30 Best Free MIDI Packs for Music Production

Here are the best free MIDI packs for music creators, your gateway to music inspiration. Save time and let your creativity soar with these can’t-miss tools!

Are you seeking inspiration for your next music project?

These free MIDI packs combine fresh, unique, and innovative sounds to enrich your beats.

Save time and speed up your music-making process with these MIDI loops.

Step up your music production game with these free downloads.

Looking to expand your music library? Download free music samples for all music genres.

Best Free MIDI Packs
Best Free MIDI Packs

What Is A MIDI Pack?

A MIDI pack is a collection of MIDI files used in music production to assist creators in developing rich and layered compositions without starting from scratch.

These packs often contain various instrumental riffs, chord progressions, and melodies created by experienced musicians.

MIDI packs can save time and allow for a more streamlined creative process, offering a great foundation for producers to build their unique tracks. They are a vital tool in modern music creation, helping to foster innovation and efficiency in the production process.

Benefits of using MIDI packs:

  1. Easy to Use: MIDI packs are user-friendly, making it simple for beginners to start creating music quickly.
  2. Saves Time: Instead of starting from scratch, music creators can use MIDI packs to jump-start their production process, saving valuable time.
  3. Customizable: Once downloaded into software, MIDI packs’ sounds can be easily altered to suit a creator’s style.
  4. Learning Tool: For beginners, analyzing the compositions in a MIDI pack can be a great learning experience, helping them understand how different sounds work together.
  5. Inspiration: Sometimes, creators get stuck. Using MIDI packs can offer new ideas and help to overcome creative blocks.
  6. Experimentation: MIDI packs allow creators to experiment with different sounds and genres, helping to broaden their musical horizons.

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Best Free MIDI Packs

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free MIDI pack. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Free Dose MIDI Pack
Free Dose MIDI Pack

1. Free Dose (54)- Explore Producer Spot’s “Free Dose” sample pack, offering 222 WAV Loops, 54 MIDI Files, and more for music creators. Discover a variety of high-quality sounds, from modern Trap to classic 90s breakbeats, all 100% royalty-free. With tempo and key labels for easy navigation, these free samples work seamlessly with popular music software like FL Studio, Logic Pro, and more. Get a taste of their quality products with this diverse pack, including vocal samples, one-shot drum samples, and breakbeat samples. Download now and elevate your music production.

2. Drill Melodies (20)- Elevate your drill music with 20 royalty-free Drill melodies and MIDI files from the top-tier “Drill Essentials” sample pack. Perfect for beginners and seasoned producers, these loops, labeled by BPM and key, inject a dose of fresh, melodic flair into your tracks. Spice up your drill productions with ease.

3. Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls (10) – Enhance your drum patterns effortlessly with Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls. These 10 free, ready-to-use MIDI hi-hat rolls can elevate your beats instantly.

4. Essentials Pack 01 (293) – Unlock your music creativity with Essentials MIDI Pack 01. This free pack offers 293 MIDI files covering Major and Minor scales, Triad chords, and even bonus piano and guitar scales and chord charts. Easily integrate these files into your projects to explore countless chord progressions and melodies.

Essentials Midi Pack

5. Carlo’s MIDI (400) – Explore Carlo’s MIDI collection, a treasure trove of over 400 free MIDI files. Remix your favorite songs effortlessly, whether you’re into Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, or Hardstyle. You can also request custom MIDI files or use them to create music.

6. Python Collection – Boost your music with the Python MIDI Collection from Cymatics. Craft unforgettable melodies and captivating chords effortlessly, whether you’re into Hip Hop, Trap, or R&B. These MIDI files, created by a Grammy-nominated pianist, offer authentic sounds and melody loops. Elevate your music game with Python.

7. Big Room Pack – HighLife Samples presents the Free Big Room Pack, a premium collection featuring WAV loops and MIDI files tailored for EDM Big Room. Elevate your music production with 8 drum loops, 5 FXs, seven synth loops, and 3 MIDI files, all available for free and royalty-free use. Enjoy crafting your beats with this exceptional sample pack.

8. House of Synth & Bass Pack Vol. 3 – Deep Strict proudly presents House of Synth & Bass Pack Vol. 3, featuring 60 intricate bass and synth MIDI loops. Ideal for music composers and producers across various genres like house, deep house, tech-house, and more. Boost your workflow and creativity with these royalty-free MIDI files, compatible with all major DAWs.

9. Niko’s Packs – Discover Niko Kotoulas’ exceptional MIDI packs, a great collection of high-quality and versatile melodies, chords, and progressions. Niko’s talent as a pianist shines through in these free samples, including the Free Vibes MIDI Pack, Dance MIDI Pack, and more. Remember, make them your own by adapting and modifying them to ensure your unique musical touch.

10. Cybersynth Soundscape – Upgrade your sound library with “Cybersynth Soundscapes,” a free sound pack inspired by Blade Runner and Cyberpunk ambient sounds. This pack includes 125 WAV and MIDI files, five construction kits with stems and MIDI, and bonus sound effects, all in professional quality.

11. Hype Progressive Melodies (24)- Explore the Hype Progressive Melodies free sample pack by HighLife Samples, featuring 24 dynamic MIDI melodies inspired by top producers like Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix. These royalty-free MIDI files offer endless possibilities to customize and create unique melodies in your DAW.

Free Sample Pack Hype Progressive Melodies
Free Sample Pack Hype Progressive Melodies

12. Dance Pack Vol. 1 – Enhance your EDM creations with the Essential Dance Music MIDI Pack Vol. 1 by Deep Strict. This pack offers 70 top-quality MIDI loops for genres like Bass House, Future House, Progressive House, Big Room, and Techno. Inspired by artists like Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta, it’s perfect for professional music composers and producers.

13. House of Synth & Bass Pack Vol. 2 – Boost your music production with House of Synth & Bass Pack by Deep Strict. This unique collection of 60 complex bass and synth MIDI loops fuels creativity across genres like deep house, acid house, and more. With top-quality, royalty-free MIDI files, it’s a professional composer’s dream. Download it for free and breathe new life into your tracks today.

14. 40 Melodies – Get inspired with 40 royalty-free MIDI melodies and chord progressions, perfect for music creators.

15. Chords & Progressions (7,900) – Unleash your musical inspiration with the Free MIDI Chords & Progressions pack. Access over 7900 chords and 120 progressions in various keys, all in MIDI format for your favorite DAW. Explore complex chords, experiment with new progressions, and ignite your creativity. It’s a collaborative project, so you can contribute and make it even better. No more struggling with chord progressions; it’s royalty-free and ready for your unique touch.

16. Minotor Destiny (13) – Craft modern Trap beats easily using the Minotor Destiny’s 13 free MIDI Hi-Hat Patterns. Inspired by top producers like Zaytoven and Metro Boomin, these patterns will help you create tracks in the style of artists such as Young Thug, Migos, and Lil Yachty.

17. Massive Pack – Discover a Massive MIDI Pack with 130,000 free MIDI files spanning genres like pop, classical, EDM, video games, and movies. Note that these MIDI clips may not be royalty-free if the original artist has copyrighted the song, melody, or harmony.

18. Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials – Enhance your music with Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials. These MIDI files offer intricate scales, chord progressions, and melodies to make your tracks stand out.

19. Essentials MIDI Pack (70) – Grab the Essentials Midi Pack for free and dive into the world of music production. Crafted in collaboration with Doug from The Sound Test Room, this pack is a time machine to the progressive rock era.

Essentials Midi Pack Progressive Rock
Essentials Midi Pack Progressive Rock

20. BitMidi (100,000+) – BitMidi offers a nostalgic trip to the days of Geocities and Angelfire with its collection of 113,229 curated MIDI files. Remember the auto-playing background MIDI files? BitMidi brings back that old-school aesthetic, providing an easy way to enjoy MIDIs. Unlike many other platforms, it offers inline playback without the need for plugins or complex conversions. With a lightweight player and plans to expand its collection, BitMidi is a haven for MIDI enthusiasts and music creators seeking a touch of retro charm.

21. MIDI World – MIDI World is a hub for music creators, offering free MIDI files for download. MIDI World provides a valuable resource, educating users on the essence of MIDI and its role in music production. Explore and enhance your musical journey with these free MIDI resources.

22. Anthemic Trance Pads (20) – Discover 20 free chord progressions tailored for Trance and melodic genres. These versatile MIDI loops are extracted from the ‘Anthemic Trance Pads series, offering a royalty-free package.

23. Chord Pack – DixonBeats presents a free Midi Chord Pack, perfect for music creators. Explore a variety of genres and elevate your music production. Enjoy creative freedom with these midi files and more.

24. Free MIDI Org – Check out over 27,000 free MIDI files at Free MIDI Org. Discover the latest additions, top downloads, and top-rated MIDI files. You can even request specific MIDI files or contribute your own. Search by genre, artist, song name, and more. Free MIDI Org is all about musical freedom and sharing MIDI songs. Dive into a vast collection to enhance your music creation.

25. Hip Hop MIDI Pack (130) – Get the ‘Free Hip Hop MIDI Pack’ from Essential MIDI, featuring 130+ free MIDI files for crafting hip hop, Trap, lofi, drill, and more. This teaser pack includes Lo-fi and trap chord progressions, three construction kits, a Complete MIDI Chord Pack sample, and exclusive Boom Bap drum loops.

26. Chord Pack – Discover the “Midi Chord Pack” from Sound7, offering over 7400 free and royalty-free chords. There is no need to spend money on chords elsewhere – download this pack to kickstart your music creation. It’s a versatile resource for music producers, organized by key, triads, 7ths, 9ths, and more. Just unzip and drag into your DAW for instant inspiration.

27. Key Chords (10) – Explore 10 free MIDI chord progressions perfect for EDM, Future Bass, and Pop. Each chord progression includes two WAV preview files, doubling as high-quality audio loops. Key and BPM tagged, these files are easy to sync and experiment with in your music projects.

Key Chords MIDI Pack
Key Chords MIDI Pack

28. MIDI Loops (120) – Discover 120 Free MIDI loops and 15 samples that breathe life into your music. Uncover melodies, pads, plucks, and more in one comprehensive pack. Enhance your music in any MIDI-enabled DAW with these high-quality files, even adding realism with WAV loops of a grand piano.

29. Touch Loops – Unlock the timeless charm of a Fender Rhodes with 20 FREE Rhodes loops and MIDI loops. Transform and adapt the sound to your style by changing tempo and shifting keys. Dive into soulful loops perfect for Hip-Hop and more.

30. Grooves From Mars (478) – Grooves From Mars offers an exceptional collection of 478 MIDI groove templates from 27 legendary drum machines. Each template captures these iconic sequencers’ unique feel and groove, from analog to digital, rush to shuffle. You’ll uncover the swing and shuffle of classics like the MPC60 and the early 80s Prince vibe of the LM1.

31. Essentials MIDI Pack 02 (40) – Learn drum patterns effortlessly with the Essentials MIDI Pack. Explore 40 MIDI files encompassing five drum patterns across eight genres, including Classic Hip Hop, Synthwave, and Trap. These patterns focus on simplicity, featuring kicks, snares, and hats. Craft full songs by combining this pack with Common Chord Progressions and ensure melodic harmony with the Scales and Chords pack.

Tips for Using Free MIDI Packs

Here are a couple of tips for using these free MIDI packs.

  1. Explore Various Genres: Don’t limit yourself to one genre; explore different packs to find unexpected inspiration.
  2. Customize MIDI Files: Alter the existing MIDI files to add your unique style to the tracks.
  3. Layer Sounds: Combine different MIDI tracks to create a rich, layered sound experience.
  4. Experiment with Tempo: Play around with different tempos to see how they affect the mood of your piece.
  5. Learn from the Pros: Analyze MIDI files created by experienced producers to learn new techniques and approaches.

MIDI Packs Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MIDI File?

A MIDI file is a digital data file that contains information about musical notes, pitch, duration, and other musical parameters. It does not contain actual audio but instructions for a MIDI-compatible device or software to generate sounds.

What Is a Chord Progression?

Chord progression refers to the sequence of musical chords played in order to create a harmonious structure in music. It is an essential element of music and helps establish a piece’s overall mood and tonality.

How Can I Use the Midi Files from These Packs?

You can import the MIDI files into your preferred music production software or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that supports MIDI. Once imported, you can edit, modify, and use the MIDI data to create your own unique music compositions.

Are These MIDI Packs Free to Use?

All the MIDI packs included are free to download and use. They are a valuable resource for both new and experienced producers looking to enhance their music production.

Are the Midi Files Royalty-Free?

Some of the MIDI packs are royalty-free. Check out each website’s terms and conditions to see how you can use the files.

What Does Each Pack Contain?

Each pack contains a collection of free MIDI files, which may include chord progressions, melodies, drum patterns, and other MIDI data. The specific content varies from pack to pack, but they are all designed to provide you with a wide range of musical elements to work with.

How Can I Use MIDI Chord Progressions?

MIDI chord progressions can be used as a starting point or inspiration for your own music compositions. You can study their structure, modify them, or use them as they are to create chord arrangements for your tracks.

Are the MIDI Packs Compatible with All Music Production Software?

Yes, the MIDI packs are compatible with most music production software and DAWs that support MIDI functionality. This includes popular software like Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and more.

I hope you found this list of free MIDI packs helpful.

These wonderful resources are here to boost your creativity and sprinkle magic in your music creation process.

You’ve got a world of melodies and rhythms at your fingertips, ready to be explored.

What do you think about these tools? Do you have any favorites?

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