20 Best Free Kick VST Plugins

Download the best free Kick VST plugins to use with your favorite music software. I have included kick drum plugins for Windows and Mac.

I’ve added lists of features, plugin images, and videos to this collection of free kick plugins.

What Is A Kick VST Plugin? A kick plugin or kick drum VST plugin is a single-instrument plugin that can be used to add kick drum sounds to your music projects. These kick drum plugins can include analog and synthesized kick drum sounds.

Best Kick VST Plugins

  1. Dark VX Kick
  2. BPB Analog Kicks
  3. Chow Kick
  4. 808-ROMpler
  5. KickMaker
  6. Kicker
  7. X-SUB
  8. BD-808
  9. Lo-Lo
  10. KSHMR Essentials Kick
  11. Analog Kick
  12. BD-909
  13. EKD
  14. B-2 KICK
  15. Kick-n-Snare EX
  16. KickMe! Too
  17. Kickboy 2
  18. Kick Machine
  19. Korzenie Kick
  20. NoizeClick
Best Free Kick VST Plugins
Best Free Kick VST Plugins

A kick drum is a percussion instrument that provides the main beat of a song. The term kick drum can also refer to the bass drum, which is the largest and lowest-pitched drum in a set of drums.

I have explored and tried hundreds of free VST plugins, and these are some of the top free kick VST plugins.

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Kick VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Dark VX Kick VST

Dark VX Kick Drums
Dark VX Kick Drums

The Dark VX Kick is the perfect tool for creating powerful, punchy kick drums.
With four velocity layers, round-robin sampling, and a flexible mixer, you can achieve the perfect sound for any style of music.

The dry channel features samples that have been EQ’d and processed by analog hardware for a deep, rich sound.

The COMPRSD channel is squashed and expanded with u-he’s Presswerk compressor for a tighter, more controlled sound.

The SUB KICK channel is loaded with nothing but ultra-low sub-bass, perfect for giving your tracks some extra thump.

Dark VX Kick | PC & Mac

Best Free Kick VST Plugins

2. BPB Analog Kicks

BPB Analog Kicks | Kick Sound
BPB Analog Kicks | Free Kick VST Plugins

The BPB Analog Kicks sample pack contains 200 kick drums that were sampled from six different analog instruments.

These drums have a wide range of sounds, from the deep and thumping bass of the 808-like kicks to the more pronounced and sharp sound of the kicks from the analog synths.

All these sounds are provided in high-quality 24-bit WAV format, with 3dB of extra headroom so that you can apply additional processing like compression, EQ, or saturation—a great collection to find the perfect kick sound.


  • 200 bass drum samples
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • NKI patch for Kontakt 5
  • Royalty-free samples


  • Wide sound range
  • High-quality audio
  • Extra 3dB headroom
  • Compatible with Kontakt


  • Limited to kicks

BPB Plugin | PC & Mac

3. Chow Kick Drum

Chow Kick Sounds | Kick Drum Design
Chow Kick Sound | Best Kick VST Plugins

Chow Kick is the perfect tool for sound designers looking to create unique and interesting kick drum sounds.

Chow Kick offers a wide range of sonic possibilities with a highly parameterizable pulse shaper and a resonant filter with several nonlinear modes.

Plus, the kick drum can be easily “tuned” with incoming MIDI notes to match the key of your song!

  • Noise Generator
  • Resonant Filter
  • Tuning
  • Presets

Chow Kick | PC & Mac / Linux

4. 808-ROMpler

808-ROMpler by Recluse-Audio

The 808-ROMpler from Recluse Audio is a great tool for anyone looking to add some thumpin’ bass to their music production tracks.

Drag and drop your samples or choose from the 16 included 808-style kicks, then tweak the ADSR envelope controls to get just the sound you’re looking for.

The minimalist interface keeps things simple and easy to use while still giving you all the power you need to create huge, deep bass kicks. Find the perfect kick drum.


  • Drag & Drop Samples
  • 16 808 Style Kicks
  • ADSR Envelope Controls
  • Minimalist Interface

808-ROMpler | PC & Mac

5. KickMaker

KickMaker by Teragon Audio

KickMaker is a 32-bit plug-in that uses four independent oscillators to create custom beats.

With its wide range of effects, you can find the perfect sound for your track.

KickMaker | PC

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6. Kicker

Kicker 2 by Mireksuk | Top Kick VST Plugins
Kicker by Mireksuk | Top Kick VST Plugins

The Kicker is a bass drum synthesizer that gives you control over your sound. The synth section controls include pitch, depth, cut, and resonance, so you can really dial in the perfect sound.

The amp control features give you the perfect amount of distortion and sustain.

Kicker | PC

7. X-SUB


The X-SUB is the perfect tool for any producer looking to add some extra low-end to their tracks.

This virtual bass instrument features 36 different 808 bass sounds, all of which have been created using analog synthesizers, digital sine waves, guitar amps, and other high-end gear.

With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of sounds, the X-SUB is ideal for anyone who wants to add some extra punch to their music.

This kick plugin is a favorite of mine on the list due to its sleek interface and deep bass sounds.

X-SUB | PC / Mac / AU

8. BD-808


The BD-808 is a digital emulation of the classic TR-808 Bass Drum.

Synsonic Instruments analyzed the original circuit and created an accurate digital model that captures the authentic 808 sound.

The BD-808 features a detailed emulation of the original analog bass drum, giving you the same big, thumping sound that made the 808 so popular.

With tuning, accent, level, decay, and tone controls, you can tweak the sound to get the right bass drum sound for your music production tracks.

BD-808 | PC & Mac

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9. Lo-Lo

Lo-Lo Free Kick VST
Lo-Lo Free Kick VST

Lo-Lo is a virtual 808 that provides gritty and heavy punchy drum sounds inspired by artists such as Da Baby, Stunna 4 Vegas, and NLE Choppa.

This Windows and Mac-compatible software comes with 20 gritty 808s, is 100% royalty-free, and works in most major DAWs. Onboard effects include Volume, Filter, Decay, and more.

Lo-Lo | PC & Mac

10. KSHMR Essentials Kick Drum Sound

KSHMR Essentials Kick
KSHMR Essentials Kick

KSHMR Essentials Kick is the best way to get your kicks sounding their best.

This plugin comes with the same tools as the kick module in the full version of KSHMR Essentials, so you know you’re getting top-quality sounds.

It offers bass frequency tuning, shaping for a harder punch, saturation, distortion, and multiband compression are just a few of the ways you can fine-tune your kick drum sound.

If you want your kicks to hit harder and feel tighter, this plug-in is worth checking out.

KSHMR Essentials Kick | PC & Mac / AAX

11. Analog Kick Sound

Analog Kick
Analog Kick

Analog Kick is the perfect tool for music producers who want to add some extra oomph to their tracks.

These ten handcrafted, analog kick drum samples are the real deal, with a truly analog sound that will add weight and power to your productions.

Analog Kick | Mac

12. BD-909


The BD-909 is a faithfully digital emulation of the TR-909 Bass Drum, one of the most iconic and influential drum machines of all time.

With its rich, deep bass sound and unique distortion capabilities, the BD-909 is perfect for use as a bass synthesizer or as a powerful addition to any electronic drum kit.

The BD-909 comes with a wealth of factory presets, making it easy to get started crafting your own unique 909 bass drums.

BD-909 | PC & Mac

13. EKD

EKD by Samsara Cycle Audio

EKD from Samsara Cycle Audio is a powerful little unit that comes packed with 128 tones and 128 patches, making it easy to create the perfect soundscape for your next track.

The pitch controls allow you to dial in just the right frequency, while the envelope features shape the sound over time.

And when you’re ready to really get down, the filter section adds some extra oomph to your kicks. Plus, with MIDI learn functionality, it’s easy to integrate the EKD into your existing setup.

  • High Pass Filter
  • Pitch Controls


14. B-2 KICK Drums


The B-2 KICK is a synthesizer for creating synthetic and punchy kick drum sounds.

This versatile tool is also great for creating various other percussive sounds, making it perfect for a wide range of music genres.

With the B-2 KICK, you can load a sample, layer it with synthesized sound, and then export the new sound as a WAV file – perfect for your favorite music software.


15. Kick-n-Snare EX

Kick-n-Snare EX
Kick-n-Snare EX by Minimal Instruments

The Kick-n-Snare EX is a great drum rompler for EDM producers looking to add some extra firepower to their tracks.

The latest edition comes with an extra set of drum sounds and separate controls for the kick and snare drums, allowing you to get even more granular with your sound design.

The sounds are focused on genres like dubstep and future bass, with a special emphasis on creating harsh, punchy snares that will cut through any mix.

Kick-n-Snare EX | PC & Mac

16. KickMe! Too

KickMe! Too
KickMe! Too by Synth School

KickMe! Too from Adern is a recreation of the original KickMe! Synthesizer and it’s super simple to use.

KickMe! Too | PC

17. Kickboy 2

Kickboy 2
Kickboy 2

Kickboy 2 is a versatile synth that features two oscillators with noise and color and 32 waveforms.
You’ll also find four kick envelopes and four multi-envelopes, allowing you to create a wide range of sounds.

With the porta function, you can make fast, punchy bass drums that will add some serious power to your music.

The plugin includes 64 presets and an equalizer, chorus, double overdrive, and double distortion.

Kickboy 2 | PC

18. Kick Machine

Kick Machine
Kick Machine

The Kick Machine is a kick drum and bass generator for modern music styles developed by Infected Sounds in cooperation with CPS/Noizefield and the Guru-Project team.

It comes with two oscillators, pitch envelopes, a filter OSC, amp envelopes, and effects.

Kick Machine | PC

19. Korzenie Kick

Korzenie Kick
Korzenie Kick

Korzenie kick is a cool tool for any producer looking to add some serious kick drum sounds to their tracks.

With three layers of sound, each with its own envelopes and pitch options, you can create virtually any kick sound you can imagine.

The body layer provides the foundation of the sound, while the mid and FM/noise layers add depth and complexity.

Korzenie kick | PC

20. NoizeClick


Make your electronic kick with NoizeClick, the kick drum synthesizer that lets you get creative with your sound.

NoizeClick is a single oscillator synthesizer that produces sine waves, and with its unique click zone, you can control the pitch and frequency of your kick to get the perfect sound.

The filter is simple and effective, so you can focus on creating the perfect kick for your track. Get creative with NoizeClick and make the perfect kick for any genre of music.

NoizeClick | PC

21. QuirQuiQ

QuirQuiQ Kick Synth

QuirQuiQ is an amazing kick synth with a huge sound for such a tiny CPU footprint, and the digital envelopes allow for precise control.

The resizable vector interface makes it easy to use, and the presets provide a great starting point for creating your own perfect sound.

QuirQuiQ | PC

22. GnomeKick

GnomeKick | Kick Drum Design

GnomeKick is designed to back up a kick drum and add that extra “thud” that can make all the difference in your music.

With its special “Analog” knob, you can add analog-like modulation to fatten up the oscillators and really give your sound some punch.

GnomeKick | PC

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Kick in Music Production?

A kick in music production is a sound that is used to accentuate the rhythm of a song. It is typically a percussive sound that is made using a drum machine or synthesizer.

The kick can be the main focus of a track or be used as an accompaniment to other elements in the song. When used as the main focus, the kick typically has a strong bass sound that helps to drive the track’s rhythm.

When used as an accompaniment, the kick may have a lighter sound that helps to fill out the overall sound of the track.

There are many different ways to create a kick in music production.

Some producers will use sample packs that contain drum sounds that have been pre-recorded. Others will use synthesizers to create their own kick sounds.

What Is the Difference Between Kick and Bass?

In music production, a kick typically refers to a percussive sound, usually a drum – while the bass is part of the music that provides the low-end rumble. The main difference between kick and bass is that kicks are generally more sharp and punchy, while basses tend to be deeper and more sustained.

There can also be some overlap between these two elements – sometimes, you might want your kick to have a bit of low-end on it or your bassline to have higher frequencies for added attitude. It depends on the overall sound you’re going for in your track.

Kick drum VST plugins are a great way to add bass sounds to your tracks. They provide tons of flexibility to modify the sound, and these free kick drum VST plugins are worth checking out.

These free kick drum VSTs are great free alternatives to paid plugins like Plugin Boutique Bigkick and Sonic Academy Kick 2.

I hope you found this list of free kick VST plugins helpful.

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