20 Free Hip Hop Kits

Here are the best free hip hop kits for music producers looking to download thousands of free hip-hop samples.

These free hip hop kits include drums, melody loops, vocal samples, instrumentals, and more, which are all helpful with creating hip-hop beats.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free Hip Hop sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples. If you are looking for more free music samples, we have hundreds of articles to check out.

Best Free Hip Hop Kits

  1. Ultimate Hip Hop Kit
  2. Free Roland 808 Drum Kit
  3. 808 Trap Step Vol 1
  4. Hop Sub Vol.1
  5. ‘UNIT: 808’ – 808 Sample Pack
  6. Angelic Vibes Free Trap Drum Loops
  7. NYC Drum Kit
  8. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum Kit
  9. Elevate Beatmaker Kit
  10. 808 Trapstep Vol. 2
  11. Free Murda Beatz Type Drum Kit
  12. Free Metro Boomin Type Drum Kit
  13. DJ Premier Drum Kit
  14. Analog Hip-Hop Drums
  15. Urban Drum Samples
  16. Mega Rap & Hip-Hop Sound Kit
  17. Travis Scott Type Drum Kit
  18. Free Hip-Hop Classic Samples
  19. Analog Supplies Vol. 2
  20. Free Hip-Hop Kit
Best Free Hip Hop Kits
Best Free Hip Hop Kits

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free Hip Hop kit. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Ultimate Hip Hop Kit

Ultimate Hip Hop Kit
Ultimate Hip Hop Kit

The ultimate boom bap drum kit offers a great collection of drum samples tailored for boom-bap and hip-hop fans.

Inspired by the works of iconic producers like J. Dilla and DJ Premier, this kit provides a mix of basses, claps, kicks, and more to boost your beats. Thanks to Beatsmith for crafting this top-notch library, which is available for free.

  • 92 Basses
  • 85 Claps
  • 534 Kicks
  • 527 Percs
  • 137 FX
  • 23 Shakers and Crashes
  • 810 Snares
  • Available in WAV format

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Free Roland 808 Drum Kit

Free Roland 808 Drum Kit
Free Roland 808 Drum Kit

The free Roland 808 drum kit is a versatile collection inspired by the renowned Roland TR-808 drum machine. Launched back in 1980, the TR-808 transformed musical genres, especially hip-hop and electronic.

This kit gives music creators a touch of that iconic rhythm and sound, with over 200 drum samples available for free. It’s an essential addition for any passionate beatmaker.

  • Inspired by the classic Roland TR-808
  • Over 200 free 808 drum samples
  • Great for hip-hop and electronic genres

Free Roland 808 Drum Kit

808 Trap Step Vol 1

808 Trap Step Vol 1
808 Trap Step Vol 1

The 808 Trap Step Volume 1 offers music producers a foundational set for producing 808 intense Trap beats, hip-hop, and future bass tracks.

Just pair it with your best synths or Nexus, and you’re set to create some unique beats. All samples are made available for free use in your musical projects.

  • Tailored for Trap, hip-hop, and future bass
  • 103 High-quality samples

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Hop Sub Vol.1

Hop Sub Vol 1 1
Hop Sub Vol 1 1

The Hop Sub Vol. 1 is a well-rounded sample pack from Deep Strict, specially designed for music creators looking to enhance their compositions. This free hip hop kit comes with a variety of loops, spanning different tempos to cater to different music moods.

Whether you’re working with Ableton Live, FL Studio, or any other DAW, these top-quality samples will fit seamlessly into your workflow. Dive into this pack and explore a great selection of WAV and MIDI loops, all designed to inspire creativity.

  • 5 Construction kits with stems
  • 20 WAV loops in total
  • 20 Free MIDI loops
  • 5 Unique Free Melody loops
  • Tempo ranges: 80, 83, 90, 93, and 97 bpm
  • High-resolution 44.1 kHz, 24bit WAV files
  • Over 200+ MB of rich content

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‘UNIT: 808’ – 808 Sample Pack

UNIT 808 Sample Pack
UNIT 808 Sample Pack

The Unit 808 Sample Pack by Loop Cult is a comprehensive collection tailored for music creators wanting to craft the ideal 808 sound.

Designed as a one-stop solution for Trap and Hip Hop production, this pack reflects the 808’s evolution over the years – from its raw beginnings to the tight and aggressive sound we recognize today.

The Unit 808 offers a variety of sounds ranging from kicks to percussion, all with top-notch quality. Easily use these sounds with any music genre and let your creativity soar.

  • Size: 235.73MB
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • 100 Bass Samples
  • 16 Free Drum Kits
  • Royalty-free
  • Key & tempo labeled for ease of use

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Angelic Vibes Free Trap Drum Loops


The Angelic Vibes Free Trap Drum Loops pack offers music creators a remarkable assortment of trap and hip-hop drum loops.

Known for its top-tier quality, this pack stands out with over 15 dynamic drum loops that span more than 600MB.

Each loop is BPM labeled and recorded at a rich 24-bit quality.

If you’ve got captivating melodies and need the right drum accompaniment, these loops might be just what you’re searching for.

  • 15 Hip hop drum loops
  • 24-bit recording quality
  • BPM labeled for convenience
  • Suitable for Trap, RnB, Dubstep, Chillout, and more
  • Variety including snare, 808, and hi-hat loops

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NYC Drum Kit

NYC Drum Kit
NYC Drum Kit

The NYC Drum Kit is a tribute to iconic New York hip-hop producers of the 90s, bringing to life the distinctive sounds of artists like Havoc, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier.

Created by Tony Starks, this sample pack delivers a collection of excellently crafted drum sounds tailored for hip-hop and boom-bap beats.

Whether you’re aiming for that nostalgic 90s vibe or blending classic with contemporary, these samples have you covered.

  • Tribute to 90s New York hip-hop producers
  • Includes kicks, snares, hi-hats, and more
  • 114 Samples
  • Compact size of 13.3MB
  • Available in WAV format

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Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum Kit

Lo Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit
Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit

The Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum Kit by ItsLucid offers a carefully curated collection for those seeking that nostalgic and gritty sound.

Designed for the passionate music creator, this kit presents a set of lo-fi one-shot hip-hop drum samples, showcasing the authentic sounds of dirty snares, dusty kicks, hi-hats, and percussions, all radiating that sought-after vintage charm.

It’s a perfect fit for hip-hop, future beats, and other genres craving that old-school touch.

  • Features dirty snares, dusty kicks, and hi-hats
  • Ideal for hip-hop and future beats
  • It contains 42 unique samples
  • Total size: 3.40MB
  • WAV format

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Elevate Beatmaker Kit

Elevate Beatmaker Kit
Elevate Beatmaker Kit

The Elevate Beatmaker Kit offers a handpicked selection of top-notch production tools to uplift your music-making journey. Crafted with precision, this kit presents over 200 royalty-free files, ensuring you’re equipped with the finest drums, 808s, loops, and more to craft standout beats.

With a diverse range of elements, from tuned 808s to Serum presets, you can confidently bring your musical ideas to life. Whether you’re leaning into Trap or Hip Hop, this kit is a reliable companion for producing beats that resonate.

  • Features 15 tuned 808s
  • 20 Free Melody loops
  • 20 Free MIDI files for flexibility
  • 20 Free Serum presets for sound design
  • Packs 20 effect sounds for finishing touches
  • Total size: 243 MB with 235 files

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808 Trapstep Vol. 2

The 808 Trapstep Vol 2 is a versatile sample pack tailored to those who want to achieve the iconic trap sound in their creations. This pack provides a blend of 808 and 909 drums, masterfully sampled, synthesized, and tweaked for that classic trap vibe.

It offers an extensive range of elements, from punchy kicks to essential chants, empowering you to craft anything from hip-hop to Future beats.

  • 40 Robust 808 bass samples
  • 46 Free kick drums
  • 51 Snare drum samples
  • 58 Claps
  • 64 Percussion samples
  • 24 FX
  • Total size: 162.9 MB

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Free Murda Beatz Type Drum Kit

Free Murda Beatz Type Drum Kit
Free Murda Beatz Type Drum Kit

The free Murda Beatz Type Drum Kit offers a rich collection of samples, capturing the essence of the celebrated Hip Hop producer, Murda Beatz.

Drawing inspiration from his iconic hits like “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott and “Nice for What” by Drake, this pack aims to help music creators emulate that signature sound.

  • 11 Tuned 808s for deep bass
  • 11 Claps
  • 10 powerful kicks
  • 100% royalty-free,
  • 93 High-quality files inspired by Murda Beatz

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Free Metro Boomin Type Drum Kit

Free Metro Boomin Type Drum Kit
Free Metro Boomin Type Drum Kit

The Free Metro Boomin Type Drum Kit, named “Drip,” serves up a selection of clean and clear drum shots inspired by the iconic producer, Metro Boomin.

Known for his collaborations with top-tier artists like Travis Scott and Drake, Metro Boomin’s signature sounds have dominated the Trap and hip-hop charts.

This kit is tailored for those looking to emulate that classic trap essence, with sounds reminiscent of the popular Roland’s TR-808 Rhythm Composer.

And don’t fret about software compatibility; while Metro Boomin may be an FL Studio fan, this pack is adaptable to any DAW.

  • Contains 808s
  • 12 Dynamic kicks
  • A total of 100 files
  • Royalty-free

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DJ Premier Drum Kit

DJ Premier Drum Kit
DJ Premier Drum Kit

The DJ Premier Drum Kit is an inspired collection that pays homage to the iconic DJ Premier sound. It provides music creators with a solid array of drum samples and loops reminiscent of DJ Premier’s style, though it’s essential to note this is a different sound pack.

Ideal for trap and hip-hop enthusiasts, these high-quality WAV sounds are designed to enhance your next project.

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Analog Hip-Hop Drums

Analog Hip Hop Drums
Analog Hip Hop Drums

Crafted with attention to detail, these drums are recorded directly to tape and carry the warmth of heavy analog processing.

They evoke the characteristic sounds of the 60s and 70s and are reminiscent of drums from vintage vinyl records.

With over 50 high-quality one-shot wave files, they’re ready to be incorporated into any sampler or DAW, ensuring music creators a unique touch to their projects.

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Urban Drum Samples

Urban Drum Samples
Urban Drum Samples

The urban drum samples are a comprehensive collection specifically curated for hip-hop beats.

Initially created over time for various projects, it’s now available for free to all music beat makers.

It mixes one-shot drum samples, resonating 808 kicks, varied percussions, and engaging fx, and it even adds a splash of ethnic drums to elevate your tracks.

Urban Drum Samples

Mega Rap & Hip-Hop Sound Kit

Mega Rap Hip Hop Sound Kit
Mega Rap Hip Hop Sound Kit

The Mega Rap & Hip-Hop Sound Kit offers music creators a powerful collection of high-quality drum samples tailored for rap and hip-hop tracks.

It’s not just about quantity; with 127 WAV sound files, you get a versatile range of samples, from claps and snares to uniquely crafted Swizz kicks and dirty snares.

This comprehensive pack bundles five individual kits into one, ensuring a diverse sound palette.

Suitable for a variety of music software, from FL Studio to GarageBand, it’s easily integrated into your workflow.

  • 127 WAV sound files
  • Compatible with multiple software programs
  • Features claps, snares, kicks, and more
  • Instant downloadable zip folder
  • 14MB in size

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Travis Scott Type Drum Kit

Travis Scott Type Drum Kit
Travis Scott Type Drum Kit

The Travis Scott type drum kit, titled “The Astro,” captures the innovative essence and signature style of the iconic hip-hop artist Travis Scott.

Bringing you fresh and otherworldly samples, it is tailored for those who crave uniqueness in their creations.

With hard-hitting kicks, crispy hats, and sharp claps, this pack promises an authenticity that sets you apart.

  • Over 100 samples
  • Distorted 808s
  • Includes 2 bonus construction kits
  • Pack size: 373 MB with 168 files
  • Genres: Trap & Hip Hop
  • Royalty-Free licensing
  • Freshly crafted – no reused sounds!

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Free Hip-Hop Classic Samples

Free Hip Hop Classic Samples
Free Hip Hop Classic Samples

The Free Hip-Hop Classic Samples by R-loops is your go-to collection for crafting that classic hip-hop sound.

This pack comprises five uniquely constructed hip-hop kits brimming with synth melodies, punchy kicks, vibrant bells, and resonant strings.

With over 90 top-tier, royalty-free loops in various formats, music creators have an expansive range to experiment with.

Whether your genre is R&B, Dirty South, Pop, or traditional Hip Hop, these samples will fit seamlessly into your mix.

  • 90 Royalty-free loops
  • Suitable for RnB, Dirty South, Pop, and Hip Hop
  • All kits are tempo and key-labeled

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Analog Supplies Vol. 2

Analog Supplies Vol 2
Analog Supplies Vol 2

The Analog Supplies Vol. 2 is a fresh sample pack brought to you exclusively by Analog Cases.

Tailored for the modern music creator, it offers 90 carefully crafted melodic loops and drum one-shots.

Compatible with various samplers, from the SP-404 to the Maschine, these sounds will infuse your tracks with vibrant synths, dynamic house drum breaks, and resonant 808 kicks.

Inspired by hip-hop, these samples are not just authentic but also designed for crisp audio output.

  • 90 Melodic loops and drum one-shots
  • Ideal for hip-hop-inspired tracks
  • Features synths, drum breaks, and 808 kicks
  • 100% original samples
  • Crisp audio quality
  • Royalty-free for commercial use

Analog Supplies

Free Hip-Hop Kit

Free Hip Hop Kits
Free Hip Hop Kits

This free hip-hop sample kit by R-loops offers music creators a diverse collection of drum loops and one-shots.

These samples, inspired by prominent Hip-Hop and Trap producers like Ty Dolla $ing and Future, give your tracks that authentic beat flavor.

With over 300 drum one-shots and 53 unique loops, you have a great selection of sounds to play with. All the samples are crafted with high-quality studio equipment, ensuring pristine sound for your projects.

Plus, you can freely incorporate these sounds in your commercial tracks without any extra charges.

  • 303 Drum hits
  • 53 Drum loops
  • WAV 16-Bit format
  • Suitable for Hip-Hop and Trap genres
  • 100% Royalty-Free usage
  • Premium quality for all music creators

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hip Hop Kits?

Hip Hop Kits are collections of pre-recorded samples, loops, and sometimes instrument presets specifically curated for Hip Hop music production. They can include drum sounds, melodies, basslines, and even vocal chops to help producers create tracks more efficiently.

Are these Hip Hop kits really free?

Yes, all the Hip Hop kits mentioned in the blog post are free to download and use. However, always check the license details to ensure you’re using them in a way that respects the creator’s intentions and copyright.

Can I use these free Hip Hop kits for commercial projects?

Most of these Hip Hop kits are available for both personal and commercial use, but it’s essential to read the terms and conditions or licensing agreement provided by the creator. Some might require attribution or have other restrictions for commercial projects.

How do I install and use these Hip Hop kits in my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)?

Most Hip Hop Kits come in the form of WAV or MIDI files. Once downloaded, you drag and drop them into your DAW of choice. Some kits might come with specific instructions or additional formats for specific DAWs.

Can these kits be used in genres other than Hip Hop?

Absolutely! While these kits are curated for Hip Hop, music is all about experimentation. Many producers blend elements from different genres to create unique sounds.

I hope you found this list of free Hip Hop Kits helpful.

These free sample packs are designed to inspire, motivate, and elevate your music tracks. Enjoy!

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