1,000 Free Pad Samples & Pad Sample Packs

Here are the best free pad samples and free pad loops to add to your music sample collection. These pad sample packs will be a great source of inspiration for new music projects.

A Pad Music Sample is a synthesized sound with a sustained note or chord, often used to create background harmonies and atmospheres in a music track. These samples can be manipulated in various ways to fit a musical composition, offering a rich texture that enhances the depth and space within a song.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free Pad sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

These pad samples will help you blend unique sounds to produce music faster. Often available in free or paid sample packs, they serve as helpful tools for music producers.

Best Free Pad Samples

  1. Altered Reality Pad Samples
  2. Free Pad Sample Pack
  3. Melodic Pad Samples
  4. Unlimited House Vol 1
  5. Simply Space
  6. Atmospheric Pads VOL. 1
  7. Drum & Bass Pad Samples
  8. Horror Sound Effects Part 2
  9. Roland JX3P Pads Sample Pack
  10. Vintage Pads & Textures
  11. Sample Focus
  12. Looperman
  13. SampleRadar Pad Samples
  14. Free Pad Sample Pack
  15. Free Pad Loops And Pad Samples
  16. Sample Swap
  17. Beat Delivery Pad Samples
  18. Loopazon

Need more free sound packs? Our Free Music Sample section is what you’re searching for.

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Altered Reality Pad Samples

Altered Reality Pad Samples
Altered Reality Pad Samples

The Altered Reality Pad Samples is your gateway to crafting dreamy soundscapes suitable for various music styles, including trap and jungle.

Created by Biochron, this pack contains 77 different samples, each labeled with a note to simplify your workflow.

Music creators can seamlessly incorporate these versatile sounds into their tracks by layering them with other sounds or using them as standalone elements.

  • 77 unique labeled samples
  • Suitable for styles from trap to jungle
  • Ambient, chill, and electronic genres

Altered Reality

Free Pad Sample Pack

Pads Free Sample Pack
Pads Free Sample Pack

The PADS free sample pack is a great starter kit for music creators interested in enhancing their worship sessions with immersive sounds.

This pack, brought to you by Worship Tutorials, includes one full-length MP3 file from each of their Pads sets, covering a range of atmospheres from atmospheric to cinematic tones, all aimed to bring warmth and emotional depth to your music.

Primarily focusing on the key of D and offering files in the key of Bm, this sample pack can help you craft a full and rich sound environment.

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Melodic Pad Samples

Melodic Pad Samples
Melodic Pad Samples

The Melodic Pad Samples is a splendid set of melodic pad samples to enhance your music tracks with a lush atmosphere.

View Pack

Unlimited House Vol 1

Unlimited House Vol 1
Unlimited House Vol 1

The Unlimited House Vol 1 offers a great resource for modern music producers specifically designed to enhance house music tracks.

This free demo pack comes loaded with 54 files, including MIDI and WAV loops, spanning a range of instruments and sounds such as pad loops, bell pad loops, synth chord loops, and more.

Each element is key-labeled and encompasses both major and minor keys, including complex chords.

Compatible with various DAWs and offering HD stereo quality, this pack is designed to fuel your creativity while maintaining high quality.

  • Includes 54 files: 27 MIDI loops and 27 WAV loops
  • Features a variety of sound loops such as bell pad, piano chord, and bass line loops
  • All elements are key-labeled, featuring both major and minor keys and complex chords.
  • Compatible with popular DAWs, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Garage Band
  • HD stereo quality with 126 bpm, available in 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz, 24-bit WAV files

Unlimited House Vol 1

Simply Space

Simply Space
Simply Space

Simply Space is a free collection created by the brilliant Canadian electronic music producer Nigel Good. This library offers atmospheric pads and melodic hits designed to add depth and vibrant background textures to your musical projects.

With sounds sampled at C and G, you can easily transpose them to match any key, ensuring a seamless blend with your chord progressions.

The download comes with 34 NKI patches for extra versatility in Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

  • Free atmospheric pads and melodic hits
  • Includes 64 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format (48 kHz stereo)
  • Samples can be reversed to create tension builders and swooshes.
  • Royalty-free, available for use in music and video projects

Simply Space

Atmospheric Pads VOL. 1

Atmospheric Pads VOL. 1 is a valuable sound pack for music creators, offering a rich collection of ambient sound resources.

With 50 atmospheric pad loops, you can enhance your musical projects with deep and lush soundscapes that add depth and a sense of space to your mix.

The pack also includes 27 presets compatible with popular digital synthesizers, providing ready-to-use settings for a quick start to your creative process.

Whether you are working on a tranquil ambient track or looking to add a textured background to a song, this collection serves a wide range of creative needs.

  • Includes 50 atmospheric pad loops
  • 27 presets
  • Ideal for creating ambient and textured backgrounds


Drum & Bass Pad Samples

Drum And Bass Pad Samples
Drum And Bass Pad Samples

The Drum and Bass, Pad Samples kit is a go-to resource for music creators working on drum and bass projects. You will find 77 high-quality strings and pads that are designed to enhance your music production journey.

Easy to integrate into digital audio workstations like Ableton Live or FL Studio, these samples can be the foundation of your next great track.

Use them as they are, or add a personal touch by chopping them up and adding effects.

  • 77 String and pad samples
  • Ideal for drum and bass music production
  • High-quality sounds

View Pack

Horror Sound Effects Part 2

Horror Sound Effects Part 2
Horror Sound Effects Part 2

The Horror Sound Effects Part 2 set is a noteworthy collection suitable for creators seeking to instill suspense and fear into their music or cinematic projects.

You can explore 50 haunting sound effects ranging from deep drones and heavy impacts to atmospheric pads and chilling reverses.

Whether the spine-tingling scrapes or the mysterious synth sounds catch your attention, you have a wide variety to choose from to make your production stand out.

These royalty-free sounds are ready to add that dark, horror ambiance to your commercial projects.

  • 50 dark horror effect sounds
  • Includes deep drones and heavy impacts
  • Atmospheric pads to add suspense
  • Reverses and huge risers for shocking effects
  • Experimental synth sounds for unique effects
  • Royalty-free for commercial use

Horror Pack

Roland JX3P – String & Pads Sample Pack

Roland JX3P   String & Pads Sample Pack
Roland JX3P String & Pads Sample Pack

The Roland JX3P String & Pads Sample Pack offers music creators a rich array of sounds from the iconic 1983 Roland JX3P Synthesizer.

Four multisampled patches, each comprising 61 notes ranging from C3 to C8, help capture the true essence of the JX3P.

The extended individual sampling of each note lets you experience the built-in chorus behavior authentically.

Clearly labeled by patch name and MIDI note number, the samples allow for a streamlined workflow in your music production projects.

  • Features string and pad patches
  • Four multi-sampled patches included
  • Covers 61 notes, from C3 to C8

Roland JX3P

Vintage Pads & Textures

Vintage Pads And Textures
Vintage Pads And Textures

The Vintage Pads & Textures set is a resourceful tool for music creators seeking to add depth and warmth to their tracks. Sourced from legendary vintage gear such as the Emu Orbit 2000 and the Roland Juno 106, this pack contains 76 pad and texture sounds to enhance your musical compositions.

The samples are in a high-quality WAV format, which promises crisp and immersive audio experiences. Take your creations to the next level with the rich offerings of Vintage Pads and textures from Rhythm Lab.

  • 76 pad and texture sounds
  • High-quality WAV format: 24-bit, 44100 Hz, stereo

Vintage Textures

Sample Focus

Sample Focus
Sample Focus

Offering a versatile collection of atmosphere sounds, the sounds on this website range from “Haunting Ambient” to “Smooth Type,” providing music creators with a vast choice of tones to enhance their compositions.

Each sound carries distinct characteristics, including climactic, dynamic, and ambient elements, with various durations for flexible use.

Join the community at Sample Focus to explore this curated library and boost your creative potential with these finely crafted samples.

  • Versatile sounds with various durations
  • High-quality samples for music creators

Sample Focus



The Looperman website is a go-to platform for music creators looking to enhance their tracks with unique sounds. It provides a wide array of free pad loops, samples, and sounds uploaded by other users.

You can browse thousands of free music samples with key, tempo, and date filters to find the perfect addition to your music project. Remember to check the terms and conditions to understand how you can use these free pad loops.

  • Wide variety of free pad loops and samples
  • Allows filtering by category, genre, key, and tempo


SampleRadar Drum N Bass Pad Samples

SampleRadar Drum N Bass Pad Samples
SampleRadar Drum N Bass Pad Samples

The SampleRadar Drum N Bass Pad Samples collection is crafted to enhance your drum ‘n’ bass productions, offering 130 sweeping chords and drones.

These high-quality, 24-bit WAV files can be seamlessly integrated into your digital audio workstation or sampler.

The samples are housed in a single folder, making accessing and exploring various sounds easy.

  • 130 sweeping chords and drones
  • Designed for drum ‘n’ bass music creators
  • 24-bit WAV files for high-quality sound
  • Royalty-free usage


Free Pad Sample Pack

Free Pad Sample Pack
Free Pad Sample Pack

The Free Pad Sample Pack offers a selection of 25 pad samples suitable for various music genres, including LoFi, Future Garage, and Drum ‘n’ Bass.

Created by a Reddit user, this pack features a range of pads from synthy and Lofi pads, catering to different music production needs.

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Free Pad Loops And Pad Samples

Free Pad Loops And Pad Samples
Free Pad Loops And Pad Samples

The free pad loops and pad samples offer pad sounds and loops in WAV and mp3 formats, perfect for producers looking to add some fresh and unique sounds to their music projects.

Hosted on Free-Loops.com, it enables you to explore a wide variety of pad sounds, ranging from “LFO Pad” to “Swirling Pad 140”, and even includes synth and drum loop options.

The website offers over 8,000 audio files, VSTs, and free demo software to enhance your music production journey.

  • Free pad sounds and loops
  • Available in WAV and MP3 formats

View Website

Sample Swap

Sample Swap
Sample Swap

SampleSwap offers a wide range of pad sounds and samples that are a great addition to any music creator’s toolkit.

Each sound, whether it’s the “breathy-heaven pad,” “dark-contemplative-pad,” or “golden-dawn-reverse-in,” is carefully curated by Canton, who ensures the quality and usability of each upload.

Every sample is trimmed, normalized, renamed, and organized, providing you with ready-to-use assets for your creative projects.

  • Free access to a wide variety of pad sounds and samples
  • Every sample undergoes a process of trimming and normalizing

Sample Swap

Beat Delivery – FREE Pad Samples

Beat Delivery   FREE Pad Samples
Beat Delivery FREE Pad Samples

The Beat Delivery offers free pad samples meticulously curated from the most admired ambient music, dub techno, and abstract hip-hop collections.

From filtered pads and stabs reminiscent of dub techno to the sonic landscapes that provoke imagination, you have a rich palette to craft with.

  • Contains 21 loops
  • Features ambient progressions and sonic landscapes

Beat Delivery



The Loopazon is a vibrant online hub offering a wide range of music resources to foster creativity in music producers.

It houses thousands of free audio loops and samples, catering to various musical needs and preferences.

Whether you are on the lookout for drum beats, vocal samples, or audio instrument bits, Loopazon has got you covered.

It also serves as a marketplace to buy beats or list your own creations for sale.

  • Thousands of free audio loops and samples
  • Includes various categories like vocal samples, EDM electronic piano, and more
  • No registration is required to download up to 3 sounds.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are pad music samples?

Pad music samples are sustained sounds or notes that are used to create backgrounds, harmonies, or atmospheric sounds in music tracks. They are essential tools in music production, allowing creators to add depth and richness to their compositions.

How do I use pad music samples in my productions?

To use pad music samples in your production:
– Download the samples to your computer.
– Import them into your digital audio workstation (DAW)
– You can then manipulate the samples using various tools in your DAW to fit them into your music project, such as changing their pitch, and tempo, or applying effects to them.

Can I use these free pad samples in commercial projects?

In most cases, free pad samples can be used in commercial projects, but it largely depends on the license attached to the particular sample pack. Always check the licensing details to avoid any future complications. Opting for samples that come with a royalty-free license for commercial uses is recommended.

What are loops and sample packs?

Loops are segments of sound that can be repeated continuously in a track. On the other hand, sample packs are collections of various sound recordings, including loops, one-shots, and other sound elements, bundled together. These resources are great for music creators seeking inspiration and streamlining their production process.

Can beginners benefit from using free pad music samples?

Yes. Beginners can significantly benefit from using free pad music samples as they provide a foundation to learn and experiment without the pressure of creating sounds from scratch. They also offer insights into professional sound design and can be a great learning tool.

I hope you found this list of free pad samples helpful.

These free music samples can be a game-changer in your music creation journey, bringing inspiration and ease.

Remember, the best music comes from experimenting and having fun, so don’t hesitate to try different pad samples in your projects.

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

Mark Valenzuela is a professional blogger, entrepreneur, and educator with more than 15 years of experience in music production. In 2008, Mark founded Hip Hop Makers, a top resource for aspiring music producers and beatmakers. He specializes in content on music production, software, gear, and free music resources. Committed to empowering creators of all levels, Mark continues to inspire and help music creators pursue their dreams.

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