10,000+ FREE Melody Loops for Music Creators

Here are the best free melody loops online to unleash your creativity. Get ready to get inspired and create amazing music in no time.

I have curated the ultimate collection of free melody loops for you to level up your music projects.

The links below include links to individual free sample packs and website directories where you can get access to thousands of free music samples.

These melody loops can be your secret sauce to creating chart-topping tracks.

Who doesn’t love freebies? Grab some free music sample downloads from our hub today!

Best Free Melody Loops
Best Free Melody Loops

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Best Free Melody Loops

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each melody loop. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Looperman (21,000) – Discover a world of creativity with Looperman’s free melody loops, samples, and sounds. Generously shared by a community of fellow music creators. Dive into a rich selection of sounds, easily searchable by category, genre, key, and more. Looperman is your go-to destination for fresh sounds.

2. Sample Focus (10,000) – Sample Focus is the top spot for music creators to find the perfect melody sounds quickly and easily. With a library that’s both user-uploaded and carefully organized, finding the right sound is a breeze. Plus, you’ll discover new sounds daily, helping to keep your music fresh and unique. It’s a simple, responsive platform designed to supercharge your creative potential.

3. Trap Melody Pack (30) – Find your inspiration with the Trap Melody Loop Pack, which offers over 30 synth loops crafted for trap producers and more. This free collection, created by Sound Scientist, is a handy tool for music creators, with each loop labeled by key and BPM, simplifying your creative process and saving time as you craft your next hit.

Trap Melody Loop Pack
Trap Melody Loop Pack

4. Angelic Vibes (40) – Explore the unique world of Angelic Vibes with their free sample pack featuring over 40 exclusive melody loops. Perfect for trap and hip-hop creators, these 100% original, royalty-free loops are designed to inspire and elevate your music production. Each loop is available in WAV format and comes with BPM and key labels, making it a breeze to incorporate into your projects. Get ready to craft hits with a fresh burst of creativity!

5. MELODY V3 (10) – Unlock your creativity with the Melody V3 pack, offering 10 royalty-free trap and hip-hop melody loops, ready to enhance your music projects. Crafted with serum presets and accompanied by MIDI files, these loops, set at 140 BPM and mainly in C minor, grant you the freedom to modify or completely transform them to suit your style.

6. Dark Loops (15) – Dive deep into the shadows with ‘Dark Loops’ by The Highest Producers. This FREE sample pack offers 15 uniquely crafted, royalty-free loops inspired by artists like 808 Mafia and Lil Uzi Vert. Perfect for creating haunting melodies, this pack includes a range of dark keys, synths, and flute loops to elevate your tracks.

Dark Loops
Dark Loops

7. Melody V2 (12) – Explore the dynamic sounds of the Melody V2 loop pack, designed to fuel your creativity at a pace of 140 BPM. Thanks to the accompanying midi and presets, this pack allows you to modify or completely overhaul the 12 included loops. Whether you’re using the enduring Massive plugin or awaiting the release of Massive X, this pack is a versatile tool for crafting fresh, modern sounds for your music projects.

8. Oversampled (50) – Explore the dynamic sounds of the Melody V2 loop pack, designed to fuel your creativity at a pace of 140 BPM. Thanks to the accompanying midi and presets, this pack allows you to modify or completely overhaul the 12 included loops. Whether you’re using the enduring Massive plugin or awaiting the release of Massive X, this pack is a versatile tool for crafting fresh, modern sounds for your music projects.

9. Melody V1 (10) – Step up your music creation game with Melody V1, a free download packed with 10 versatile loops designed for trap and hip-hop genres but adaptable to any style. Crafted with the enduring Massive VST synth, each loop offers unique presets and MIDI files, allowing you to tweak and personalize your sounds. The pack also includes FL Studio score files for enhanced automation and articulation, setting the stage for dynamic performances.

Melody V1 Preview

10. Blessings Sample Pack (25) – Boost your creativity with the Blessings Sample Pack, offering 25 sets of multi-layer melody loops to spice up your music projects. Crafted by JB & HezTheProducer, this pack provides a rich array of main and counter melodies, suitable for various moods from upbeat trap to relaxed lo-fi. It’s a full-sized pack, not just a mini one, promising a wealth of inspiration for your next creation.

11. Trap & Electronic Sounds (50) – Dive into a rich collection of sounds with the Trap & Electronic Melody Loops pack. Offering 50 free melodies inspired by artists like Young Thug and Travis Scott, this pack is a haven for creators looking to craft vibrant trap and electronic music. With a mix of piano, bell, and synth loops, you have everything you need to start creating. Plus, it’s all royalty-free, letting you use these sounds freely in your projects.

12. Trap Pack (50) – Elevate your music with this evolving collection of Trap Melody Loops. A generous creator on Reddit shared them.

13. GhostHack (15) – Unleash your creativity with the Free Melody Loops 2024 sound pack from GhostHack. This pack gifts music creators 15 enchanting melody loops, accompanied by MIDI files for each loop, allowing easy customization to suit your style. Whether you’re into uplifting chord progressions or beautiful melodies, this pack, featuring loops at 140 and 150 BPM, is your gateway to crafting a unique sound.

14. Sample Swap (700) – Embark on the rich history of SampleSwap, a platform offering a diverse range of melodic loops for music creators. Initiated in 2001, it has grown into a vibrant community where users can find and share unique audio samples. While the curator, Canton Becker, ensures the quality and originality of each upload, creators are encouraged to use their judgment regarding the royalty-free status of the sounds.

15. Trap Sounds (8) – PAV Beatz presents a hip-hop Free Trap Melody Loops collection available at beatmakerblog. This pack includes high-quality WAV files compatible with most major digital audio workstations. With loops named “Clouds,” “Slick,” and “Speeding,” set in various keys and BPMs, creators can freely use and profit from these royalty-free resources in their beats, opening up a world of possibilities for fresh and vibrant music creation.

Free Trap Melody Loops & Hip-Hop Loops by PAV Beatz
Free Trap Melody Loops & Hip-Hop Loops by PAV Beatz

16. Panda Slugger (25) – Boost your beats and projects with Panda Slugger’s pack of 25 original, royalty-free melody loops. Shared on Reddit, this collection promises a rich resource for music creators looking to enhance their creations with fresh and unique sounds.

17. Piano Pack (5) – Pav Beatz offers music creators a set of 5 free piano melody loops, perfect for crafting mellow and emotional beats. The pack, including an FLP file with all 5 MIDI files, allows creators to use these royalty-free loops in their music production projects and even profit from tracks created using these samples. Just remember, the loops themselves cannot be resold in other packs.

18. Trap Sounds (6) – PAV Beatz and producers Buzz present the “UFO” pack featuring 6 free trap melody loops, perfect for music creators looking to add a fresh touch to their productions. These high-quality WAV format loops, with names like “Creed” and “Take Off,” are set in C Major and vary in tempo, offering a versatile foundation for your next project. They are not only free to download but also free for-profit use, making them a valuable asset for any creator.

19. R-Loops Trap Melodies (48) – Discover the world of “Free Trap Melodies” by R-Loops, a must-have collection for Trap, Hip-Hop, and R&B producers. This pack, inspired by artists like Drake and Post Malone, offers a range of sounds from smooth melodies to complex chord progressions, helping you craft your next hit. It’s a free tool that promises to be a valuable addition to your music library, encouraging you to create bangers that resonate with today’s music trends.

Free Trap Melodies
Free Trap Melodies

20. BVKER Loops (40) – Dive into modern trap music creation with BVKER’s Chaos trap sample pack. This pack is a goldmine with over 200 free trap samples, including 40 melody loops that are both BPM and key-labeled, making it easier to craft your next hit. Plus, it’s 100% royalty-free, meaning you can use these top-level sounds in your beats without any worries. It’s compatible with every DAW, offering you freedom and flexibility in your music production.

Tips for Using Free Melody Loops

  • Explore Various Music Genres: Don’t limit yourself to one style; explore loops from different genres to create a unique sound.
  • Try Layering Loops: Enhance your track’s depth by layering multiple loops, creating a rich and dynamic sound landscape.
  • Modify and Personalize: Don’t hesitate to modify the loops; tweak them to suit your needs and give them a personal touch.
  • Mind the Tempo: Ensure the loop’s tempo aligns well with your track to maintain a coherent rhythm throughout.
  • Experiment with Effects: Play around with various effects to transform a simple loop into something entirely your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Melody Loops?

A melody loop is an audio clip that can be played repeatedly to form the foundation of a song. A melody loop can incorporate various musical elements, including rhythmic patterns, chord progressions, and instrumental riffs.

You can modify it by changing its speed or adding effects to create a unique sound. This makes it helpful for creating all kinds of music, allowing for various experimental and traditional music tracks.

What are the benefits of using melody Loops?

Here are the benefits of using melody loops:

– Save Time – Using loops helps quickly build a song, saving producers valuable time.
– Inspiration Booster – Melody loops can spark new ideas, helping creators feel inspired and avoid writer’s block.
– Variety of Sounds – Creators can access a wide range of sounds and styles, allowing for diverse and exciting creations.
– Learning Tool – Beginners can learn about song structure and arrangement by working with melody loops.

 Are these melody loops royalty-free?

Yes and no. Some of the samples are royalty-free, but you will need to check out each website’s terms and conditions for details on how you can use the samples.

How do I use melody loops in my music production?

Using melody loops is generally straightforward. You’ll simply import the loop file (usually a .wav or .mp3) into your digital audio workstation (DAW) and integrate it into your music project by looping, stretching, or modifying it to fit the mood and tempo of your track.

Can I modify the melody loops?

Absolutely! You’re encouraged to tweak the loops to your liking, adding effects, changing the tempo, or even cutting them up to create something entirely new. The goal is to provide a foundation that sparks creativity and helps you create something unique.

I hope you found this list of free melody loops helpful. These amazing loops can be your ticket to crafting melodies that resonate with many.

They can inspire you to create music that is both authentic and compelling.

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