Don’t Expect Others to Support Your Dreams

Here is why you don’t need people to support your dreams.

I occasionally get an email from a reader that is discouraged at following their dreams because they don’t get the support they desire from their friends or family.

I want to say this to all of you:

“You don’t need people to believe in your dreams for you to make them happen.”

What others think and feel about you does not dictate your future.

 Don't Expect Others to Support Your Dreams

You are in control of your destiny.

Your hard work and dedication is what will determine your success.

Many people want to say you can’t do something because secretly they don’t feel they can do it. They try to pass on their limiting beliefs on to you.

Do your research. There are people out there with less than you that have worked hard and have become success stories. You can do it too!

Screw what people think!

I actually prefer people to not believe in me. It can be used as a fuel to want to prove them wrong.

Look for External Role Models

Instead of hoping for the people in your life to come around and start supporting your dreams which may never happen. Look for external role models.

Look for people that have done what you are trying to do and learn from them. Do what they have done. Use them as examples of what you should be striving for.

I also suggest you hang up whatever your inspiration is on the wall to be reminded of how hard you should be working.

Fight for your dreams! Screw what others think.


Don't Expect Others to Support Dreams
Don't Expect Others to Support Dreams
Muhammad Ali
Paulo Coelho
Your Only Limit is You
If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you have never done.
What you do every day.
Don't Expect Others to Support Your Dreams
Don't Expect Others to Support Your Dreams

What Should You Do When Your Friends and Family Don’t Support You?


Good Luck!

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

Mark Valenzuela is a professional blogger, entrepreneur, and educator with more than 15 years of experience in music production. In 2008, Mark founded Hip Hop Makers, a top resource for aspiring music producers and beatmakers. He specializes in content on music production, software, gear, and free music resources. Committed to empowering creators of all levels, Mark continues to inspire and help music creators pursue their dreams.

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  1. Motivation

  2. Right on time! Gotta surround ourselves with like minded individuals and if none, still go for what’s yours

  3. I agree. I think it’s helpful to participate in forums and follow websites on whatever your interest is.

  4. Great post!

  5. As someone who is going self employed I have been discouraged a few times by my own peers. Even my own parents don’t believe I can do it. However I got to a point where I thought, how will I know if I don’t try?

    Your parents tell you when you are young, “you can be anything you want to be” but as you get older they are more like “quit dreaming and get your head of the the clouds”

    This is a quote that I really like that encourages me to keep going with my vision
    You need to decide whether you are going to live your life or someone else’s version of your life – Evan Carmichael

    Sorry for the long comment and ranting. I don’t usually comment on posts online

  6. Hi guys!

    I’ve realized through listening and reading a lot on the internet that almost every single musician/music producer is going through a “downtime” at some point. Fear, the lack of knowledge and the lack of confidence are most likely the culprits.

    I think you can counter that with a mentor, who should be already on the level where you want to go with your music, a “focus” group or people, who give you feedback and validate your fresh productions or a team/master mind group who shares your visions and supports you in any ways. You just need to find them :O

    I can relate to that, trying to stay motivated and making beats while living in a non-understanding, non-caring environment. Like you guys have already said, you need to find like minded people! ;)

    If you seek confirmation from your family and friends for what you do, then show them results! Show them what’s possible today! Create some tunes for them in the genre they love the most! Try encourage them to do some music, too! For example :)

    And if you really feel discouraged for whatever reason, just listen to a motivational speech by Les Brown :P

    I couldn’t restrain myself and sampled one of his speeches to make a very motivational track…
    If you feel down and can spare 2 and a half minutes then please have a listen!

    I hope this helps ;)

    Have a good one

  7. Be about it or be without it… E-40.

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