15 Best Free Bass Amp VST Plugins

These are the best free bass amp VST plugins. These are the best bass amp plugins to use with FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, and other VST-supported DAWs.

In this round-up of free bass amp plugins, I have included lists of each plugin’s features, screenshots, and videos to see how the plugins work.

I have downloaded and tested hundreds of free VST plugins, and these are some of the best free Bass Amp VST plugins available.

Best Bass Amp VST Plugins

  1. Bass Deluxe
  2. AmpliTube Free
  3. BIG
  4. TSE BOD
  5. SHB-1
  6. Doctor Bass
  7. Bass Preamp
  8. VeeBassAmp BS Edition
  9. ATKBassPreamp
  10. 3rd Bass
  11. ClBass FD
  12. Guitar Amp 2 FE
  13. Helian Bass
  14. ClBass F
  15. Cypress TT-15
  16. Bass Grinder Free
Best Free Bass Amp VST Plugins
Best Free Bass Amp Plugins

I have included bass amp VSTs that work for Windows and Mac. These plugins offer a wide selection of bass guitar effects that will be great for your future music projects.

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each bass amp plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Bass Deluxe

Bass Deluxe
Bass Amp VST by lostin70s

Bass Deluxe is a bass amplifier with two independent channels with adjustable compression and drive levels.

This ensures that you can get the perfect sound for any bass, whether it’s a vintage bass or a modern bass.

The 9-band equalizers make it easy to adjust the sound of each channel independently. The adjustable boost of the presence lets you hear your fingers sliding on the strings.

The four models of bass cabinets (1×15, 8×10, 4×10) reproduce the sound characteristics of the most famous bass cabinets.

This bass amp plugin is perfect for any bass player who wants a versatile and easy-to-use bass amplifier plugin.


  • Two independent channels
  • Adjustable compression/drive
  • 9-band equalizers
  • 4 bass cabinet models
  • Clean user interface
  • Tube bass amplifier
  • 6 pedal board effects
  • Multiple sampling rates


  • Perfect for any bass
  • Versatile sound options
  • Easy to adjust sound
  • Famous cabinet sounds
  • Good for all bassists
  • Funky to fat tones
  • Practice with beatbox
  • Original sound design


  • Some Windows users have issues.

Bass Deluxe | PC & Mac

Bass Deluxe Preview

Best Bass Amp VST Plugins

2. AmpliTube Free

AmpliTube Free
AmpliTube Free by IK Multimedia Production

This bass amplifier VST plugin is a free, comprehensive guitar modeling solution that comes with everything you need to make music.

With 42 models of bass amps, cabs, and stompbox FX, it gives you a large selection of bass guitar tones.

This bass amplifier VST plugin is also great for expanding their bass tone options without spending a lot of money.

Also, it is perfect for those beginners who want to try out bass guitar modeling without committing to a paid plugin.

AmpliTube Free is one of my favorite bass amp VST plugins on this list because of its clean user interface and great selection of features.


  • 42 Bass amplifier models
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 10 Stompbox FX
  • 5 Amps
  • 3 Movable mics
  • Customization Options
  • 6 Cabinets
  • 6 Rack FX

View Plugin | PC & Mac

3. BIG Bass Amp VST

BIG Bass Amp VST | Tube Bass Preamp
BIG Bass Amp VST | Tube Bass Preamp

This bass amplifier is equipped with all the tools you need to craft your bass tone.

It offers a wide range of bass sounds, from clean and punchy to distorted and growling.

With the ability to bypass the tubes entirely, you can get an even more comprehensive range of tones.

Moreover, the tone stack EQ lets you sculpt your bass tone to perfection, while the two crossover filters and two filters allow you to emulate your favorite bass amps.


  • 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Tone stack EQ
  • 2 crossover filters

BIG | Windows

4. TSE BOD by TSE Audio

TSE BOD by TSE Audio
TSE BOD by TSE Audio

This bass amplifier VST is an analog modeling bass stompbox that gives a good, quick bass tone. Because of its easy-to-use interface, it’s perfect for beginners and pros alike.

Plus, its flexible distortion effects make it helpful for bass players who want to experiment with their sound.

TSE BOD | PC & Mac

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5. SHB-1 by Ignite Amps

SHB-1 by Ignite Amps
SHB-1 by Ignite Amps

SHB-1 is a digital emulation of a tube amplifier for Bass. It features mono/stereo processing support, global input/output level controls, and fully automatable controls. Plus, it has zero latency.

The software also comes with an easy-to-use bass boost control.

  • Mono and stereo processing support
  • Global input/output level controls
  • Fully automatable controls

SHB-1 | PC & Mac

6. Doctor Bass

Doctor Bass Amp VST
Doctor Bass Amp VST

Doctor Bass is a tube amp and cabinet simulator. It offers four accurate models of bass speakers, which can be used to create a wide range of bass guitar tones.

The plugin’s easy-to-use interface makes it an excellent choice for bassists. So you’re sure to get the perfect Bass for your next project.

  • 4 bass speaker models
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Wide range of bass tones
  • Tube Amp

Doctor Bass | Windows

7. Bass Preamp

Bass Preamp
Bass Preamp

Bass Preamp is an excellent bass amplifier plugin with a wide range of customizable features.

With bass, mid, and hi-tone controls and a Cabinet ON/BYPASS switch, you can easily dial in the perfect Bass for any situation. Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes it an good choice for bassists of all experience levels.

  • Analog tube simulation
  • Bass, mid, and hi-tone controls
  • Cabinet ON/BYPASS switch

Bass Preamp | Windows

8. VeeBassAmp BS Edition

VeeBassAmp BS Edition
VeeBassAmp BS Edition

This plugin is easy to use and perfect for both beginners and professionals.

The interface is straightforward, allowing you to get the perfect sound quickly and easily.

  • Simple to use interface
  • Tone controls

Plugin Edition | Windows

9. ATKBassPreamp


This is a bass preamp plugin that offers a warm, inviting sound. Because it’s so simple to use, it’s perfect for both beginners and pros.

You’ll find that the interface is straightforward, and you can get started quickly with its preamplifier feature.

  • Preamplifier
  • Nice and warm sound
  • Easy to use

Plugin | Windows / AU Formats

10. 3rd Bass

3rd Bass Amp VST
3rd Bass Amp VST

This is an amplifier plugin with an easy-to-use interface. It features a multi-effect section, allowing you to achieve a range of bass guitar tones.

  • Simple interface
  • Multi-effect section
  • Inbuilt FX section

3rd Bass | Windows

11. ClBass FD

ClBass FD
ClBass FD

ClBass FD is a bass guitar amp simulator that has been voiced for bass guitars.

This plugin makes it easy to produce amazingly accurate bass guitar tones in the studio or live.

Its easy-to-use interface and bass-specific voicing make it the perfect tool for bass players. Indeed, it is one of the best bass amp simulators.

  • Bass amp simulator
  • Simple to use
  • Bass specific voicing
  • Great for all levels

ClBass FD | Windows

12. Guitar Amp 2 FE

Guitar amp 2 FE
Guitar amp 2 FE

This plugin has two versatile amplifiers for guitar and Bass. With this, you can get significantly different sounds simultaneously, which can come in handy for those who want to have more than one bass guitar sound.

Also, the Bass can be shaped by the different effects available in the plugin. So, you can try out different bass guitar tones and find the perfect Bass for your music.

  • 2 versatile amplifiers for guitar and Bass
  • Different bass effects
  • Amps and Effects
  • Highly customizable
  • Simple to use interface

Plugin | Windows

13. Helian Bass

Helian Bass Amp VST
Helian Bass Amp VST

Helian Bass comes in 5 flavors. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you get started right away.

  • 5 bass amps
  • Simple to use interface
  • Real-time bass effects

Helian Bass | Windows

14. ClBass F

ClBass F | Bass Amp Simulation
ClBass F | Bass Amp Simulation

This plugin is a free bass guitar-powered plugin with lots of functionalities. Its features include great sounds and bass tones. You can also use this plugin to create bass tracks for your music.

Apart from this, its easy-to-use interface makes it an eminent bass guitar plugin for beginners.

  • Amp Stimulator
  • Built-in good-sounding effects
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple Plugin

ClBass F | Windows

15. Cypress TT-15

Cypress TT-15 | Free Bass Amp Simulators
Cypress TT-15 | Free Bass Amp Simulators

This VST plugin gives you authentic circuit emulation for an ultra-realistic sound.

The SSE2 instruction set and auto-adjusted oversampling give you high-quality sound without any CPU strain. At the same time, the high DPI makes it easy to use on various devices.

This Bass is a perfect partner for bassists who want the best possible sound quality. It will become a go-to bass amplifier for all your bass needs.

  • Circuit emulation for an authentic sound
  • SSE2 instruction set
  • Auto-adjusted oversampling
  • Simple User Interface
  • High DPI
  • Low CPU Usage
  • 32-Bit & 64-Bit

Cypress TT-15 | PC & Mac Os

16. Bass Grinder Free

Bass Grinder Free
Bass Grinder Free

This ultimate bass machine provides mix-ready tones in an easy-to-use package. With two amplifiers and three cabinets to choose from, you can get the perfect Bass for any situation.

  • Two bass guitar amplifiers
  • Three bass cabinets
  • Instant mix-ready tones

Bass Grinder Free | Windows / AU Plugin

17. Slap Passion

Slap Passion Bass Amp VST
Slap Passion Bass Amp VST

This bass amplifier VST lets you plug in your Bass straight through to the DAW without fiddling with cables. It also has a great range of bass tones to choose from. Besides, its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use.

The bass models sound great, and the MIDI CC controls make it easy to dial in the perfect sound. It is sure to get the desired bass guitar tones for your music.

  • MIDI CC controls
  • Simple interface
  • Full MIDI Support

Slap Passion | Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Bass Guitar Amp?

A bass guitar amp is a piece of equipment that amplifies the low frequencies emitted by the bass guitar, making them louder and easier to hear.

Bass guitar amps vary in size and design, but all serve the same essential purpose: to make the Bass louder. Some bass amps are small and portable, while others are large and stationary. Some have just one speaker, while others have multiple speakers.

Bass amps typically have either solid-state or tube circuitry. Solid-state amplifiers use transistors to amplify the signal, while tube amplifiers use vacuum tubes. Each type has its own characteristic sound. Many bassists prefer the warmer, fuller sound of a tube amplifier, but solid-state amplifiers are more common because they’re less expensive and easier to maintain.

How Do You Use A Bass Amp Plugin?

There are a number of bass amp plugins on the market, and they all work a little bit differently. But in general, you’ll want to start by selecting a bass amp model that most closely resembles the sound you’re going for.

After that, you can start tweaking the various parameters to get the sound just right. This might include adjusting the level of distortion, adjusting the EQ settings, or adding effects like reverb or chorus.

Experimentation is key when it comes to finding the perfect sound for your music. So don’t be afraid to try out different settings until you find something that works for you.

What To Look For In A Bass Amp Plugin?

When looking for a bass amplifier plugin, you’ll want to consider the features that are most important to you. For example, if you need an amp with many different tone options, you’ll want to find one that has a wide range of settings. Or, if you need an amp that’s easy to use, look for one with a simple interface.

Some things to keep in mind are the quality of the sound, how well it performs on different types of computers, and whether it has any built-in effects or not.

Also, check out the reviews before making your final decision. This way, you can be sure you are getting a plugin that is worth your time.

What Is A Bass Amp VST Plugin?

A bass amplifier VST plugin is an audio effect that emulates the sound and functionality of a traditional bass amplifier. Bass amps are often used to provide a deeper bass sound than what can be achieved with just the standard guitar amp.

The most common bass amp VSTs are bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and bass preamp simulators. These plugins are designed to work with various bass guitars, including electric, acoustic, and even synth bass.

When it comes to recording Bass, a great plugin can make all the difference.

The free bass sim plugins I’ve explored offer a range of amp models, cab emulation, EQ controls, and more effects to help you dial in the perfect bass tone.

Whether you’re recording Bass with an audio interface or looking to add some low-end to your guitar sounds, these free plugins are a great choice.

With built-in features like preset managers, speaker cabinets, and bass preamp simulators, you can get the sound of a real amplifier without breaking the bank.

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these free versions are great plugin options to add to your VST collection.

There are a number of excellent guitar amplifier plugins available online, and they can all be used with popular DAWs like FL Studio, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Cubase. To find the perfect sound for your projects, experiment with different settings until you find something that works for you.

These free bass plugins are all great alternatives to paid plugins like Amplitude Custom Shop, GK Amplification Pro, BIAS AMP by Positive Grid, Amp Room by Softube, IK Multimedia Guitar Rig, and Mark Studio by Overloud.

I hope you found this list of free bass amp VST plugins helpful.

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