How to Create a Vision Board Using Pinterest


If you are someone who is trying to succeed in life like me, you occasionally seek inspiration to stay motivated. Vision boards are helpful because they are a visual reminders of what you are striving for in life.

What is a vision board? If you have never heard of a vision board before, it is usually is a board that you hang on the wall, somewhere you can frequently see it, that has a collage of images of things you want in life. These things can be physical things you want own, places you want to travel to, people you want to me, or improvements you want to make to your life like healthy living, happy love life, etc. The goal is to have visual reminders of important things you want in life.

My Pinterest Vision Board

My vision board consist of a lot high-end things. Cool gear, cool places, and things that inspire me. I don’t necessarily want these in the photos, but they are reminders of the type of life style I want, to be able to afford these things.

What is a vision board
What is a vision board – Create a vision board using Pinterest.

Click here to view my vision board on Pinterest

Why you should make a board

  • It will help you to stay inspired
  • You will be motivated to constantly seek inspiration
  • It will help you to dream bigger. All things are attainable if you work for them.

How to get started

  1. Write down a number of things you want in life. Physical things, goals, places, feelings, mentors, etc.
  2. Create a Pinterest account, and create a board for your vision board. ( Or you can make a physical version at home )
  3. Search and add photos to your board – Search Pinterest and Google images for the images of the things you want. Don’t have too many photos, it can be overwhelming.
  4. Once you complete your board, review it 2 to 3 times a week to stay reminded on the things you are striving for.

Next you should be taking action on getting the things you want in your vision board. Start today!

Helpful links

A few of my favorite photos on my board







What is a vision board tips.



I hope this post helped you to understand what is a vision board, and how it can help you to stay motivated.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Nice I didn’t think of this… That last one is my favorite..

    Just know I’ll be taking some of your pins for ideas!!

      1. Mark,

        I thought I was the only one who did this!! I have a private board on Pinterest that serves essentially as a vision board. I have a short term board, and a medium – long term board.

        My short term board has like photos of apartments on Craiglist, some musical equipment, airline tickets, etc.

        You’re spot on though, I look at the photos daily. Just seeing them keeps me motivated to push forward with my business and personal goals. Good stuff man.