500 Best Free Country Samples

Here are the best free country samples to use with your music projects. Discover creative loops and packs that will save time and ignite your creativity.

Get ready to take your music projects to the next level with these free country samples. Discover the perfect sound for your tracks, from vibrant guitar melodies to warm vocal samples. These samples are compatible with popular beat-making programs.

These samples will save you time and ignite your creativity, offering an endless source of inspiration for all your country music tracks.

Best Free Country Samples

  1. Free Country Music Loops
  2. Country Crunk Samples
  3. Looperman
  4. Sample Focus
  5. Sample Swap
  6. Free Country Sample Pack
  7. Tips for Using Country Samples
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
Best Free Country Samples
Best Free Country Samples

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free country sample pack. Look around for the download link or button. Do not install suspicious software.

1. Stay On The Beat: Free Country Music Loops (30)

Stay On The Beat: Free Country Music Loops
Stay On The Beat: Free Country Music Loops

The Stay On The Beat free country music loops sample pack offers music creators a collection of over 30 high-quality country music loops and samples to enhance their audio or film projects.

Perfect for anyone wanting to infuse a country flair into their work, these files are easy to download and compatible with popular beat-making programs such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, and GarageBand.

Crafted from the rich history and tradition of country music, these samples represent the genre that has won the hearts of many since the 1920s.

  • Over 30 free loops and samples
  • High-quality audio in .wav format
  • Compatible with various beat-making programs, including FL Studio and GarageBand
  • Includes country-style guitars, drums, and pianos
  • Easy to download and use in your projects

Stay On The Beat

2. SampleRadar Free Country Crunk Samples (259)

SampleRadar Free Country Crunk Samples
SampleRadar Free Country Crunk Samples

SampleRadar Free Country Crunk Samples is a set of music samples that brings you a variety of sounds.

The set comes with royalty-free samples, including different types of guitar sounds, beats, basslines, and more, all for you to explore and add to your music projects.

These samples are sorted into four tempo-labeled construction kits to aid in your music production process.

They are supplied as WAV files, making using them in your DAW or sampler easy.

  • Royalty-free
  • Unique Country samples
  • Four construction kits sorted by tempo (84, 110, 98, and 90bpm)
  • Easy-to-navigate folders labeled by instrument
  • High-quality WAV file format
  • Includes a range of instruments like guitars, Rhodes piano, and organ
  • 259 Free country samples


3. Looperman (200)


The Looperman website offers a vast range of free country loops, samples, and sounds for music creators.

These elements are generously uploaded by other users, providing a rich resource for crafting your music.

The website guides you with detailed help sections on how to use the free loops to your advantage.

  • Comprehensive library of country loops and samples
  • Uploaded by a community of fellow music creators
  • Detailed help section to assist users
  • Comments section for user interaction and feedback
  • Variety of filters for efficient searching
  • Regularly updated content offering fresh materials
  • Wide selection of free music samples and loops for different music genres


4. Sample Focus (2,595)

 Sample Focus
Sample Focus

The Sample Focus library offers a rich resource of curated Folk and Country sounds and loops perfect for music creators searching for the ideal sound.

This music library houses a vast array of samples from talented creators worldwide, allowing you to find the perfect sound quickly and hassle-free.

From warm guitar melodies to vibrant vocal samples, there is a sound for every musical endeavor.

Whether you are interested in acoustic or ambient sounds, you will find a diverse range of options to choose from, including dynamic plucked tunes and calming chillout loops.

  • Download royalty-free Folk and Country sounds
  • New sounds are added daily to boost your creativity
  • Wide variety of samples, including loops and one-shot sounds
  • User-friendly platform with an easy search and find system
  • Sounds available in different BPM and key signatures
  • Range of moods represented: from carefree and cheerful to sad and reflective
  • Created and curated by a community of talented artists
  • Open for contributions from artists around the world

Sample Focus

5. Sample Swap (139)

 Sample Swap
Sample Swap

Sample Swap offers a wide-ranging library of free melodic loops and guitar loops for music creators.

Drawing from a collection that has been carefully cultivated since 2001, it showcases a diverse array of country samples, each trimmed and organized meticulously to foster an easy and productive user experience.

The platform is user-friendly, requiring a simple registration to help maintain the quality and security of the available resources.

Every day, creators from around the globe contribute to this evolving library, adding new sounds that are verified personally by the founder, Canton, ensuring a rich and varied selection that can suit different moods and creative impulses.

Free to download with a simple registration process. Long-standing tradition of quality, originating from 2001. They are continuously updated with new additions.

  • High-quality 16-bit 44khz WAV stereo samples. Hand-trimmed and organized samples for easy use.
  • A community-driven collection with global contributions.
  • A rich variety of guitar loops and melodic sounds for different moods and projects.

Sample Swap

6. Free Country Sample Pack

Free Country Sample Pack
Free Country Sample Pack

The Free Country Sample Pack from Big Fish Audio offers a generous collection of country music samples for creators keen on producing country-pop, modern country, bluegrass, and feel-good country tracks.

Tailored for ease of use, all sounds are formatted in Acidized WAV, making them compatible with nearly all current software and hardware.

This pack facilitates a smooth workflow in music production, ideal for beginners and seasoned music creators alike, ensuring users can focus more on the creative process.

  • Features loops and construction kits
  • Includes sounds from four different country sample libraries
  • Acidized WAV format for broad compatibility
  • Downloadable content with a total size of 1.23 GB
  • Usable in virtually every piece of current software and hardware

Big Fish Audio

Tips for Using Country Samples

Here are a couple of bonus tips to keep in mind while using country samples:

  1. Match the BPM: When using samples, match the sample’s BPM (beats per minute) to your project for a cohesive sound.
  2. Layering Samples: Consider layering different samples to create a rich and unique sound—experiment with combining various instruments and rhythms.
  3. Don’t be afraid to customize the samples. You can trim, loop, or alter the pitch to fit your project better.
  4. Organize Your Library: As you accumulate samples, maintain an organized library to find the sounds you need in the future quickly.
  5. Seek Inspiration: Listen to a range of samples for inspiration. Sometimes, an unexpected sample can spur a new direction for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are country samples?

Country samples are short audio clips extracted from country music tracks. They can include instrumental loops, vocal snippets, or other sound effects that carry the distinctive country music style. These samples can be used in a variety of music production scenarios to create new tracks or add a country flavor to existing compositions.

Where can I find the best free country samples?

Above, we have curated a list of the websites offering free country samples, loops, and sample packs for 2024. Be sure to refer to the list to discover high-quality country samples from reputable sources.

Are these country samples royalty-free?

Check out each website’s terms and conditions to see how you may use the provided samples.

How can I use these country samples in my music projects?

Country samples can be utilized in various ways in your music projects, including creating new tracks, enhancing existing tracks with rich country sounds, and experimenting with mixing and remixing. They can be a valuable resource for music producers, DJs, and artists looking to expand their musical palette with country elements.

Can I use these samples in commercial projects?

Many of the country samples included in our list can be used in commercial projects, including music productions, advertising campaigns, and more. However, you should always review the licensing agreements and terms of use for each sample to ensure that you comply with the necessary requirements.

Are these samples compatible with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs)?

Yes, the country samples, loops, and sample packs in our list are generally designed to be compatible with popular DAWs like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and others. This compatibility ensures a seamless workflow as you integrate these samples into your music production setup.

What quality can I expect from these country samples?

The country samples featured in our list are curated to offer high-quality sound. They are created using professional recording equipment and techniques to get the best possible professional audio quality, giving your projects a polished and professional sound.

Can beginners use these country samples effectively?

Absolutely! Both beginners and seasoned professionals can find great value in using these country samples. Beginners will find them especially useful as they can learn and experiment with them, enhancing their skills and understanding of music production.

I hope you found this list of free country samples helpful.

These free country sample packs are packed with inspiration, all to enhance your creative journey in music-making.

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