750 Free Drum Samples to Download!

Download over 750 free drum samples and free drum kits to add to your music-making collection. The kits contain kicks, claps, snares, and many more drum samples.

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Free Drum Sample Packs Free Drum Samples
Free Drum Samples

Free Drum Samples

1. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 1 – Mentally High Drum Kit Vol 1

2. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 2 – Mentally High Drum Kit Vol 2

3. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 3 – Mentally High Drum Kit Vol 3

4. Lazzzy Drum Kit Vol 4 – This is one of lazzzy’s best drum kits yet. Lots of useful sounds here.

5. Mafz Drum Kit Vol 1 – Mafz Productions Drum Kit Vol 1

6. Mafz Drum Kit Vol 2 – Mafz Productions Drum Kit Vol 2

7. 100 Free Drum Sounds – Our favorite 100 hard-hitting drum sounds.

I hope you enjoy it!

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    Sorry the samples were put together by someone else who used to work with Hip Hop Makers. I can’t say who owns the samples completely. So I would be cautious with professional use.

  2. I love to visit this site, because of their good product i always using in most of my Project

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