2,400+ Free Rap Samples [5GB] Top Rap Sample Packs

Here are the best free Rap sample packs and free rap samples for music producers to download thousands of free samples online.

These free rap sample packs contain a large selection of samples, drums, and loops designed for Rap and Hip Hop beats. Many of these Rap sample packs provide royalty-free samples, giving you the freedom to use them in personal or commercial music projects.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free rap sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Best Free Rap Sample Packs

  1. Mega Rap & Hip-Hop Sound Kit
  2. The Cure
  3. Hip Hop N Trap Vol. 1
  4. Free Rap Drum Loops
  5. Pierre Bourne Type Drum Kit
  6. 808 Mafia & Southside Rap Sample Pack
  7. Free Hip Hop and Trap Samples
  8. Black Ice Dark & Trap Style Loops
  9. Free Hip Hop Samples
  10. Hip Hop & Trap Construction Kits
  11. Free Hip-Hop Classic Samples
  12. Looperman Free Rap Samples
  13. Sample Focus Rap Samples
  14. Analog Supplies Vol. 2
  15. Beat Maker Toolkit
  16. Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re looking for more inspiration, our site is full of articles featuring free music samples.

Instructions: Click the buttons to visit each Rap sample pack. Look around each website for the download button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Mega Rap & Hip-Hop Sound Kit

Mega Rap And Hip Hop Sound Kit
Mega Rap And Hip Hop Sound Kit

The mega rap and Hip-Hop sound kit is a great sample pack for every music producer seeking to boost their music projects. It’s a sound pack that’s inclusive of many features, tailored particularly for the hip-hop and rap genres.

This kit is conveniently loadable, allowing you to add that unique touch to your tracks whether you’re using FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, Ableton, or Garage Band.

This Mega Rap & Hip-Hop Sound Kit comprises five different kits in one sound pack, making it an exceptional choice for diverse sound production needs.

  • 127 WAV Sound files included in the kit
  • High-quality drum kit with unique hip-hop drum samples
  • Comprises different sound elements, including Claps, Snares, SFX, Kicks, Swizz Kicks, Perks, Hi-hats, Dirty Snare, and Kicks
  • 5 Different kits in one sound pack

Mega Sound Kit | Instant Download

The Cure

The Cure
The Cure | Best Rap Sample Packs

The Cure is a royalty-free sample library packed with tons of sounds great for hip-hop music producers.

  • 310 One-Shot Samples
  • 227 Music Loops
  • 25 Full Construction Kits
  • 3 Trap Drum Construction Kits
  • 25 Free Vocal Samples
  • 24 Sylenth Presets

The Cure

Hip Hop N Trap Vol. 1

Hip Hop N Trap Vol 1 | Audio Sample Packs for Rap Music
Hip Hop N Trap Vol 1 | Free Trap Sample Pack

This distinct pack is rich in unique sounds yet carries an impressive selection of samples from the Audiosample team. Expansive with 257 MB of Samples, it’s packed with a diverse selection of elements.

These include Bass Loops, powerful Kicks, sharp Hats, and Synth loops that are ready to boost your music production. This is one of my favorite packs on this list. It contains some really stand-out melodies.

  • Contains a huge 257 MB of samples
  • Features a range of sound elements like Bass Loops and Kicks
  • Contains 20 Drum Loops, 10 each of One Shot Clap, Cymbal, HH, Kick, and Perc

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Free Rap Drum Loops

Free Rap Drum Loops | Underground Rap Sample Packs
Free Rap Drum Loops

The free rap drum loops sound pack offers a fantastic resource for music creators. It brings you an amazing collection of Trap drum loops, all high-quality and ready to use.

The pack includes 10 complete Trap drum loops that are broken down into their individual parts. This allows you to mix and match and create your own unique custom drum loops.

Trap music has evolved so much over the years, but there’s something about classic trap drum loops that always feels nostalgic. I’ve used the loops from this pack in several of my projects, and they never fail to add that raw, authentic sound.

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Pierre Bourne Type Drum Kit

Pierre Bourne Type Drum Kit | Best Free Music Samples for Rap
Pierre Bourne Type Drum Kit | Premium Rap Sample Packs

The Pierre Bourne Type Drum Kit is a go-to resource if you’re looking to emulate the richness and unique tonal characteristics found in tracks like “Magnolia,” “Gummo,” or “Watch,” which have the unmistakable mark of Pierre Bourne’s production.

Streamline your process with all 808s labeled by key, so no time is wasted trying to find the right pitch. Included in the pack are modern trap drums such as claps, cymbals, kicks, an array of percussion sounds, and snares.

All files are exported in WAV format, so it is compatible with any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), whether you use FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, or any other free music production program.

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808 Mafia & Southside Rap Sample Pack

808 Mafia And Southside Rap Sample Pack
808 Mafia And Southside Rap Sample Pack | Free Hip Hop Samples

The 808 Mafia & Southside Rap Sample Pack offers a diverse collection of high-quality sounds that are perfect for music creators who love creating hip-hop beats.

Affiliated with Lex Luger, Southside, and TM88, this sample pack provides an excellent platform for creating fresh, modern beats.

As part of the package, you’ll get a whopping 440 classic samples. Plus, as a bonus, you also get a kit with 10 free MIDI files and 10 samples, all produced in the unique style of TM88.

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Free Hip Hop and Trap Samples

Free Hip Hop And Trap Samples | 2024 Rap Sample Packs
Free Hip Hop & Trap Samples | Hip Hop Sample Pack

The Ghosthack free Hip Hop and Trap sample pack offers versatile sounds for music production. This pack brings quality drum sounds, thick 808s, and melodic hits and loops that are great for many genres, not just Hip Hop or Rap.

These samples are designed to provide an excellent base for creating your music. They are universal and can be used for a broad range of music styles.

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Black Ice Dark & Trap Style Loops

Black Ice Dark AND Trap Style Loops | Download Free Rap Samples
Black Ice Dark & Trap Style Loops

The Black Ice Dark & Trap Style Loops is a fantastic pack that offers music creators authentic, dark trap style sample loops. No need to worry about originality. These loops are all original and great for your music projects.

Each pack includes a master stem for each loop, as well as individual stems for every instrument. It’s excellent for beat makers who want to quickly create and release musical tracks.

  • The sample pack contains 9 original loops
  • Each loop is dark trap style
  • Individual stems are available for every instrument

Black Ice Dark

Free Hip Hop Samples

Hip Hop Free Samples
Hip Hop Free Samples | Best Rap Sample Packs

This sample pack, available as a free rap sample download, delivers 141 unique hip-hop-inspired sounds. The samples are in the WAV format, giving you high sound quality.

  • Drums and drum loops for creating catchy tracks
  • 141 Rap sounds
  • Ideal for hip-hop, rap, R’n’B, and pop music producers

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Hip Hop & Trap Construction Kits

Hip Hop AND Trap Construction Kits
Hip Hop & Trap Construction Kits

The Hip Hop and Trap construction kit offers a generous collection of free sound packs, perfect for music creators in the Hip Hop, Rap, and Trap music genres.

  • 5 Full construction kits
  • Free MIDI files
  • Drums and melodic parts
  • Heavy 808 basses
  • Royalty-free

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Free Hip-Hop Classic Samples

Free Hip Hop Classic Samples
Free Hip Hop Classic Samples

The Free Hip-Hop Classic Samples from R-loops is a great collection for music creators who want a blend of classic and contemporary sounds. This pack comprises five well-structured hip-hop construction kits designed to enhance your music production with exciting synth melodies, punchy kicks, bells, strings, and more.

These loop phrases are perfect for creating RnB, Dirty South, Pop, Hip Hop, and similar music styles. The kits in this sample pack come with tempo and key labeling, ensuring easy and efficient use.

  • Includes 5 construction kits
  • 92 Loops
  • Features over 220 MB of content
  • Available in 16 BIT WAV format
  • Royalty-free Rap loops
  • Each kit is tempo and key labeled

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Preview The Rap Sample Pack Below

Looperman Free Rap Samples

Looperman Free Rap Samples | Free Rap Beat Samples
Looperman Free Rap Samples | Best Hip Hop Sample Packs 2024

The Looperman Free Rap Samples is a helpful resource for music creators who are looking for rap loops and samples. It’s an online platform where users can upload and download a variety of free rap loops, samples, and sounds.

Looperman has always been one of my go-to platforms, especially in my early days of music production. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found the perfect loop or sample from this website. The site updates with new audio files daily from popular music production software like Acid, Fruity Loops, Ableton, Pro Tools, Garageband, and Cubase.

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Sample Focus Rap Samples

Sample Focus | Professional Rap Sample Packs
Sample Focus Rap Samples

When you visit Sample Focus, you’ll find a large selection of royalty-free rap sounds ready for you to download and use in your work. The website offers advanced filtering for tempo, key, and modes to find free rap samples quickly.

Sample Focus | Free Account Required

Analog Supplies Vol. 2

Analog Supplies Vol 2 | High-Quality Rap Samples
Analog Supplies Vol 2 | Royalty Free Rap Samples

The Analog Supplies Vol 2 offers a free sample pack that is available exclusively from Analog Cases. This pack includes a compilation of 90 melodic loops and drum one-shots that are compatible with any sampler, such as the SP-404, MPC Live, or Maschine.

All sounds in this pack are royalty-free, which means they are available for commercial use in your music.

  • 90 Melodic loops and drum one-shots
  • Offers hip-hop-inspired synths
  • Features deep 808 kicks

Analog Supplies | Email Required

Beat Maker Toolkit

Beat Maker Toolkit
Beat Maker Toolkit | Rap Samples 2024

The Beat Maker Toolkit offers a rich assortment of hip-hop samples. Drawing inspiration from the legendary producer J Dilla and featuring a Soulection influence, this set is equipped with everything you need to create authentic rap tracks.

  • 50 Audio loops
  • 24 One Shots
  • J. Dilla-inspired sounds
  • Boom Bap genre elements

Download Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What are rap sample packs?

Rap sample packs are collections of audio samples, drums, vocal elements, effects, and other related sounds typically used in rap music production. They can range from simple drum patterns to complex loops and vocal samples. Music producers or DJs usually use them to create the foundation for their own beats.

Are these Rap Sample Packs available for free?

Yes, the rap sample packs mentioned in this blog have been identified as the best free rap samples available online. They provide high-quality rap sounds, and they can be downloaded without any charge.

How can I download these rap sample packs?

To download the rap sample packs, you need to visit the link provided in the blog post. You may need to create a free account or provide your email address to download the files. Once that’s done, you can download the rap sample packs to your computer.

Can I use these rap samples in commercial projects?

Whether or not you can use these samples in commercial projects depends on the licensing agreement of each specific rap sample pack. Some may allow for commercial use, while others might only permit personal use. You must review the terms and conditions provided by the source of the pack to understand how you can use the samples legally.

Each rap sound kit above is unique, offering different features and qualities. While some are better suited for certain styles or genres, others are versatile and can be used in various ways.

Regardless of your specific needs, there’s a sample pack out there that’s perfect for you. Remember, the right samples can help your rap beats to stand out in a crowded industry.

I hope you found this list of free rap sample packs helpful. Happy beat-making!

Mark V.

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