650 Free Drum Samples ( 6 Free Drum Kits )

Free Drum Samples - Free Drum Kits

Download over 650 free drum samples and free drum kits to add to your music making collection. The kits contain kicks, claps, snares, and many more drum samples.

New free downloads added weekly.
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Free Drum Kits

1. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 1 – Mentally High Drum Kit Vol 1

2. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 2  – Mentally High Drum Kit Vol 2

3. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 3 – Mentally High Drum Kit Vol 3

4. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 4 – This is one of lazzzy’s best drum kits yet. Lots of useful sounds here.

5. Mafz Drum Kit Vol 1 – Mafz Productions Drum Kit Vol 1

6. Mafz Drum Kit  Vol 2 – Mafz Productions Drum Kit Vol 2

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  1. I get this when trying to download:
    Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

      1. how do I load the drum kits into Fl Studio? through one of the sampling devices as a wav file?

  2. Thanx a bunch. really love LAZZY’S DRUM KITS. WorkS like a charm in FRUITY LOOPS. I posted in my FACEBOOK.


  3. Thanks a lot guys , don’t know what to say really am speechless, for all your work

  4. Help me please, I don’t understand how to download the files, I tried to share but nothing happened…

    1. Hi,

      Sorry you are having problems. Are you logged into your social accounts when you click the share button? Maybe try another share button.

      I tested the share buttons and they work fine for me.

  5. I’m one of the beat makers but I only came ip with my skills,I don’t remake or copy.

  6. I was only using the free Boi-1da kit for years. I just paid for the Jazzfeezy kits (He helped Boi-1da make his kits) and it was worth the cost.

  7. Can we use these sounds and samples (including the kits that already have a melody song sort of thing I’m not good with words sorry lol) in our music that we sell?

  8. Hey guys, maybe someone can help me.

    if i change the samples, in this case the claps from Lazzy Drum Kit Vol3, and create a beat with them in FL Studio, is it legit to share it on Soundcloud without any profit?? even if someone raps on it?

    The terms say they are allowed to use for website and social media websites, but i know they are created by another contributor.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Sorry the samples were put together by someone else who used to worked with Hip Hop Makers. I can’t say who owns the samples completely. So I would be cautious with professional use.

  9. I love to visit this site, because of their good product i always using in most of my Project