How to Choose a Domain Name – 6 Helpful Tips

A custom domain name is a must-have to look professional online. Here are 6 simple tips to follow on How to Choose a Domain Name for your music website.

Before we get started, let’s cover the basics:

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the web address someone types into a web browser to visit a website.

Do I need a website to use a custom domain name?

No, a website would be best, but you can also re-direct your domain name to a profile you have online.

Why should I get a domain name?

  1. You will look more professional.
  2. You can promote your brand or business
  3. Custom domain addresses are easier to remember.
  4. Domain names are very cheap.

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How to Choose a Domain Name
How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name

1. Keep it Short

Limit the number of words in your domain name. This way it will be easier to remember.

2. Make it Easy to Spell

Strive for words that are easy to spell. Avoid words that are made up or slang.

If you have to tell someone how to spell your domain name, there is a chance they will type in an incorrect web address.

3. Avoid Numbers & Hyphens

Avoid numbers and hyphens if possible. This can lead to people typing incorrect web addresses.

It can also be a pain telling people how to type in your web address correctly.

4. Get a .COM Web Address

Web addresses with .com are the most popular domain names and easiest to remember.

Web addresses with .net are popular as well, but .com are more common for big online brands.

5. Use Keywords to Be Descriptive

Use keywords that are descriptive to the type of website you are creating.

If you are selling beats, add the word beats to the domain name.


6. Be Memorable

If you are starting a new brand, pick a domain name that meets the requirements above, but also stands out.

Pick a domain that gets attention from your target audience.

7. Get Your Domain Name Now!

A lot of popular domain names are already taken.

If you have ideas for a domain name, check if it’s available, and get it fast before it gets taken.

There is nothing worse than coming up with the perfect brand or business name and finding it already taken because you didn’t take action fast enough.

So take action and get a custom domain name.

Additional Domain Name Tips

  • Come up with multiple domain name ideas. There is a good chance the domain name you want is already taken. Have backups, and don’t get attached.
  • Avoid trademarked names in your domain address to avoid potential legal problems.
  • Be patient – Keep brainstorming domain names until you find one you are happy with.

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