Poll: Do You Have a Music Producer Name?

Do You Have a Music Producer Name

I want to know if you guys produce under your real name or a music producer name. Please vote and share your producer name in the comment section.

Do You Have a Music Producer Name

Do You Have a Music Producer Name?

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  1. well, my real & rapper name (yes, im also a rapper) is Yusuf, but i was wondering if i should stay like that as a producer or have another pseudonym as Yuki (thats how some of my friends call me) what y’all think??

  2. IM thinking of switching to my real name instead of Burn-1 if you use your birth name im sure you don’t have to trademark it right lol and as You become old it will still remain the same! example lil beatmob or young beatcrew when your 40 still producing might not be a good look but I could be wrong people with good careers have pulled it off so…

  3. Ali Mahfudh is my real name..do anybody have any ideas on what my producer alias could be?

  4. I go by the name of David Bocuse. Davis is my real name, and Bocuse just like the world famous french chef Paul Bocuse (I’m french, by the way). Because I think music is like cooking in many ways, we al have the same ingredients, the same tools, but we use them our way.
    Oh, and you can check my music: http://davidbocuse.bandcamp.com/

  5. As of now I go by Lowray because it was a childhood nickname but I’m still on the fence about it.