13 Free Online BPM Finders & BPM Tap Calculators

Here are the best free online BPM finders, BPM tap tools, and BPM calculators to find song BPMs fast. These BPM analyzers work on Windows, Mac, and mobile.

This list contains a variety of song BPM finders:

  • BPM analyzers allow you to upload an MP3 file and get the BPM in seconds.
  • BPM tap tools to tap along with music to identify a song’s BPM.
  • Searchable Song Databases – Search databases to find tempos instantly.

Since all these free BPM finders are online. You can use them with PCs, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices without installing software.

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Free Online BPM Finders: BPM Tap & BPM Calculators
The Best Free Online BPM Finders, BPM Tap Toos, BPM Calculators

Free BPM Analyzers to Find Song BPMs

Instructions: Click the image to visit each website.

  1. MP3 to BPM – BPM Analyser
  2. Tunebat Song Key & BPM Finder
  3. Song BPM
  4. SongData.io
  5. BPM Tap Calculator
  6. Song BPM Finder
  7. Tap Tempo BPM Calculator
  8. Beats Per Minute Online
  9. BPM Counter
  10. BPM Tap Tempo Tool
  11. Tap BPM
  12. Online Song BPM Detector
  13. Tap BPM Tempo Counter

1. MP3 to BPM – BPM Analyser

MP3 to BPM ( Song Analyser )

This website lets you upload an MP3 file and will detect the song’s BPM in seconds.

It even provides a visual image to save as a reference.

Detected beats per minute are highlighted on the audio waveform image.

2. Tunebat Song Key & BPM Finder

Song Key & BPM Finder

The Tunebat song key and BPM finder is another free BPM calculator tool that will find a song’s tempo in seconds.

  • Find the song Key, Alt Key, & BPM
  • Web-based – Analysis and calculations are done in your browser, so your files are never sent to another computer.
  • Detection Algorithm – Tunebat’s algorithms are developed and tuned by audio experts to ensure maximum accuracy.
  • Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning – To analyze emotions (energy, danceability, happiness), ML models are trained on large data sets of audio.
  • Low-Level Analysis – Tunebat extracts audio features at the low level to help you truly comprehend the audio.

3. Song BPM

Song BPM

Song BPM has a searchable database of popular songs to search and find song BPMs. Type in a song name and sort through the results to find the song BPM.

4. SongData.io

Song Data IO

Song Data IO finds the BPM and key for any song on Spotify. The database contains over 70 million songs.

Find the BPM for the top 50 tracks from today from around the world.

  • Find key and BPM

5. BPM Tap Calculator

BPM Calculator

This BPM Calculator is handy for musicians, dancers, and anyone else interested in finding out a song’s BPM, or the tempo of a piece of content.

Using this tap BPM tool, you can find out the tempo of any song by tapping along to the beat.

For instance, if you want to know the BPM of a sample or a song, you just have to tap along with the beat.

6. Song BPM Finder

Song BPM Finder
Free Online BPM Analyzer

Using the Song BPM Finder App you can find a tempo ( i.e. beats per minute ) easily in audio files.

Most popular songs can be analyzed with the algorithm, but some songs with rhythmic parts that differ from each other may give incorrect results.

You don’t have to install any software, and it works on mobile devices.

7. Tap Tempo BPM Calculator

Tap Tempo BPM Finder

You can use Free Tap BPM counter on mobile and desktop to find the Beats Per Minute in seconds.

This site offers tempo, BPM, metronome, and more.

8. Beats Per Minute Online

Online Beats Per Minute Calculator
Measures the tempo or beats per minute of a song.

By tapping any key on your keyboard in time with the rhythm or beat, you can detect the tempo and count Beats Per Minute (BPM).

Quickly calculate BPM without waiting the whole minute by tapping for a few seconds.

  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Click the BPM # to copy the number

9. BPM Counter

BPM Counter - Beats Per Minute Calculator
Beats Per Minute Calculator

You can find the BPM of any song. The BPM counter automatically calculates and displays the tempo of music based on the beats per minute.

10. BPM Tap Tempo Tool

Tap Tempo Tool

Use this online tap tempo to find a song’s beats per minute.

Calculate a song’s tempo fast.

  • Tempo will reset after 3 seconds

11. Tap BPM

Tap BPM - Beats Per Minute Calculator
Beats Per Minute Calculator

If you want to find the beat to a song, hit any key on your keyboard.

To reset, hit one of these buttons: Enter, Shift, Tab

12. Online Song BPM Detector

Online Song BPM detector

This is a simple online song BPM detector. Simply upload an MP3 file and it will detect the song tempo in seconds.

13. Tap BPM Tempo Counter

Tap BPM Tempo Counter

With the Tap BPM counter app, you can find song BPMs (beats per minute) and tempo by tapping your keyboard, mobile device, or clicking your mouse.

Start by tapping any key on the keyboard or in the area below if you are using a mobile device.


What Does BPM Stand for?

BPM stands for Beats Per Minute.

What is a BPM Analyzer?

A BPM analyzer is software that calculates the Beats per minute of any song. To accurately calculate the BPM, a BPM analyzer must analyze every single sound in an audio file and then use its own algorithm to calculate how many times it plays per second.

The results are then averaged to generate an accurate estimation. It is often used by DJs who need to ensure they are playing songs at the correct tempo.

How Do Tap BPM Counters Work?

Using an online BPM counter, you can determine a song’s tempo and calculate the beats per minute ratio. To tap, simply press any key on the keyboard or click the mouse.

The tempo can usually be determined by 10 to 15 taps for most songs. Although, not all songs are performed exactly at the BPM. The tempo of many acoustic and rock songs increases toward the end of the song.

What Does BPM Mean?

Beats per minute refers to the tempo of music or a heart rate. The BPM metric measures the speed at which a piece of music is played. The beat of a song is determined by its time signature. The time signature 4/4 refers to a beat being 1/4 of a measure or 4 beats per measure.

We hope you find these free online BPM analyzers helpful.

What’s your favorite way to find a song BPM? BPM analyzers or tap BPM calculators?

Let us know in the comments.

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