Exporting & Tracking Out Beats

This article covers the basics of exporting and tracking out beats for music artists.

Exporting & Tracking Out Beats

Exporting & Tracking Out Beats

Exporting is the process of saving your beat to your computer. All music programs will have an export option.

The most popular file formats are Wav and Mp3.

  • Wav – This file format is high quality and usually uncompressed. The file size is much larger compared to mp3.
  • MP3 – This file format is compressed, so the file size is much smaller and the quality is lower. This format is used more for streaming online.

Tracking Out Beats

Tracking out beats, also known as “Bouncing Audio,” is the process of exporting all the individual instruments and sounds into separate audio files so they can be mixed in another audio program.

Sometimes music artists request beats to be tracked out so they can make adjustments to the beat to fit with their vocals. The artist may add or remove elements from the beat.

How to Track Out Beats In FL Studio

The tutorial below is done in FL Studio, but the same process can pretty much be done in other music programs. Once all the individual instruments are exported, they would be imported into an audio program.

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