11 Ways to Build Trust on Your Music Website

Here are 11 tips to follow to help you establish and build trust with music artists to help sell more beats, products, and music services.

If someone has never heard of you, it can be hard to get people to trust you enough to give you money.

So here are a couple of tips you should follow to help build trust with your potential customers.

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1. Have a Professional Website Design

11 Ways to Build Trust on Your Music Website to Sell More

Your website’s appearance is the first thing a visitor will notice when visiting your website.

Your website should look clean and professional.

People feel more comfortable dealing with professional businesses because they can expect a better quality of service.

Appearance is everything.

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2. Professional Marketing Text

Your website should have clear easy to read sentences.

  • Use spell check
  • Check grammar
  • Avoid slang and profanity

Avoid being spammy and only focusing on getting people to buy.

3. Showcase Customer Testimonials

One of the best ways to build trust with website visitors is to provide authenticity. Nothing screams quality service and trustworthiness more than other people vouching for your services.

Reach out to past customers and kindly ask them for an honest review. If you can attach a picture of the artist alongside the review, you’ll get extra authenticity points.

If you’re completely new and haven’t worked with any client yet, you can offer a free download in exchange for a testimonial.

4. Showcase Completed Songs

Your completed songs make up the portfolio of your beat selling website.

Together with customer testimonials, completed songs show your potential buyers what sound they could achieve if they were to buy your beats.

If the completed songs have also ended up being listened to by thousands of people, you’ll definitely want potential customers to know that.

5. Add Secure Payment Icons

Add secure payment icons like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and more so your visitors know they can make safe and secure payments.
Understand that people need assurances before giving you such sensitive information, and these icons are absolutely necessary nowadays.

6.SSL Certificate

Your website should have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate so your visitors know your website is safe and secure to use.
You can get an SSL Certificate for free from a number of different SSL providers.

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7. Contact Page & Terms of Service Page

Your potential customers would feel much more comfortable giving you money if they know they can get in contact with you with questions or problems.

Also, make sure that your website features two other essential pages: the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

So make it easy for people to contact you on your website and avoid any signs of unprofessionalism.

8. Include a Photo of Yourself

Add a photo of yourself or your team so your visitors know they are dealing with real people.

There are way too many scammy, and non-trustworthy websites online.

Adding a photo of yourself helps in establishing a connection with your visitors.

9. Offer a Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee is another element that isn’t really necessary, but will definitely make you look more trustworthy.

People nowadays are quite wary of scammers and may be put off at the slightest sign of shadiness.

This is something you should test out to see if a Money Back Guarantee helps to generate more sales, or it people abuse your refund policy.

10. Provide Helpful Content

Having a blog on your beat selling website is useful for a number of reasons, you can showcase your expertise, which raises your trustworthiness.

A keyword-optimized blog post can also bring in some valuable search traffic.

Also, you look less spammy when promoting “How to” articles than “Buy beats” posts.

Thus, you can share your knowledge on social media, forums, and you can even reach out to other bloggers and ask for a link to your resource.

Getting featured on other publications sets the best apart from the rest.

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11. Offer Multiple Payment Options

On my website, I accept both PayPal and credit card as payment options.

Around 50% pay with PayPal, and 50% pay with credit card.

So offer your customers multiple payment options to help meet their needs.

Avoiding Credibility “Land-Mines”

Build your beat selling website with these tips in mind and study your competition thoroughly to see how they build trust with customers.

Are they doing a good job?

What parts can you adapt for your site?

Apply those techniques to your own website and remember to focus more on the user and less on yourself.

Do you have beat selling tips? Share below.

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