2,000 Free SoundFonts & Free SoundFont Players

Here is a collection of links to over 2,000 free SoundFonts and 3 free SoundFont players to download.  SoundFonts are files that contain recorded audio samples of various musical instruments like Bass, Guitars, Organs, Pianos, Synth leads and much more.

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Free SoundFonts - Free SoundFont Players

SoundFonts are similar to VST plugins except they are one single instrument sound.

To play a SoundFont you will need a SoundFont Player. Software like FL Studio already come with a SoundFont player.

Free SoundFont Players

These are VST plugins so you will need a VST host to use them. Here is a tutorial on How to Install VST Plugins on Windows, Mac, or FL Studio.

Free SoundFont Websites

Small Free SoundFont Websites

Direct SoundFont Links

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What are SoundFonts?

SoundFonts are files that contain recorded audio samples of various musical instruments. A “pure” synthesizer would not use any recorded sound. It would create sound electronically, using different parameters to imitate instruments. Sampling synthesizers are different. They take a recorded sample and reuse it at different pitches and dynamic levels. Quality of sound depends here mainly on how many samples per instrument were recorded.

How to Use SoundFonts in Fl Studio for Hip Hop Beats
Here is a small overview on how to user Soundfonts in FL Studio.

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  1. Nice list Mark, Thanks for assembling all of that!
    Im gonna link to your post in a future post about the Reason NN-XT

  2. i haven’t download any of dis fonts but i’m gonna tell u dat u don’t know how many problems u av solved just for doin dis.God bless u. i’ll get mine right away

  3. I just want to inform you that personalcopy.com provides the soundfont downloads in EXE format. My firewall warned me for the files. Thought you should know.

    1. Yeah I noted that. Thanks man. I know this is 3 years old. Still. Gotta love SoundFonts. I just love’m all. I just love music. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to say I love you next….I do love the site we’re on, though. lmao. Ahh, I’m shot out, bro. I don’t even know who the eff I’m even talking to? Probably for all I know passed away at your MIDI controller after you took the free Win10 offer in 2015 and woke up to it having had deleted your entire sound library. lmao