1,000 Free Producer Loops for Music Producers

Here are the best free producer loops to supercharge your music creativity. With producer loop packs, you can craft professional beats and bring your ideas to life faster.

Producer loops are helpful tools for music creators. They are pre-crafted samples, often spanning a few seconds, which can be used and reused in songs. This means faster production and more consistent sound, especially when producers aim for a specific musical style or mood.

Want more free loops? Check out our articles of free music samples for high-quality loops.

Best Free Producer Loops

  1. Free Piano Loops Sample Pack
  2. New Loops Free Trap Kit 2
  3. Sample Focus
  4. FreeBeats.io
  5. Looperman
  6. Free Sound
  7. Producer Spot
  8. Loopazon
  9. Free Guitar Bass Loops
  10. Free Hip-Hop Producer Kit
  11. SampleRadar Pop Samples
  12. Free Drum Loops Sample Pack
  13. Sample Swap Melodic Loops
  14. Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack
  15. SOUND7
  16. Aurora Guitar Loops
  17. MELODY V3
  18. Blessings Sample Pack
  19. SampleRadar Songwriter’s Samples
  20. MELODY V1
Best Free Producer Loops For Music Producers
Best Free Producer Loops For Music Producers

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1. Free Piano Loops Sample Pack (20)

The 20 Best Free Piano Samples - Piano Loops Sample Pack

This pack contains 20 unique piano samples ready to enhance your tracks.

These loops are offered in a high-quality WAV format and are perfect for diverse musical genres.

Plus, the royalty-free nature ensures you can incorporate them in both personal and commercial projects without any worries.

It’s a straightforward way to infuse genuine piano sounds into your music.

  • 20 Unique piano samples
  • Royalty-free for various uses
  • Compatible with many music genres

Free Piano Loops Sample Pack

2. New Loops Free Trap Kit 2 (50)

New Loops Free Trap Kit 2
New Loops Free Trap Kit 2

The new loops free Trap Kit 2 offers music creators a rich blend of Trap and Hip Hop sounds, leaning towards the softer side of the genres.

Designed with versatility in mind, this kit provides over 50 premium sounds, from mellifluous loops to punchy one-shots.

Not limited to WAV, it includes REX2 loops, MIDI files, and exclusive patches for various samplers.

Plus, with pre-made kits tailored for software like Kong and Battery 4, integrating these sounds into your music is a breeze.

  • Over 50 quality Trap sounds
  • 13 Trap WAV loops
  • 38 Trap one-shots, including multi-samples
  • 10 REX2 loops and 5 MIDI files
  • Instrument patches for Kontakt 5, Halion 6, and NN-XT
  • Pre-made kits for Kong, Battery 4, and Geist 2
  • 100% Royalty-Free (with no redistribution)

Visit Website

3. Sample Focus (10,000)

Sample Focus
Sample Focus

Sample Focus is a great online hub where music creators can quickly find curated royalty-free samples to enrich their projects.

This community-driven library showcases diverse sounds, from nostalgic melodies to heart-pounding drum loops.

Whether you’re searching for an ambient synth wave or a lively trumpet tune, Sample Focus has a wide selection of options.

  • Versatile sounds for multiple genres
  • Range of BPMs to fit any project
  • Loops, beats, instruments, and more
  • High-quality sound production
  • Easily downloadable and ready for use.

Sample Focus

4. FreeBeats.io (16)

FreeBeats IO
FreeBeats IO

Free Beats IO offers an impressive collection of free loops and samples tailored for music producers and beat makers.

With a focus on originality and legality, every sound in their catalog is a 100% original composition crafted by their in-house producer, ensuring you don’t face any copyright issues.

Whether diving into Trap music, hip hop, or Lo-fi, these samples are designed to be used as-is, stretched, manipulated, and transformed to fit your unique sound.

Integrating into your favorite DAW like FL Studio or Ableton becomes a breeze with key and tempo details embedded in each filename.

  • Royalty-free
  • 100% original loops
  • Compatible with popular DAWs
  • Encoded in 256kbps MP3 format
  • Key and tempo details in filenames

View Website

5. Looperman (2,500)

Looperman 1
Looperman 1

Looperman offers a comprehensive collection of producer loops, samples, and sounds that are available for free.

Uploaded by a diverse community of music creators, these music elements are up for grabs to enhance your creative projects.

Each loop provides details like the BPM, genre, and software compatibility.

  • Collection of free loops and samples.
  • Detailed loop descriptions, including BPM and genre.


6. Free Sound (47,000+)

Free Sound
Free Sound

The Free Sound website offers a vast collection of sounds, samples, and loops for music creators designed to spark creativity and complement various projects.

With features that allow keyword browsing or a “sounds-like” approach, it encourages interaction among its community of sound artists.

  • Collaborative database under Creative Commons licenses
  • Upload and download sounds freely
  • Engage with other sound artists

View Website

7. Producer Spot

Producer Spot
Producer Spot

The Producer Spot offers a huge collection of drum sample packs available for download on their website.

With genres ranging from Trap, EDM, House, and more, these packs are crafted using top-tier equipment for the best sound quality.

All samples are in 24-bit WAV format, ensuring clarity and depth in every beat.

Plus, these packs are 100% royalty-free, giving music creators peace of mind to use them in their projects.

  • Free and high-quality drum samples
  • Variety of genres: Trap, EDM, House, and more
  • Diverse range: from live drum loops to vinyl sounds
  • Packs include drums, hats, snares, percussion, and more
  • Exclusive “Producer Elements” with 128 unique sounds

Producer Spot

8. Loopazon (800+)

Loopazon 1
Loopazon 1

Loopazon is your go-to platform for a diverse range of music loops, beats, vocals, and samples.

Whether you’re in the mood for a jazzy piano melody or an electronic synth beat, Loopazon has you covered.

The platform isn’t just about discovering sounds; it’s also a hub for music creators to buy and sell custom beats, expand their skill set with music-making guides, and collaborate with fellow creators.

It’s a hub for royalty-free loops and samples, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate them into your projects.

  • Wide selection of music loops from genres like Trap, Jazz, Rap, and more
  • Royalty-free loops and samples for easy integration
  • Download options in multiple formats, including MP3 and WAV


9. Free Guitar Bass Loops (25)

The free guitar bass loops pack from Hip Hop Makers offers a selection of authentic guitar bass loops and samples for your music production needs.

With sounds from a live bass guitar, you’re getting the genuine feel of a real instrument, not a digital imitation.

Exclusively available on Hip Hop Makers, these loops bring versatility and can complement various music genres.

The pack is royalty-free, which means you can freely use them in your personal and commercial projects without any worries.

  • Authentic sounds from a live bass guitar
  • Exclusively available on Hip Hop Makers
  • Royalty-free for all kinds of projects
  • Versatile for multiple music genres
  • It contains 25 unique samples

Free Guitar Bass Loops

10. Free Hip-Hop Producer Kit (50)

Free Hip Hop Producer Kit
Free Hip Hop Producer Kit

The free hip-hop producer kit by R-loops is your go-to pack for crafting those catchy hip-hop tunes.

This kit features 50 harmonizing hip-hop melodies that echo the styles of renowned artists like Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Pop Smoke.

From chill trap vibes to intricate chord progressions, this kit makes it a breeze to stir up some creativity and immerse yourself in music-making.

  • 50 Harmonizing hip-hop melodies
  • It comes in WAV format for easy compatibility
  • Each melody is tempo and key labeled

Free Kit

11. SampleRadar Pop Samples (462)

SampleRadar Pop Samples
SampleRadar Pop Samples

The SampleRadar Pop Samples from MusicRadar provide all the tools needed to create those catchy pop hits that dominate today’s music scene.

Drawing inspiration from dance, hip-hop, and R&B, this collection delivers bold, vibrant, and uncompromising sounds.

Organized into four construction kits, these samples cater to varying tempos, ensuring versatility for your tracks.

And with 24-bit WAV file compatibility, integration into your favorite DAW or sampler is a breeze.

  • Inspired by pop influences
  • Four construction kits for structured sound building
  • 24-bit WAV file format for high-quality sound
  • Royalty-free usage for creative freedom
  • 283MB of content


12. Free Drum Loops Sample Pack (20)

The free drum loops sample pack from Hip Hop Makers is essential to any music creator’s toolkit.

These drum samples, unique to Hip Hop Makers, span various music genres and can elevate personal and commercial projects.

Seamlessly integrate them into your workflow with the easy-to-use WAV format.

  • 20 Unique drum loops
  • Recorded at 44.1 kHz sample rate for clarity
  • 16-bit Audio quality

Free Drum Loops Sample Pack

13. Sample Swap Melodic Loops (1,000)

Sample Swap 3
Sample Swap 3

The Sample Swap Melodic Loops collection is a versatile resource for music creators looking to infuse their tracks with captivating melodies.

Available for free on Sample Swap, this collection offers a variety of loop categories, from the strumming rhythm of guitars to the deep resonance of bass and the celestial sounds of orchestral strings.

Whether crafting an electronic track or diving into world music, these loops offer the right touch of melody.

  • Loop categories: bass, guitar, horn, and more
  • Specialized loops like keys, organs, and pianos
  • Diverse music loops from sampled to orchestral
  • Synth and electronic loops for modern tracks
  • Engaging vocal loops

Sample Swap Melodic Loops

14. Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack (20)

Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack
Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack

Specially curated for diverse music styles, these samples are not confined to any single genre.

Available exclusively on Hip Hop Makers, these guitar samples are ready to be integrated into your next big project.

They’re royalty-free, so you can confidently use them in both personal and commercial music projects.

  • 20 Distinct guitar samples
  • High-quality WAV file format
  • Sample Rate of 44.1 kHz

Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack

15. SOUND7 (5)


The SOUND7 collection is a haven for music creators eager to explore diverse sonic landscapes.

It provides an array of free sample packs tailored to elevate a range of music genres like Chillwave, Techno, and Deep Trance.

Each pack ensures high-quality sounds to match your creative needs.

  • 5 Free sample packs
  • Chillwave drum samples and loops
  • Techno and Deep Trance packs


16. Aurora Guitar Loops (25)

Aurora Guitar Loops
Aurora Guitar Loops

These loops are crafted with inspirations from notable Pop and EDM artists, making them a valuable addition for those who admire the likes of Illenium, The Chainsmokers, Zedd, and Ed Sheeran.

The loops present a clean, polished tone, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into any track while still allowing room for personal edits.

  • 25 Diverse guitar loops
  • Chords, Leads, and Full Stems included
  • Key & BPM labeled
  • Crafted for Pop and EDM enthusiasts

Aurora Pack

17. MELODY V3 (10)


The MELODY V3 collection offers a curated set of free trap and hip-hop melody loops.

These loops come with serum presets and free MIDI files, ensuring you can tweak them according to your unique sound preferences.

Set at 140 Bpm and predominantly in C minor, these loops are tailored for modern trap melodies.

  • 10 Melody loops in the pack
  • 10 Serum preset patches included


18. Blessings Sample Pack (25)

Blessings Sample Pack
Blessings Sample Pack

The Blessings Sample Pack is a diverse and full-sized collection of melody loops thoughtfully crafted by JB & HezTheProducer.

Specifically designed for 2019’s music trends, this pack encompasses 25 sets of multi-layer melody loops, ensuring you have a robust assortment to choose from.

Each set provides a main melody paired with counter melodies, allowing you to mix and match for a dynamic sound.

The range of moods captured in this pack spans from the energetic vibes of uptempo trap to the relaxed tones of Lo-fi or the richness of a Rick Ross-type beat.

  • 25 Melody loops
  • Suitable for various moods, including trap and lofi

Blessings Pack

19. SampleRadar Songwriter’s Samples (235)

SampleRadar Songwriters Samples
SampleRadar Songwriters Samples

The SampleRadar songwriter’s samples are a thoughtful collection designed to spark creativity for songwriters, especially when writer’s block strikes.

With this pack, you can access a diverse selection of free drum loops and creative acoustic guitar parts, providing excellent starting points for your music tracks.

The samples are categorized into ‘Drums’ and ‘Guitar’ folders, further segmented by tempo, ensuring easy navigation.

These 24-bit WAV files can effortlessly integrate into your DAW or favorite sampler.

  • Curated to counter writer’s block
  • Selection of drum loops and guitar parts
  • Organized by instrument and tempo


20. Melody V1 (10)


The MELODY V1 is an innovative pack tailored for those passionate about creating Trap and Hip-hop music, though its versatility extends to various genres.

This comprehensive pack offers melody loops, the accompanying midi files, and unique presets.

  • Crafted for Trap and Hip-hop genres
  • Includes MIDI files for each melody loop
  • 10 Vibrant loops ready for drum layering

Melody V1

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Producer Loops?

Producer Loops are pre-recorded musical segments or sequences that music producers can integrate into their tracks. They can range from drum patterns and melodic riffs to vocal snippets and sound effects, providing a foundation or enhancement to a musical piece.

Are These Loops Really Free?

Yes, the producer loops mentioned in this blog post are free. However, always make sure you read the licensing terms, as some might be free for personal use but require a fee or attribution for commercial projects.

How Do I Download And Use These Loops?

Each loop in our list comes with a direct link to its source. Click on the link, follow the website’s instructions for downloading, and then import the downloaded file into your digital audio workstation (DAW) to start using it.

Are These Producer Loops Royalty-Free?

Most of the loops listed here are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your projects without owing any royalties to the original creator. However, it’s important to always check the specific licensing terms for each loop, as conditions can vary.

Can I Use These Loops For Commercial Projects?

Many of the loops provided can be used for commercial projects, but always review the licensing terms. Some might require attribution, while others might prohibit commercial use without a fee.

Are These Loops Compatible With All DAWs?

The majority of the loops are provided in universal formats like WAV or MP3, making them compatible with most DAWs. However, always check the file format and ensure it’s compatible with your specific software.

Can I Modify Or Alter The Loops?

Yes. Tweak, modify, and make these loops your own. Add effects, change the pitch, stretch the time, or combine them with other sounds to create something unique.

How Do I Ensure My Track Doesn’t Sound Like Everyone Else’s If I Use These Loops?

While loops provide a foundation, your creativity is what will make your track stand out. Combine loops in unexpected ways, layer them with your own sounds, and always add your unique touch to ensure originality.

Are There Any Legal Concerns I Should Be Aware Of When Using Free Loops?

Always pay attention to the licensing terms. While many loops are royalty-free, some might have restrictions. Ensure you have the right to use the loop in your intended manner, especially if you’re releasing music commercially.

I hope you found this list of free producer loops helpful.

These producer loop packs are designed to supercharge your music, bringing more zest and flavor to every beat you make. Good luck!

Mark V.

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