-shots, there’s a wealth of sounds to explore.

All the samples come with the perk of being royalty-free, allowing music creators to use them with commercial projects.

  • 90+ Melodic loops and drum samples
  • Features deep kicks, snares, and experimental percussion
  • Royalty-free

Analog Pack

Free Hip-Hop Producer Kit

Free Hip Hop Producer Kit
Free Hip Hop Producer Kit

The Free Hip-Hop Producer Kit from r-loops is a vibrant collection designed to ignite your musical creativity.

Catered for music creators with an ear for hip-hop, this pack offers 50 harmonious hip-hop melodies ranging from smooth trap tunes to intricate chord progressions.

Reflecting the contemporary styles of artists like Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Pop Smoke, this kit is a fantastic tool to infuse some fresh vibes into your compositions.

  • 50 Hip-hop melodies
  • WAV format
  • Each sample is tempo/key labeled

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Trap Bundle Pack

Trap Bundle Pack
Trap Bundle Pack

The Trap Bundle Pack by Cartel Loops offers an assortment of premium trap loops and samples that will elevate your music production game.

If you’re aiming to craft a gripping trap tune, this pack provides everything you need.

You also have the freedom to modify these loops, tailoring them to fit your unique style.

  • Contains 31 premium samples
  • High-quality sounds from instruments like the piano, violin, and flute
  • Suitable for various software and hardware platforms
  • All samples come in WAV format
  • Every sample is key, and BPM is labeled
  • Entirely royalty-free content
  • Offers flexibility for editing and chopping
  • Ideal for creating professional-level trap music.

Bundle Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Sample Kits truly free? 

Yes, the sample kits listed in this article are genuinely free for download and use. However, always check the licensing terms before using them in commercial projects.

How do I use Sample Kits in my music?

Once downloaded, you can import the samples from these kits into your digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice. From there, you can manipulate, loop, or layer them as you would with any other audio track.

Are Sample Kits suitable for beginners in music production? 

Definitely! Sample Kits are excellent resources for both beginners and seasoned producers. They allow newcomers to experiment and create music without extensive equipment, and experienced producers can use them to add depth and uniqueness to their tracks.

Do I need specific software to use these sample kits? 

Sample Kits are typically designed to be compatible with most major digital audio workstations (DAWs). As long as you have music production software that supports WAV or MP3 files, you should be good to go!

I hope you found this list of free sample kits helpful. If you have any favorites, please let us know in the comments.

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