Why You Aren’t Getting Beat Sells – Website Conversion Rates

If you are a music producer selling beats online, here is some info on beat-selling website conversion rates.

When you are selling anything online, it is important to understand website conversion rates.

A conversion rate is how many visitors do you need to visit your website or page to do a specific action, like buy a beat.

Why You Aren’t Getting Beat Sells – Website Conversion Rates

The typical online shopping conversion rate is 3%.Source

Which means…

If you get 100 visitors, only 3 people, on average, will buy one of your beats.

So, to get more sales, you need to get more traffic to your beat store.

But not all traffic is good traffic.

You need to understand your audience, and if you are selling beats, your audience is music artists in need of beats.

Asking your friends and family to visit your website on Facebook isn’t going to equal beat sales.

Those people aren’t your target audience to sell beats.

You must focus on building traffic from music artists looking for beats.

How to Get Traffic From Music Artists:

  • Write articles that are helpful to music artists.
  • Contact music artists directly online to build a relationship, not just sell beats.
  • Pay for targeted ads directed towards people looking to buy beats.

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Additional Tips

  • Some customers do not buy right away. It may take 3 to 5 visits before they decide to buy. So work on ways to get visitors to return to your website. Look into email marketing ( link )
  • Not all traffic is real people. Things called “Bots,” are software programs that crawl the web for information. This may appear as a visitor to your website if you check your analytics, but this is not a real customer. You need to focus on bringing real customers to your website.
  • Don’t be spammy. Be professional and build trust.
  • Simplify your website. If beat sales are important, limit website distractions so the visitors focus on your beats.

To sell anything online takes testing and patience.

Develop a long-term strategy for long-term success.

Good luck.

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