20 Best Free DJ Software Apps – PC, Mac, Mobile, Online

Here are the best free DJ software programs for Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, and Online. These free DJ apps are packed with popular DJing features.

If DJing is your passion, you can use these apps to DJ from anywhere. These free DJ apps can be installed on your computer. But you can also DJ on the go by installing them on your mobile device, or DJ in your web browser.

So you can DJ in your web browser without installing any software.

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Best Free DJ Software Apps - Windows, Mac, Mobile, Online
Best Free DJ Apps

Best Free DJ Software Apps

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  1. Mixxx Free DJ Software
  2. Virtual DJ Free
  3. Serato DJ Lite
  4. Ultra Mixer
  5. Mixvibes Cross DJ
  6. DJay Pro AI
  7. You DJ – Song Mixer Online
  8. YouTube DJ
  9. Zulu DJ Software
  10. Cross DJ Free Mobile
  11. Tracktor DJ 2
  12. Until AM
  13. Transitions DJ
  14. DJuced DJ Tools
  15. MIXO – Desktop Free
  16. JQBX FM
  17. Edjing Mix
  18. Denon DJ Engine Prime
  19. WeDJ Free DJ App
  20. DJ it! – Music Mixer Pad

1. Mixxx Free DJ Software

Mixxx Free DJ Software

Mixxx offers a full range of DJ tools including pitch bending, beat matching, crossfading, looping, cueing, and more.

It is free and open-source DJ software available on Windows, MAC OS, Ubuntu, and Linux. Mixxx can be used for DJing at parties, nightclubs, or at home.

Mixxx Features:

  • OS: PC, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu
  • BPM, Key Detection – With key detection you can find the next track from your library that fits your mood and tastes.
  • Audio Effects – With sound effects, you can add your unique spin to tracks. Use many effects together and twist all their knobs to get creative.
  • Pitch & Key Control – Keylock allows you to change the tempo without changing the pitch so songs are in harmony.
  • Supports All Audio Formats
  • Beat Looping – Instantly loop a 4, 8, or 16 beat segment with ease.
  • Hotcues – You can use hot cues to mark places on tracks. Mix and mash-up tracks using accurate, rapid-fire hot cues.
  • EQ & Crossfader Control – Using the crossfader control you can deliver quick cuts and smooth crossfades.
  • Native Language Support – Mixxx supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and more.

2. Virtual DJ Free

Virtual DJ Free DJ Software
Virtual DJ Free

Virtual DJ Free is a software that allows users to mix and scratch songs across their virtual turntables. It offers features like BeatSync, track sync, auto groove, add audio effects.

By combining advanced technology Virtual DJ revolutionizes what DJs can do.

It is now possible to mix the various elements of your tracks in real-time (vocals, instruments, kicks, hi-hats, etc.).

It opens up new possibilities for DJs and will forever change how they mix.

Live mashups and seamless transitions are now possible with real-time stem separation on any track.

Using the Stem pads, you’ll be able to mix and remix tracks in real-time. Allow yourself to be creative.

VirtualDJ is the most advanced DJ technology with over 100,000,000 downloads. It’s perfect for beginning DJs, as well as for more experienced DJs.

As long as you do not use professional equipment such as a controller or a mixer, VirtualDJ is FREE for home users.

Virtual DJ Features:

  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Install Additional Audio Effects
  • Dj Mixer Standalone
  • Video & Audio Mixing Separation Of Audio In Real-time
  • Easy To Use, Yet Powerful

3. Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Lite Free DJ Software

Serato DJ Lite is a free DJ software, designed for the beginner DJ who is just starting out. It is a stripped-down version of the flagship software Serato DJ Pro.

It has a straightforward interface and is perfect if you want to play with the basics of DJing. The Serato DJ Lite software will help you get started quickly. It’s easy to learn and keeps things simple when you’re starting out.

Serato DJ Lite Features:

  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Two Modes: Performance & Practice
  • BPM Controls
  • Onscreen Fader
  • Cue Points
  • Loops
  • Beat Grids
  • Music Library

4. Ultra Mixer

Ultra Mixer DJ Software

Ultra Mixer is an easy-to-use and powerful DJ software. It allows users to mix music, adjust the tempo, change the key, apply effects, and more.

The sound system is designed to be easy to use with its plug-and-play design. It also offers a full range of parameters to allow for detailed adjustments to your sound.

Ultra Mixer Features:

  • OS: PS, Mac Os
  • MIDI Controller Support
  • Record Mixes – Music Mixes can be recorded to shared with friends
  • Export Music Playlist
  • Auto DJ Feature – The Auto DJ automatically plays Background Music for hours with perfect transitions
  • Audio Sampler – Make your music sound stunning by adding 32 customized sound samples
  • Audio Effects – Add Brakes, Spins, and BeatGrids

5. Mixvibes Cross DJ

Cross DJ Free DJ Software

Cross DJ is a free and open-source DJ software application for mixing digital audio files. The software is designed to be used by DJs who would like to have an easy interface to use for mixing their favorite music.

Mixvibes has a cross-platform product, meaning that it works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

  • Customizable Interface
  • Audio Effects
  • Soundcloud Go+ Support
  • Ableton Live Link

6. DJay Pro AI

DJay Pro

DJay Pro provides all the DJ tools a DJ needs to perform. The DJ will have the ability to add or remove any sounds they want from the song as well as have

Algoriddim allows users to create playlists and sync these playlists across multiple devices. It can connect to Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play Music.

  • OS: Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android.
  • Audio Effect Routing
  • Multi-Crossfading
  • Sequencer & Looper
  • MIDI & HID Control

7. You DJ – Song Mixer Online

You DJ Online DJ App
Online DJ App / Free Online DJ Mixer / Song Mixer Online

You DJ is a free online DJ app to use in your web browser to mix YouTube and SoundCloud songs.

Mix songs and DJ directly in your browser without installing software.

  • OS: Web Browser ( Online DJ Mixer )
  • Mix YouTube & SoundCloud Songs
  • Free Google Chrome Add-on Available
  • Search YouTube for Music
  • Favorite Songs
  • Party Mode
  • Sampler

8. YouTube DJ

YouTube DJ - Free Online DJ Mixer
YouTube DJ – Free Online DJ Mixer

YouTube DJ is a website that allows YouTube users to mix and remix their favorite songs, videos, and audio clips.

  • OS: Free Online DJ Mixer
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

9. Zulu DJ Software

Zulu DJ Software
Free DJ Software PC

Zulu DJ is a software-based DJ app that runs on a Windows PC.

Zulu DJ offers many of the same features as other DJ software programs such as looping, cueing, and beat matching.

It has a clean interface and a logical layout.

  • Perform Loops
  • Change Speed
  • Adjust Tone
  • Add Audio Effects

10. Cross DJ Free Mobile

Cross DJ Free Mobile

Cross DJ Free Mobile is a free DJ app that runs on Android and iOS.

  • OS: iPhone & Android
  • BPM Detection
  • Playlist Creation
  • Key Detection
  • 3-Band Equalizer

11. Tracktor DJ 2

Tracktor DJ 2 Software Program

Traktor DJ 2 is the latest generation of DJ software by Native Instruments.

This free DJ software is for desktop and iPad designed for sharing tunes. Take advantage of track suggestions and synchronization to easily mix tracks.

  • Desktop & iPad
  • Soundcloud Go+ Integration
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Hotcues
  • Plug And Play
  • Queue List

12. Until AM

Until AM Free Online DJ App
Until AM Free Online DJ App

The Until AM DJ app features virtual turntables, scratching, and live effects

  • OS: Windows, Mac, Online DJ App
  • Easy to Use
  • Real-Time Effects Pad
  • Realistic Vinyl Scratching
  • Speed Up or Slow Down
  • Apply Audio Effects
  • Waveform Visualisation
  • Thousands of Songs to Choose From
  • Access Songs on SoundCloud & Google Drive
  • Drag & Drop Interface

13. Transitions DJ

Transitions DJ Software

Transitions DJ is a DJ app for the Web, Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac

  • Sort by Music Genre
  • Scratch Effects
  • Filter Effects
  • Looping Feature
  • Change BPM
  • Cue
  • Cross Fader

14. DJuced DJ Tools

DJUCED DJ Software
Free DJ Tools

DJUCED is a free DJ software to mix your favorite songs on your computer.

  • Customizable Interface
  • Audio Effects
  • Looping,
  • Hot Cues
  • Beat Jump
  • Multilayer Samplers
  • Record Yourself

15. MIXO – Desktop Free


MiXO mobile and desktop let you take your DJ library with you wherever you go. Sync your changes to all your devices with MIXO tracks, playlists, cues, and cue points.

  • OS: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android
  • Add & Edit Cue Points


JQBX-DJ Software

With JQBX, you can play music online through Spotify with anyone, anywhere. By listening together in real-time, you can be a virtual DJ and discover new music.

  • Online DJ App
  • Discover New Music.
  • Spotify Integration

17. Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix - DJ Mixer App

Edjing Mix is a free mobile DJ app for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Load music from Soundcloud Go+, Tidal, Beatsource, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

  • Auto-Sync
  • Audio Sampler
  • High-quality recording
  • Automix

18. Denon DJ Engine Prime

 Denon DJ Engine Prime

Using Engine PRIME will allow you to manage and export your music library to external drives or Dropbox accounts easily and intuitively.

You can import your playlists, Hot Cues, Loops, and other metadata from desktop folders or third-party collections.

Transfer music seamlessly to physical and cloud-based media devices with a drag and drop or built-in Sync Manager workflows.

Customize your Engine OS experience by creating a device profile loaded with your performance preferences.

The Engine PRIME software for Mac and Windows is free.

  • Create Playlists
  • Import Apple Music, iTunes, Serato DJ, and NI Traktor databases
  • Integrates with Dropbox
  • Accurate BPM Detection
  • Downbeat Detection
  • Musical Key Analysis
  • Batch-Edit Multiple Tracks
  • Hot Cues Loop Regions
  • Export Playlists
  • Comprehensive Beat Grid & Tempo Editing
  • Supports All Popular Audio File Formats

19. WeDJ Free DJ App

WeDJ Android App

This app offers a flexible and seamless DJ experience developed by Pioneer DJ, the brand known for its pro DJ equipment.

Using performance features and FX, you can create your own sound by mixing and playing music stored on your Android phone.

  • OS: Android Device
  • Audio Effects
  • Audio Sampler
  • 3-band EQ
  • Tempo Slider
  • Beat Sync: The tempo of two songs can be synced with the push of a button.
  • Crossfader: Balance the volume of both tracks.
  • Looping: Select an area of a song and play it repeatedly.
  • Hot Cue: You can jump to any point you like in a track. Mark the point you want to play from.
  • Record: Playback your mix after you’ve captured it.

20. DJ it! – Music Mixer Pad

DJ it! - Music Mixer Pa

Free DJ app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It has a full range of DJ controls such as cue, pause, play, stop sync, cue, and scratch.

  • Automated calculation of BPMs
  • Adjust BPM with a tap
  • Effects: Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Gate, Phaser, Bit Crusher, Roll, Reverse.
  • Looping: 1/16 to 64
  • 4 Hot Cues per deck
  • Automated audio FX sync for the BPM.
  • 3-band equalizer.
  • Supports MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF

We hope you find these free DJ apps helpful.

If we missed any free DJ software on the list, please let us know in the comments.

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