8 Best FREE Online DJ Mixer Software & Online DJ Apps

Here are the best free online DJ mixer apps to mix music from YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud in your web browser without installing software.

DJing has become a popular hobby for many people, especially with the rise of free online DJ mixers and DJ apps.

These platforms allow you to start mixing music with just a web browser and some free time.

Some online DJ mixers are simple, and perfect for beginners. While some of the online DJ apps offer more extensive features like creating cue markers, creating playlists, adding audio effects, favoriting songs, and more.

Many of these online DJ mixers allow you to load songs from websites like YouTube and Spotify, so there are tons of songs at your finger tips to mix tracks together online easily.

Best Free Online DJ Mixer & Online DJ Apps
Best Free Online DJ Mixer & Online DJ Apps

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Best Free Online DJ Mixer Apps

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  1. You DJ
  2. Transitions DJ
  3. YouTube DJ – Online DJ App
  4. Until AM Online DJ Software
  5. Music Mixer DJ Music
  6. Rave DJ
  7. Beatport DJ
  8. DJ Sounds: Effects & Soundboard

1. YouDJ ( Free Chrome Extension )

You DJ Online DJ Software App
Online DJ App & Online Song Mixer | Virtual DJ Online

YouDJ is a free online DJ mixer developed by a solo programmer. YouDJ offers multiple effects and allows you to mix two songs together seamlessly.

YouDJ is a free online DJ software app that mixes YouTube and SoundCloud songs in your web browser.

There is also a mobile version of the app that is optimized for the mobile screen, making it easy to use on the go. You can even integrate YouDJ with other MIDI DJ equipment by adding DJ controls.

Directly mix music and DJ online without having to download software.

For those who want a more realistic DJ experience in their browser, YouDJ also offers a free chrome extension that adds realistic vinyl scratching capabilities to the platform. The Chrome add-on allows you to add DJ controls to websites such as YouTube and Spotify.

The YouDJ desktop application is perfect for those who want to get more serious about their DJing.

Overall, YouDJ is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to start DJing, whether you are a beginner or an experienced DJ looking to try something new.

You can add YouDJ mobile app to your phone. It is a great way to get started and is a must-try for anyone looking for a fun mobile app. It is a great companion to the web version, which is a great free online DJ mixer app.

  • Web Browser ( Online DJ Music Mixer )
  • Mix songs from YouTube and SoundCloud
  • Free Google Chrome Add-on Available
  • Search YouTube for Music
  • Bookmark Favorite Songs
  • Visual Party Mode
  • Audio Sampler
  • YouDJ Mobile App Available
  • Two virtual turntables
  • YouDJ Desktop App Available


2. Transitions DJ ( Online DJ App )

Transitions DJ Program
Transitions DJ | Online DJ Mixer Software

Transitions DJ is the go-to app for DJs. It offers a full suite of tools and features that make mixing, matching, recording, and mixing songs easy.

With features like BPM detection, pitch bend capability, jog wheels for scratching, and more, you can fine-tune every detail as you create an unforgettable experience for yourself or your audience.

Transitions DJ also supports MIDI controllers, so you can easily integrate hardware into your setup.
Experience the power of digital mixing with the online DJ set program.

Transitions DJ is a free online DJ app that works on Chromebooks, Windows, Macs, and the web.

  • Sort by Genre of Music
  • Scratching Effects
  • Audio Effects & Filters
  • Looped Feature
  • Change BPM
  • Cue Start Points
  • Built-In Cross-Fader
  • Multiple Effects

Transitions DJ

3. YouTube DJ – Online DJ Software

YouTube DJ - Free Online DJ Mixer
YouTube DJ – Free Online DJ Mixer

YouTube DJ is a website that lets YouTube users remix and mix their favorite YouTube songs.

You are able to load two videos from YouTube ( Acapellas & Instrumentals ) and mix them like a DJ in your web browser.

The website appearance is very similar to a DJ setup with two turntables and a mixer. Simply load a song into the turn table, and press play to play the sound. Then use the fader to mix songs together.

Set up four different cue markers to jump to different spots in a song. You can use your keyboard to jump to the different cue points.

This will help you create unique transitions and have fun creating your mixes. This website is a great site that is a bit simplified, which makes it very easy to use.

  • Web Browser Based
  • Quick Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Search YouTube for Songs
  • Set 4 Cue Points
  • Adjust Speed
  • Load Popular Song Mashups
  • Search By Acapella or Instrument
  • Loop In & Loop Out
  • Load A Instrumental
  • Google Chrome Support

Visit Website

4. Until AM Online DJ Software

Until AM Free Online DJ Program
Until AM Free Online DJ App

Until AM is an online DJ program that provides an exceptional DJing experience to users of all levels. It offers a range of features, including virtual turntables, scratching, and live effects, to give you the most authentic DJing experience possible.

The software is available on Windows, Mac, as an online DJ program, making it accessible to everyone.

One of the standout features of Until AM is the vast library of thousands of songs to choose from. This makes it easy to find the perfect music to mix and blend together.

The real-time effects pad makes it easy to add effects to your mix, enhancing the overall sound and allowing you to experiment with your music. Additionally, the scratching feature will enable you to scratch your tracks in real time, making it feel like you’re using real vinyl.

The audio effects feature lets you add various effects such as reverb, echo, and distortion, further enhancing your mix. The waveform visualization feature helps you keep track of your mix, giving you a visual representation of the audio and making it easier to mix songs together.

Until AM also allows you to slow down or speed up audio, giving you even more control over your music.

The software is simple to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to mix songs from Soundcloud and Google Drive.

This makes it accessible to all users, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DJ. With its combination of features and ease of use, Until AM is an excellent online DJ software that is well worth trying out.

  • Windows, Mac, and Online DJ Software
  • Thousands Of Songs To Choose From
  • Real-time Effects Pad
  • Vinyl Scratch In Real-time
  • Slow Down Or Speed Up Audio
  • Add Audio Effects
  • Waveform Visualisation
  • Simple To Use
  • Mix Songs From Soundcloud & Google Drive
  • Drag & Drop Interface

Until AM

5. Music Mixer DJ Music

Music Mixer DJ Music
Music Mixer DJ Music

DJ Music is a music mixer that includes two turntables for mixing and listening to music. Stream music from both SoundCloud and YouTube.

  • Soundcloud And Youtube API Integration
  • Change The Speed Or Tempo Of Each Track
  • Use A Crossfader To Blend Music

Music Mixer

6. Rave DJ

Rave DJ
Rave DJ

Rave lets you mash together your favorite songs from YouTube or Spotify.

Select from premade mashups, or create your own.

Rave DJ offers mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS.

You can also check out trending DJs.

Rave DJ

7. Beatport DJ

Online DJ Software

The Beatport Online DJ app is a revolutionary web-based DJ software built to meet the demands of professional DJs.

With the Auto Sync feature, you can easily keep two tracks perfectly in time and phase for seamless transitions.

Scratch Effects allow DJs to add real-time scratch actions and sound fragments to their performances with ease, while Filter Effects allow customizing your track’s sound range.

Beatport provides DJs with an up-to-date Top 10 Tracks list of the most popular songs across multiple genres, which makes finding new, quality tunes simple.

  • Music Library: A collection of music tracks users can search and add to their playlists.
  • Playlist Management: Users can create, edit, and save playlists of tracks for their DJ sets. Add songs to a playlist.
  • Crossfader: Users can mix and blend tracks together seamlessly using a crossfader.
  • Effects: Users can apply various audio effects, such as filters, delay, reverb, and more, to their tracks to enhance their sound.
  • EQ: Users can adjust the equalizer settings for individual tracks to optimize their sound quality.
  • Tempo Control: Users can adjust the tempo of individual tracks to match the beats per minute (BPM) of other tracks in their set.
  • Sync: Users can sync the beats of two tracks to ensure they stay in time with each other.
  • Looping: Users can create loops of specific sections of tracks to create repetitive patterns in their mix.
  • Recording: Users can record and save their DJ sets for later playback or sharing.
  • Social Sharing: Users can share their DJ sets and playlists with others on social media platforms
  • Realistic Vinyl Scratching

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8. DJ Sounds: Effects & Soundboard

DJ Sounds: Effects and Soundboard
DJ Sounds: Effects & Soundboard Tools

This is an online soundboard with DJ sound effects.

With the tap of a button, you can play high-quality DJ sounds. You can find all kinds of DJ effects, DJ drops, and vocal tracks, as well as simple sample kicks and snares.

List of sound effects: Impact, Airhorn, Laser, Crash Cymbal, Drum Roll, Rim Shot, Check This Out!, Rewind, Buzzer, Scratch, Applause, Siren, and more.

DJ Sounds

We hope you enjoy these free online DJ mixer apps and online DJ Apps.

These free online DJ software apps can be fun to play with and have tons of popular DJing features. Best of all, these websites are free, and you can play them in your web browser without installing any software. They are great to use when you have free time.

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