29 Free Band Name Generators For Band Name Ideas

Here is a collection of the best free band name generators to get hundreds of band name ideas fast.

We know every new band may struggle with coming up with a name. But these band-name generators will help by inspiring tons of ideas.

Many of these sites generate band names randomly. But the more advanced sites will create names based on keywords and music genres you select.

Track Band Name Ideas: Free Google Spreadsheet

When it comes to picking a band name, the shorter and simpler the better. Being memorable is also very important.

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Free Band Name Generators For Band Name Ideas

Free Band Name Generators

Click the images below to visit the websites and start generating band name ideas.

1. Music Gateway Name Generator

Music Gateway Band Name Generator

This free band name generator comes up with random band names using a massive hand-picked word list.

It can be used to brainstorm Rock, Punk, Emo, and other band names.

By entering a keyword or phrase, the system will randomly select that word from the list of ideas.

  • Generates 8 band names at a time
  • Add a keyword or phrase to personalize results

2. Indie Sound Name Generator

Indie Sound Band Name Generator

This free band name maker can create over 10 million name combinations.

Get ideas for different music genres: Heavy Metal, Rock, POP, EDM, Hip-Hop

  • Generates 18 name ideas at a time
  • Star and save your favorite names

3. Music Band & Group Generator

Music Band & Group Name Generator

This band name maker will generate 10 names for music bands and music groups.

There are more than 18,000 possible combinations of names. Though not all combinations will work, you’ll find plenty of names that are right for each genre.

Just click the button to generate a random list of 10 names. Click the button to generate more names if you don’t like the ones you see.

  • Generate 10 band names at a time

4. Zing Instruments Generator

Zing Instruments Band Name Generator

This free tool will give you tons of great band name ideas. Pick a genre, or enter a phrase, and then hit the generate button.

This tool has a huge database of band and artist names, and randomly finds words that will work well with the words you add.

  • Generates 16 ideas at a time based on the keyword and music genre you select.
  • Get ideas based on music genres: Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul, Blues, Pop

5. Band Name Maker

Band Name Maker

This name generator allows you to create random band names using an extensive database of hand-picked words.

Words can be customized, new algorithms added, and styles and controls added to fully customize your generated names.

You can use this tool to come up with band names for Rock, Punk, Emo, and other musical styles.

  • Band Name Translations
  • Music styles: Alt Rock, Blues, Country, Funk, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Rock

6. AI-Driven Band Name Generator

AI-Powered Band Name Generator

Using this AI-driven band name creator, you will find a great name for your band.

This AI software has created over 90,000 band names, so it will learn to create new band names.

  • Generate 10 name ideas at a time.

7. Story Shack

Story Shack Band Name Generator

This band name generator allows you to create thousands of band names randomly.

You can save and copy ideas. Let your creativity flow and start generating.

  • Generate 6 name ideas at a time
  • Save favorite name ideas

8. Synthwave Band Generator

Synthwave Band Name Generator

The Synthwave Band Name Generator is a fun cool-looking vintage band name creator that will help you to easily create a memorable and catchy band name.

  • Generate 1 name at a time

9. Chosic Band Name Generator

Chosic Band Name Generator

The Chosic Band Name Generator can come up with names for Rock bands, Jazz bands, or k-pop groups.

  • Create 20 name ideas at a time.
  • Save favorites
  • Customize results by selecting a music genre and entering a keyword

10. Gates Band Name Generator

Tom Gates Band Name Generator

I had to share this unique band name generator based on the cool design.

11. Rocklou Band Name Generator

Rocklou Band Name Generator

You can use this free tool to generate random band names, song titles, and cover art.

It selects one of 160 fonts and one of 1500 images from a library.

No commercial use allowed for the album covers. They are for inspiration only.

  • Generates 2 name ideas at a time
  • Create album cover art
  • Customize by: Love / Nature, Psychedelic / Fantasy, Horror / Metal

12. Biz Name Wiz

Biz Name Wiz

You can use this band name generator to come up with unique band names.

  • Provides hundreds of name ideas at a time
  • Save  your favorites
  • Enter a keyword to customize results
  • Customize Word Count ( 1 or 2 words
  • Checks if the domain address is available

13. Stoner Rock Band Names

Stoner Rock Band Name Generator

This name generator will create your very own Stoner Rock Band Name.

  • Creates 1 rock band name at a time

14. Death Metal Band Generator

Death Metal Band Generator

Go goth or die! The Death Metal Band name generator will help you create a band name that helps you reign over all those who oppose you!

15. Metal Band Name Generator

Metal Band Name Generator

Generate up to 75 band names at once using this online metal band name generator.

16. Name Generator Fun

Name Generator Fun

This band name generator will create something catchy, memorable, and unique.

  • Produces 10 name ideas at a time

17. Generators Lists

Generators List Band Name Generator

This tool will randomly generate band name ideas. Keep searching until you find a rockin’ name!

  • Generate 12 ideas at a time

18. Goth Band Name Generator

Goth Band Name Generator

This online Goth group name generator will come up with dark and twisted names for your band.

19. Heavy Metal Name Generator

Heavy Metal Name Generator

Metallizer is about paying tribute to the history of the best of heavy metal rock music.

Use this tool to come up with a never-ending list of metallic mayhem-inspired names by the best heavy metal bands.

Extra Band Name Generators

  1. New Found Land – A simple single-name band name generator.
  2. Badley Hop – Answer 4 questions to generate a unique band name. 
  3. Wordlab – Uses random words to generate endless name ideas.
  4. Punk Names – Free random punk band name generator.  
  5. Trailer Parkman – An online genericana band name generator.
  6. Lemonly – Music group name generators with a minimal layout.
  7. Rum & Monkey – Answer a survey create an Emo Band Name.
  8. Name Nerds – Online Rock ‘n’ Roll name idea Generator.
  9. Ditto Music – Create some random and awesome band names.
  10. Masterpiece Generator – Band name idea tool based on keywords you enter.


What Is An Online Band Name Generator?

A band name generator is a website that helps you find the perfect name for your band. The website will generate a list of band names based on music genres and keywords you enter.

Don’t spend hours trying to think of the perfect band name, you can use a band name generator to help speed up the process.

Finding the perfect band name can be difficult, but with band name generators, you can get an unlimited number of ideas in just a few seconds.

How Do I Use an Online Band Name Generator?

Choosing a name can be difficult, but a band name generator can help you with this process and will provide you with some suggestions for names based on your input.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Visit the Indie Sound Generator
  2. Enter a keyword or phrase that describes your band.
  3. Click the Generate Band Names button.
  4. Click the + icon to save your favorite names.
  5. Click the Generate button to generate more ideas.

A band name generator website will generate unique suggestions for band names.

They are free to use. They all usually work by asking you to input the type of music genre or style that your music falls under.

What Should I Name My Band?

When it comes to naming your band, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you should make sure the name is memorable.

It should also have a meaning or story behind it, so people can connect with what your band is all about. A good name should be catchy and memorable. You want to stand out in fans’ minds and not just blend into the rest of the music scene.

What Makes A Good Band Name?

A good band name should be easy to pronounce, and simple enough that it is not hard to remember. A band name should be catchy but also meaningful especially if the band has a particular message they want to convey.

If a band name is too long it may be tough for people to remember or pronounce which may cause confusion. One of the best ways to get band name ideas is brainstorming and talking with other members to see what they think.

What Is a Band Name?

A band name is a moniker by which a musical group or performer is known. Band names can be derived from the name of their lead singer, an alternate spelling of the band members’ own names, a nonsense word, or the name of an animal.

We hope you find these free band name generators helpful.

These are great tools to help inspire tons of name ideas.

Do you like any of the name ideas you got using these tools?

Let us know in the comments.

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