8 Best Free Online Song Key Finder Websites

Here are the best free online song key finder apps to find the key to any song in seconds.

Song Key Finders are online tools that help musicians of all levels identify the key of a song. These online music key finders can be helpful for musicians, DJs, bands, and music producers.

These tools can be used to find the key for any melody in different genres such as Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, and more. We have included several music key finders that will automatically detect the song key of any audio file. These are much easier than trying to find a song key manually.

Best Free Online Song Key Finder Websites

All these music key finders are browser-based, so they will work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. Key finders are useful for all sorts of musicians. If you play a variety of styles, you can use a key finder to figure out what the key is of any song or piece.

Or if you are playing with other musicians and you don’t know what key they’re in. A key finder will help identify the key they’re using so that you can better harmonize with them.

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Best Free Online Song Key Finders

Instructions: Click the images below to visit each website.

  1. Get Song Key
  2. Tunebat Song Key & BPM Finder
  3. Song Key Finder
  4. Audio Keychain Music Key Finder
  5. Show Scale
  6. Name That Key
  7. Musical Scale Finder & Key Finder
  8. TL Song Key Finder

1. Get Song Key

Get Song Key

Get Song Key is a website that provides tools for finding the song key & BPM finders for songs. It is the one-stop-shop for all your music production needs.

The Key Finder tool can help you find key and tempo information for any song by simply dragging and dropping the audio file into the window.

The song key detection accuracy ranges from 70 to 95%, and that number increases if the relative keys are considered.

  • Drag & Drop Audio Files
  • Creates a Visual Graphic to Download
  • MP3 Files Only
  • Add Song Key Data to Mp3tag

2. Tunebat Song Key & BPM Finder

Tunebat Song Key & BPM Finder

The Tunebat analyzer is a tool to find song keys and BPMs in seconds.

This is a useful tool for DJs wanting to learn harmonic mixing, producers looking to remix songs, and anyone who wants to learn more about music.

It also gives information about other information like Alt Key and tempo.

  • Browser-Based App
  • Algorithm Detection Algorithm

3. Song Key Finder

Vocal Remover Music Key Finder

Song Key Finder analyzes your audio files to determine what key to play the song in. The online tool is easy to use and works directly from your web browser.

Song keys for multiple files can be obtained at once.

4. Audio Keychain Music Key Finder

 Audio Keychain

AudioKeychain is a music key finder. It helps people to identify the song and artist for which they are looking for the song keys.

Drop your audio tracks into the drop zone and hit the “Upload Tracks” button.

  • Check Multiple Files at Once
  • Supports MP3 & WAV
  • 15MB File Size Limit

5. Show Scale

Show Scale

You can use this tool to determine the music scale (or key) for your piece.

To start the scale selector, select the piano notes. Choosing more notes will allow you to select notes more precisely.

6. Name That Key

Name That Key

The Name That Key tool makes it easy to find the chords of a song in a given key.

7. Musical Scale Finder & Key Finder

Musical Scale Finder and Key Finder

Scales and Chords is a website that helps you find the song key of any song.

You can enter notes or chords. Your inputs will be matched with appropriate scales using this tool.

Founded by two musicians, the website is designed for musicians who don’t know what key their song is in.

8. TL Song Key Finder

TL Song Key Finder

TL Song Key Finder is a site that helps people find the key of a song. The site has an extensive database of songs and an easy-to-use interface.


What Is A Song Key Finder?

A song key finder is a tool that is used for finding the key of a song. Typically, a song key finder will work by playing a note and asking the user to identify the note.

The song key finder will then move up or down in semitones until it has found the key that the user identified.

A song key finder is used to find the song’s relative key.

This is helpful for musicians because this can give them an idea of what notes to play on their instrument in order to tune it to the same key as the song.

But there are several online music key finders that will automatically detect a song key for you by uploading an audio file.

What Is The Key Of A Song?

Every song and composition has a key, which is why it is so important to the music. A song’s key includes several tonally related, or compatible, chords and tones.

Playing that group of scales produces a very melodic sound since it is based on major and minor scales.

The scale has 12 major and 12 minor keys. A key has a central note, the keynote is also called the root and the primary note in the song which often repeats.

Knowing a song key’s tonic chord is important for guitarists, pianists, and any musician.

How to Find a Song’s Key Online

  1. Visit https://getsongkey.com/tools/key-finder
  2. Drag an MP3 file to the window, or click the box to browse your computer for an audio file.
  3. The website will automatically process the audio and let you know the song key in under 20 seconds depending on your internet connection.
  4. You can click the download arrow to re-download the audio file you uploaded with the song key data added to the Mp3tag.

Song Key Finders are great apps for musicians who need some help figuring out which key they should be played in.

We hope you find these music key finders helpful.

If we missed any song key finder, please let us know in the comments.

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