Music Equipment 101

This article covers the basic music equipment we think you need to get started with making music.

 Music Equipment Basics

Your music equipment will be the foundation of your music-making process.

How to Make Beats - Music Equipment

In the beginning, we all want to be like the big music producers we see online with the room full of music equipment, but you don’t need all that when you are getting started, and here is why:

  1. Budget – Music equipment is expensive. Many new music producers are on a budget, so limit your spending to the basic equipment at first, and then buy more advanced gear later when you know you need it.
  2. Time & Learning – The more equipment you buy, the more equipment you have to learn, and less time is spent on perfecting your craft. You want to spend more time on actually creating music and less time on acquiring new gear.

Remember this:

It’s not about the music equipment or software you are using, but about the person using the equipment. Your ear for music, skill, and talent matters more than the equipment you are using.

Dr. Dre’s music equipment didn’t make him the big music producer he is today. His ear and talent for music did. So don’t think you need a big studio to make good music.

Basic Music Equipment

Here are the very basics of what you need to make music.

A computer is a must to run music software. Poll: Mac vs. PC

Music Computer

Midi Keyboard
Making beats is much easier and creative when you have a keyboard. Midi Keyboards

Midi Keyboard

Studio Monitors ( Optional )
Studio monitors are great for listening to your beats. Speakers

studio monitors

Music Software
Music software is essential for making beats, to mixing down audio.

music production software

Headphones will let you hear all the subtle elements when making music. Headphones

Music Headphones

External Hard Drive ( Optional )
Backing up your work is important and they provide additional storage space. Hard Drives

external hard drive

If you have a limited budget, buying used music equipment is always an option. I have purchased all types of used music equipment off Craigslist.

Leave a comment if you have suggestions on picking music equipment for new music producers.

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