10 Best DJ Courses Online For Beginners & Pros

Here are the best DJ courses online for beginners and professionals to learn everything you need to know about DJing.

If you’re an aspiring DJ looking for some guidance or looking to gain some new skills, then learn how to DJ with these online courses.

You can enhance your skills by taking online courses that will teach you about mixing equipment, mixing techniques, and more.

Learn DJing from the comfort of your own home with these online courses.

Connect with established DJs and music industry professionals to learn how they got into DJing and all the secrets about equipment, mixing, and events.

All these online DJ Courses are on Skillshare. You can get access to all these classes by signing up for a 30-day free trial. Cancel at any time.

Skillshare has over 28,000 online classes covering all music production aspects from audio recording, music theory, mixing, piano, and more.

Best DJ Courses Online For Beginners
Best DJ Courses Online For Beginners

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Best DJ Courses Online

Check out these courses to learn about the basics of DJing and setting up your first gig.

  1. DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck
  2. Creating A Mix In Virtual DJ
  3. How To DJ 101
  4. The Basics of Serato DJ
  5. Creative Guide To DJ
  6. DJing with Traktor 101
  7. How to DJ – Advanced DJ Mixing
  8. Learn To DJ In Ableton Live
  9. From Start To Finish Part 2
  10. DJing Mindset
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

1. DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck

DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck | Online DJ Course
DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck

This class will help you perform better as a DJ at your next party. Young Guru’s instructor is an audio engineer and a legendary DJ who covers all the basics that you need for your next DJ gig in this course.

From General setup to soundcheck, Young Guru will guide you on rocking the party even if you are an aspiring DJ.

Another great benefit of this class is the projects students can undertake to further their skills. This will allow you to think hard about which materials you need for DJing and ensure that you’re not missing anything important.

Students: 5,000+ | Rating: 91%

What’s Covered

  • General Setup
  • Essential Gear
  • Serato Setup
  • Ableton Setup
  • Soundcheck

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2. DJing For Beginners: Creating A Mix In Virtual DJ

DJing For Beginners: Creating A Mix In Virtual DJ | DJ Course
DJing For Beginners: Creating A Mix In Virtual DJ | DJ Course

Many people find it hard to learn DJing basics and are afraid of using any software. In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of being a DJ and the software that will help you in your virtual DJ life.

Ricardo Luiggi, an international DJ and a musical curator will help you in your journey in this course.

This course will extensively teach you how to select the music, organize your virtual DJ, transition effects, mix live tracks, and much more.

You will create your playlist to play at any event by the end of this lesson. Also, you will know how this software can help you create a mix.

Students: 600+ | Rating: 80%

What’s Covered

  • Class + Project Overview
  • Setting Up Virtual DJ
  • Selecting and Organizing Music
  • Songs Up Close: Setting Up Tracks
  • Pitch Control & Beat Matching
  • Loops & EQ
  • Mixing Without Beatmatching
  • DJ Effects
  • Building Your Set

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3. How To DJ 101

How To DJ 101 | Best Online DJ Courses
How To DJ 101 | DJ School

For those individuals who have a passion for music and want to organize their music library in a much better way, this course is exclusively for them.

In this course, Bryn, who is a DJ and a music producer, will teach you the fundamentals of being a DJ, and after that, he will teach you how to organize, mix the tracks, which track you should pick next, and obviously how to improve your DJing skills.

At the end of the lesson, you will be able to create your own 15-30-minute DJ mix by trying out different genres and styles.

Rating: 63% | Students: 1,900+

What’s Covered

  • DJ 101 Introduction
  • What is a DJ
  • How to Organise Your Music Library
  • How to Mix
  • Mixer FX
  • Digital DJ Tips
  • How to Record DJ Mixes
  • How to Pick The Next Track
  • Learn To DJ Online
  • How to Improve Your DJ Skills

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4. The Basics of Serato DJ

The Basics of Serato DJ | DJ Course
The Basics of Serato DJ | DJ Course

If you want to learn about the Serato setup, here is one of the best online DJ classes to take. This course is designed for DJs who are new to Serato and want to learn the ins and outs of the app.

With his experience as a producer, DJ, and remixer, Mister Gray will share a great deal of relevant information with you during this 40-minute course.

During his session, he’ll introduce Serato DJ, explain how to get going with it, configure it, add/import songs, organize your music, and create/organize crates.

After you complete the lesson, there is a project activity for you, and you have to complete that and share the results with your peers.

Students: 2,300+ | Rating: 68%

What’s Covered

  • Getting Set Up In Serato DJ
  • Configuring Serato DJ
  • Adding/Importing Songs
  • Organizing Your Music
  • Creating & Organizing Crates (Part 1)
  • Creating & Organizing Crates (Part 2)

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5. Creative Guide To DJ: From Start To Finish Part 1

Creative Guide To DJ: From Start To Finish | Best Online DJ Courses
Creative Guide To DJ: From Start To Finish | DJ Course

This course is for anyone starting as a DJ or passionate about music. In this course, you will learn in detail about the hardware and are intensely focused on the technical skills that a DJ must have.

In this course, the students will learn and master the skills based on industry standards.

This course is more than just lectures; here, you will get practical knowledge that you can practice and implement along the way.

In the end, you will understand the art more thoroughly and become familiar with standard hardware DJ setups. Lastly, Each attendee will be able to mix songs of their choice and expand their musical knowledge.

Rating: 95% | Students: 2,000+

What’s Covered

  • Equipment Overview
  • Cueing The Track
  • Counting Music
  • Quick Mix With Levels
  • Features On the CDJ
  • Features on The DJM
  • Phase Meter, Jog Wheel and BPM

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6. DJing with Traktor 101: Navigating to Your First Mix

DJing with Traktor 101 | DJ School
DJing with Traktor 101

This course will teach you how to record your first music with Traktor. Whether you are transitioning from some other format or starting from scratch, you are going to love playing across Traktor.

Professor Sentz has made this course more straightforward for you, and you can easily absorb and practice on the Traktor interface.

This course covers navigation of the interface, some setup details, and basic concepts associated with Simple Mix.

The best feature of this course is that Professor Sentz will personally review each participant’s recording and inform them what they are missing.

So if you want a 3-on-one training on Traktor, this course is a must for your DJing career.

Rating: 98% | Students: 600+

What’s Covered

  • Using the Browser
  • Mixer
  • Decks
  • Final Look Around
  • Importing Music
  • What Is a Basic Mix
  • Manual Mixing and Final Assignment

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7. How to DJ – Advanced DJ Mixing

How to DJ - Advanced DJ Mixing | Best Online DJ Courses
How to DJ – Advanced DJ Mixing | Best Online DJ Courses

This course will take your DJ career to the next level. In this course, you will learn how to mix between genres, how you could play interestingly with your playlist, and make it more interesting.

In the end, you will be capable enough to mix different genres, know about high and low BPM, use spiral, and play with other techniques to make your set more exciting and have a consistent flow.

It is highly recommended that you first take the DJing 101 course, which teaches you the fundamentals, and then sign up for this course.

What’s Covered

  • High & Low BPM
  • Wide Tempo
  • Mixing Music Genres
  • Using Spiral
  • Kicks/Snares
  • Transition – Scratching
  • Build Up Using Roll
  • Build Up & Atmosphere Using Echo
  • Flanger Build Up
  • Trans/Filter Build Up
  • Trans Vocal Stutter
  • Creating Cue Points
  • Replacing the Drop
  • Using Acapella’s
  • Creating Edits

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8. Learn To DJ In Ableton Live – DJ Mixtape & Radio Show in Ableton Tutorial

Learn To DJ In Ableton Live
Learn To DJ In Ableton Live

This course is designed for beginners and advanced users who wish to expand their knowledge of DJ mixtape creation.

The techniques in this course are the same ones DJs use in the real world to create the best mixtapes for radio shows, all using the FREE Ableton Live trial included in the box.

This course will teach you all the skills necessary to create DJ mixtapes in Ableton Live.

All you will need is a computer running macOS or Windows and an Internet connection.

You don’t have to have ever used Ableton Live before, either. It is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

The first part of the course contains an introduction to Ableton Live, where you will learn how to use the most basic functions.

You will find this course very useful, regardless of whether you prefer pre-made sets or learning different DJ techniques.

Rating: 72% | Students: 950+

What’s Covered

  • How to Get Ableton Live For Free
  • Session View
  • Controls
  • The Browser
  • Arrangement View
  • Warping & Warping Modes
  • Clip Envelopes
  • The Mixer
  • MIDI Editing & Warping
  • Automation
  • Automation Parameters
  • Capture MIDI
  • Grouping Tracks
  • Choosing Audio Files
  • How to Create a Voice Over
  • How To Get VoiceOvers
  • Transition to Other Tracks
  • Creating The Mixtape

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9. Creative Guide To DJ: From Start To Finish Part 2

Creative Guide To DJ: From Start To Finish Part | DJ Course
Creative Guide To DJ: From Start To Finish Part | DJ Course

Anyone interested in learning the art of DJing will benefit from this class. It gives you the necessary knowledge, understanding, confidence, and ability.

Attendees will learn how to use the industry-standard Pioneer CDJ setup in this traditional hardware course.

During these sessions, there will be a lot of emphasis on hardware and learning the necessary skill set to qualify you as a DJ.

After completing the lectures, you have to record and send a 20-minute long set to the instructor, reviewing your recording and providing feedback.

Rating: 89% | Students: 700+

What’s Covered

  • Cable Connection Walk Through
  • Concept of DJing Beat Phase, Count in
  • Auto Cue, Time Mode, Info, Menu
  • Utility Settings
  • EQ Mixing
  • EQ Demo
  • Fixing the Grid Using Record box
  • Creating Playlists &. Analyzing Your Music

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10. DJing Mindset: Interview with Costas Papa

DJing Mindset: Interview with Costas Papa
DJing Mindset: Interview with Costas Papa ( Professional DJ )

This course is unlike the other DJ classes where you usually get the lectures and assignments.

Instead, here you will get access to some interviews that will let you know what it takes to be a DJ, the general misconceptions about DJs, their responsibilities, and much more.

This course will make you love yourself being a DJ, and you get to know about your worth. Moreover, you will also learn how to upgrade your skills and be a much better DJ.

What’s Covered

  • DJs Play What Kind of Role?
  • Is there a Common Misconception About DJing?
  • How Did You Get Into It, and Why Do You Love It So Much?
  • How Would You Describe the Dj’sDj’s Role as A Storyteller?
  • What Is a DJ’s Moral Responsibility?
  • How Do You Start Your Creative Journey?
  • What Are Some Tips for Discovering Your Sound and Artistic Identity?
  • What Have You Learned from DJing?
  • How Can You Train Your Ears Creatively?
  • How Can You Create an Experience and Find Your Vibe?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Online DJ Courses?

I have provided a list of the best DJ courses online; we have included summaries and ratings to help you understand what is included.

Can You Learn to DJ Online?

Yes, learning online is best for many people because you can learn at your own pace and watch videos multiple times to get it right. One of the best features of online courses is that you don’t skip any instructor’s word. You can rewatch it until you get the concept.

How Much Is a DJ Course?

You can sign up for a seven-day trial for Skillshare and get access to all the courses above and all the other courses on their site. After the free trial, the price is $13.95 per month to access all their online classes.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a DJ?

The essential qualification for being a DJ is music, crowds, and equipment. DJs often have an interest in producing their music. Sound engineering experience and different computer software programs are the most common techniques to make original music.

To conclude, aspiring DJs who want to enhance their DJ skills have a plethora of online DJ courses at their disposal. These DJ courses offer video lessons that are easy to follow, making learning to DJ an accessible venture to many DJs, whether beginner DJs or advanced DJs.

The beauty of these online DJ courses is that they allow learners to grasp DJing concepts on their own time, offering unlimited access to course content. From the fundamentals of beat matching to advanced techniques like scratching techniques, these DJ classes are worth every penny.

These online DJ courses range from beginner to advanced courses, catering to the needs of every DJ, regardless of their level in the DJ industry.

The DJ courses include lessons on DJ equipment, DJing software, and various techniques necessary to become a DJ.

By taking these courses, DJs are equipped with all the fundamentals required to navigate the DJ world confidently.

With direct access to the best DJ school like Club Ready DJ School, you can become a complete DJ, ready for live performance and playing live sets.

More than just DJ tips, these courses offer career tips, teaching DJs how to make a mark in the DJing world.

From DJ classes that teach how to mix dance music to production courses for electronic musicians, these online DJ courses offer a comprehensive learning experience.

By learning creative concepts and other skills, many DJs have found these courses instrumental in shaping their DJ careers.

With full access to the best online courses, DJs can learn how to DJ, from the comfort of their homes, making these courses the best choice for modern DJ learning.

With affordable options like Skillshare and other DJ courses online, getting started has never been easier.

By offering a mix of complete courses, most courses ensure that DJs get a well-rounded education, preparing them to take on any DJing challenge.

The digital DJ tips shared in these online courses not only enhance DJ skills but also prepare DJs for music production courses.

So, whether it’s a mobile DJ blueprint or a complete DJ course, the DJ courses online provide professional DJs and aspiring DJs alike with the tools they need to succeed in the DJ world.

In essence, for those looking to find online DJ courses that offer a comprehensive learning experience, these DJ courses are the most comprehensive course you can find online.

They cover everything from the basics of becoming a DJ, understanding DJ equipment, learning advanced DJ techniques to getting insights into the DJ industry.

So, whether you’re an experienced DJ looking to sharpen your mixing skills or a beginner looking to get started, these online DJ courses offer a great course to help you achieve your DJing goals.

Sign up today and experience the convenience of online learning, where you can learn how to DJ on your own time, at your own pace.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a DJ.

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