Free Beat Licensing Agreements / Free Music Contract Templates

Free Beat Licensing Agreements

Here are free beat licensing agreements templates and free music contract templates for you to download. 

It is suggested to always have an experienced music attorney check agreements before using them.

Free Music Contract Templates

1. 3 Contracts Every Music Producer Should Know  – 3 Templates.

2. Free Music Contracts Over 20 contract templates.

3. Artist Producer Contract

4. Example of a Producer’s Contract

5. Work for Hire Music Producer Contract

6. Sample Work For Hire Agreement

7. Producers Service Agreements – Over 30 different contracts.

8. Music Business Contracts – Over 90 different contracts.

Free Beat Licensing Agreements & Contracts

9. Free Exclusive Contract

10. Exclusive Rights Contract Template

11. Beat & Instrumental Exclusive Rights Agreement – Watch the 3rd video below to go with this contract.

Helpful Videos on Music Contracts

Anybody Know What a Production Agreement Is?

Music Contracts for Music Artist Tips

Selling Beats Online and in Person – Exclusive Contracts

Free sample contract: Official Beat/Instrumental Exclusive Rights Agreement

Helpful Link on understanding contracts

Create a Music Business

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Sell Beats & Products Online - Music Maker WordPress Theme

If you want tips on selling beats check out How to Sell Beats Online Guide.

Do you use contracts when selling beats?

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