5 Scarcity Marketing Tactics to Make More Money

If you are a music producer looking for more ways to sell beats online or products, here are 5 scarcity marketing tactics to persuade music artists to buy more beats from you.

Many music producers are not aware of this, but scarcity is a powerful marketing tool for selling beats and products online.

What is Scarcity Marketing?

Scarcity marketing is a principle that people are more attracted to a product or promotion when its release is limited and harder to obtain.

It’s like when a new Nike shoe is released, they only create a limited number of shoes for the public. So, the demand is high, and people tend to want things that are rare and harder to come by.

So here are a few examples of how you can use scarcity marketing to sell more beats.

Scarcity Marketing Tactics to Help You Sell More Beats
What is Scarcity Marketing?

How to Use Scarcity to Increase Online Sales

1. Use Scarcity on Landing Pages

Using scarcity on landing pages is an effective way to give your customers a sense of urgency.

For those not aware, a landing page is a page that has all the elements for taking the customer to the potential purchase, thus having a high rate of conversion.

You can use scarcity in this scenario by putting limited offers, countdowns, and limited-time promo codes.

Landing Page Countdown Timer

A common example of a landing page is when someone subscribes to your mailing list and is taken to a thank you page where there’s always some offer or promo code (if you’re not doing this yet, then you definitely should!).

You can boost the conversion rate of this offer by applying a countdown or making it a limited-time offer.

Scarcity Countdown Timer Example

Scarcity Timer

2. Using Scarcity With Email Marketing

Using Scarcity on Email Marketing

Much like the landing pages, subscriber lists, and email marketing are great places to get conversions.

There are a lot of ways you can use scarcity in email marketing.

Apart from the countdowns, you can create anticipation by dividing your offer into two or three emails instead of sending the whole proposal in a single email message.

A common example is after someone buys a beat from you or subscribes to your mailing list, you send them a thank you message and ask the customer/lead to check their email tomorrow for a special offer.

This is a technique proven to be effective.

By promising a great opportunity to your customer or potential client but not giving it away yet, you create a sense of trust and keep them around your networking circle.

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3. Use Scarcity When Releasing Beats

Your customers and followers are always hungry for new stuff, so the concept of scarcity can also be applied when releasing a beat.

The next time you have a fresh beat to release, instead of just giving it out right away, try to create anticipation, too.

You can have, for instance, a pre-sale with a discount or a bonus for the first buyers. This is a very common technique proven to be effective, not only in the beat-selling business.

Use Scarcity When Releasing Beats

4. Demand & Popularity

Have you ever seen these notifications on online store websites that show their customers’ recent activity and recently purchased items?

Demand & Popularity

This can be applied to your beat-selling website, too.

By showing your customer demand and popularity, you create social proof. Social proof is the need for people to have a guide when making a decision.

Sure, you also create a sense of scarcity. With a beat being purchased frequently, the chances that someone is going to buy an exclusive license soon, thus making it no longer available, are very high, and the potential customer knows that.

5. Create Seasonal Offers

Scarcity Marketing Promotion Examples

This one is very common to see around holiday sales, Halloween sales, 4th of July sales, and so on.

Using seasonal offers is one of the easiest and most popular ways to use scarcity.

When you release a beat for, let’s say, a Christmas sale, your customers automatically presume it probably won’t be available for long.

Holidays are always a great opportunity to have these special sales also because people are already expecting that, and they’re usually more prone to spending money on those times of the year.

Conclusion on Scarcity Marketing

Apply scarcity on your landing pages and on your email marketing strategy to make it more effective.

Try to create anticipation before releasing new beats.

Applying the concept of demand and popularity on your website is also a great way to create a sense of both confidence and scarcity.

Never miss the opportunity to have seasonal offers.

Above all, always remember to have common sense when applying scarcity. Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated.

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Do you have any tips on how to sell more beats?

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