Producer Talk: How Do You Organize Your Beats?

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips and knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share how you organize your beats.

How do you organize your beats?

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  1. in the process of archiving 10 years of work at the studio I work at. Really could use some pointers. Trying to archive 10 TB via FTP

  2. I find drums, usually I’ll take a kick hi hat & snare from random drum breaks, than eq & boost them up, maybe add effects/reverb. Than layer the drums with whatever fits. Find a sample, proceed to chop and glue. add percussion, create an intro, breakdown/hook(whichever the beat calls for) and than look for sounds to go over the loops Ive created. I like using vocal samples from movies/clips/records to give the track a certain vibe. check out my instrumental album! peace!

  3. 2tb Hard drive which i run all my track outs to. Also i think everyone should us Icloud (Mac user only) its free and a easy way to have beats on standby for download

  4. First by month and year, then by general vibe. Then always backup the files (external hard drive.)

  5. i have it organize by month, then bpm, then name. I have a Excel document that gives a layout of each track. For example: one song might have a intro, hook, 18 bar verse, hook, bridge, 18 verse, hook.

  6. I have my most recent tracks spread in ProTools on a Mac computer. Everything is backed up on an external Hard Drive. I am interested in learning about cloud storage for several terabytes of material. I also have tracks from my Motif on a SmartMedia Card…

  7. Wow that’s crazy I didn’t know people were doing that. I just realized I don’t organize em at all & Idk if its weird but I remember all my beats so I can keep em all in one folder.

  8. Project and stems goes into a labeled folder with bpm in the title and program logo (Reason, Reaper, MPC, etc) on the folder. If a collaboration is done, folder is created for artist, songs, project files & stems are in subfolders. Backed up to external Hdd. Folder is also backed up to portables external Hdd.

  9. I have a dropbox acount, and in that i have genre specific folders. I use dropbox becouse my files are online and save and i share them with my manager!

  10. i save the unfinished files in folders according to the month at the time i’m making the beat like (DEC 2010, NOV 2011, etc..) and i put the final mp3 files in folders according to the genre and put’em all in one folder specialized for the year at the time the beat was made.

  11. dard drive with a lot of space tracks only you can call it the bank or the volt this is were your gold or platinum track is