How to Use Pro Tools: Step-by-Step Tutorials

Here is a beginner’s guide on How to Use Avid Pro Tools. In this guide, you will learn about the interface, how to record audio, and much more.

Pro Tools is a popular digital audio workstation used by industry professionals to record songs and score movies.

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How to Use Avid Pro Tools ( Pro Tools Tutorials )

Pro Tools Tutorials

1. Navigating Pro Tools

This video covers the basic Pro Tools interface including the Edit Window and the Mixing Window to help you get started.

Help: Pro Tools Knowledge Base

2. How to Start a Session

This video teaches you how to choose the right parameters when starting a Pro Tools session such as bit depth and sample rate.

3. Audio & Instrument Tracks

Learn how to work with audio and instrument tracks, plus how to plug an interface to the Pro Tools playback engine.

4. Editing & Arranging Clips

One of the most crucial features in Pro Tools is editing. Learn how to cut, copy, paste, duplicate and move audio and midi tracks.

5. Editing MIDI Notes

Learn in-depth how to edit MIDI so you can make sure every note is in the right place.

6. Basic Audio Recording

Pro Tools is known for its powerful recording features. Learn every step you need to know in order to record great audio tracks.

7. How to Install Plugins

At some point or another, you’re going to want to install custom plugins. This tutorial shows you how to do so.

8. How to Automate Plugins

Automation is a helpful feature because it gives you more control over your sound. Learn how to automate your tracks with this video.

9. Mix Window Basics

Once you’re done recording and editing music, you’re going to need to mix the audio. Learn the basics of how to mix audio in the Mix Window.

10. Basic Mixing Settings

This tutorial covers everything you need to start your mixing session in Pro Tools.

11. Using Sends & Returns

With sends and returns you can apply the same effect to different audio and MIDI tracks.

12. Mixing Rap Vocals in Pro Tools

If you’re creating a Hip Hop song, this is a great video that shows you some techniques on how to mix vocals in this genre.

13. Mixing Rock Vocals in Pro Tools

If your thing is rock, this tutorial teaches you the basics of mixing rock vocals in Pro Tools.

14. Mastering in Pro Tools

Once you’re done producing and mixing your track, it’s time to master it. Learn how to master in Pro Tools with this video.

15. Export Audio in Pro Tools

The last step of the process is exporting your audio. This video shows you how to do so.

16. Pro Tools Workflow Tips

Here are some great tips for Pro Tools to make your workflow faster.

17. More Pro Tools Tutorials

Additional Helpful Beginner Guides

I hope you found these Pro Tools tutorials helpful.

If you have any Pro Tools tips please share in the comments.

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