1. More seriously though the whole vocal producer is a new thing to me. The idea made me look at recording from a different perspective. Also, the whole rollout concept is definitely useful information. Article of the day.

  2. Great knowledge for us producers and songwriters. Expertise in the craft takes time to develop, but glad to see that the big heads of the industry still know you have to pay for that expertise.

  3. Craaaaazy! You’d think they’d have there own producers, writers, studios and what not. I know the promotions cost big bucks, but 78 grand for 1 song O_o really? 10 to 15 grand for a some lady to tell you “no, sing it like this. More vibrato please…” WTF is that! I can do that!

  4. I can’t believe the big record companies don’t have their own studios and have to rent. This cannot be true.

  5. I agree I wish I could get 20.000 for a track damn it’s sweet if you get dat industry money!

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