13 Free Song Name Generator Websites

These are the best free song name generators to give you hundreds of ideas for song names. Never get stuck on a song title again.

If you have a hard time coming up with song titles, these generators will inspire you. Get hundreds of ideas in minutes!

These generators can create song titles randomly. Or create song names based on a keyword or phrase you enter. No one song title generator is perfect. So try out different websites to see which one works best for your type of music.

What Is a Song Name Generator?

A song name generator is an online tool that will randomly generate song names and titles. Most online name generators have a large database of words and will mix words together to generate unique song names. Some music name generators offer the personalization of song names by entering a keyword or phrase.

Free Song Name Generators

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Best Song Name Generator Apps

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  1. Music Name Generator
  2. Story Shack Title Generator
  3. The Song Name Creator
  4. Indie Sound Generator
  5. Random Song Name Generator
  6. Idea Generator
  7. Cool Generator Name Generator
  8. Beat Generator
  9. Synthwave Generator
  10. Fantasy Name Generator
  11. Ultradian Name Generator
  12. Random Song Name Generator
  13. Randomster Song Name Generator
  14. Music Name Generator
  15. Lana Del Rey Song Generator
  16. What is a Song Name Generator

1. Music Name Generator

Music Name Generator
Music Name Generator | Generate Titles

The Chosic music name generator will create 20 song name ideas based on the mood and music genre you select.

You can star your favorites and check if the song title is unique.

Moods include: Happy, romance, sleep, party, relax, and sad.

Genres include Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Dance, Jazz, R&B, and more.

  • Favorite Names
  • Easy Copy Button
  • Generate Similar Track Names

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2. Story Shack Song Title Generator

Story Shack Song Name Generator Tool
Story Shack Song Name Generator Tool

The Story Shack song name generator will give you 6 name ideas at a time.

You can click the heart icon to favorite song titles.

  • Bookmark Ideas
  • 6 Song Names
  • View Song Name History

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3. The Song Name Creator

The Song Name Creator
The Song Name Creator

This website provides 10 song name ideas at a time on the left.

Enter a keyword into the input on the right to customize the song title ideas.

Generate names based on “Abstract Noun”, “Concrete Noun”, “Verb”, “Plural Noun”, Adjective”, or “Singular Noun”.

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4. Indie Sound Generator

Indiesound Name Generator | creative Song Titles
Indie Sound Generator | Creative Song Title Ideas

This tool is a band name generator that can be used to come up with song names. It produces ideas fast based on a keyword or term you enter. Keep generating names and you are sure to find a good song name.

Click the plus ( + ) icon to save your favorite name ideas.

  • Save & Favorite Song Names You Love
  • Enter Optional Keywords & Term
  • Simple User Interface
  • Find Similar Names By Clicking The Song Name
  • Share & Vote On Band Names

Indie Sound

5. Idea Generator

Song Title Generator | Music Business Name Ideas
Idea Generator

This website was created to come up with band names.

But if you enter a keyword for an idea for a song name, it will generate hundreds of ideas based on the keyword you enter.

  • Enter Terms For Custom Results
  • Star Favorite Names
  • Limit Character Count
  • Limit To 1 or 2 Words
  • Insert Keywords Before or After Text
  • Rhyming Feature

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6. Cool Generator Song Title Generator

Cool Generator | Rap Song Name Generator
Cool Generator Song Name Generator

This Song Title Generator can generate over 100 song title ideas based on the genre you select.

Available Genres: Hip Hop, Pop, Latin, Rock, R&B, and more.

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7. Beat Generator

Beat Generator
Beat Generator

This tool is for music producers coming up with beat names, but it can be used to generate song title ideas also.

The names are created from a list of 2000 of the top 100 singles over the past couple of years.

An algorithm generates the song names.

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8. Synthwave Generator

Synthwave Generator
Synthwave Generator

The Synthwave Generator will throw out some fun music name ideas.

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9. Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator | Song Title Name Generator
Fantasy Name Generator

This title name generator will give you 10 random song names based on the music genre you select.

Music Genres: Blues, Country, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B, Rock.


10. Ultradian Name Generator

Ultradian Name Generator
Ultradian Name Generator

This is a song title generator for classical music and film scores.

This tool uses 741 words to create over 500,000 possible combinations.

Currently Offline.

11. Random Song Title Generator

Random Song Title Generator
Random Song Title Generator

Use the Random Song Title Generator app to stimulate your imagination.

This site provides over 20 title ideas at a time.

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12. Randomster Song Title Generator

Song Title Generator
Randomster Song Title Generator

If you need an idea for your next song title, this generator is always there to help you.


13. Lana Del Rey Song Generator

Lana Del Rey Song Title Generator
Lana Del Rey Song Generator

This song generator will create song title ideas based on the singer Lana Del Rey.

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14. Music Name Generator

Song Title Generator
Music Name Generator

This title idea generator will generate thousands of possible song titles.

This tool generates 100% free song titles without any need to give credit.

The song title generator contains thousands of song titles, so you won’t run out anytime soon.

Currently Offline.

Tips For Coming Up With Song Names

Coming up with a song name can be daunting, but by using these tips and being creative, you can find a title that perfectly captures the spirit and essence of your music.

1. Start with your song’s theme or main idea – Consider what your song is about and use that as a starting point for your title. If your song is about love, consider using words related to love in your title.

2. Use a phrase from your lyrics – If you have a standout line or phrase in your song, consider using it as your title. This can help tie your song together and make it more memorable.

3. Think about the tone of your song – If your song has a melancholy or reflective tone, consider using a more subdued or contemplative title. On the other hand, if your song is upbeat or energetic, a more lively or playful title could work well.

4. Consider the genre of your music – Different genres often have different conventions for song titles. For example, rock songs often have shorter, punchier titles, while country songs often have longer, more descriptive titles.

5. Use imagery – If your song contains strong imagery or metaphors, consider incorporating them into your title. This can help create a more vivid and memorable title.

6. Keep it simple – Sometimes, a simple, straightforward title can be the most effective. Don’t feel like you have to be overly clever or obscure with your title.

7. Use wordplay – Try incorporating wordplay or puns into your title if you feel creative. Just make sure it doesn’t detract from your song’s overall meaning or impact.

8. Collaborate with others – Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off your bandmates, other musicians, or friends. Sometimes a fresh perspective can lead to a great title.

9. Be original – Try to avoid using titles that have already been used before, especially if they’re well-known songs. You want your title to be distinctive and memorable.

10. Don’t be afraid to change it – If you’re unhappy with your title, don’t be afraid to change it. Your song is a work in progress, and sometimes the perfect title doesn’t come to you right away.

Remember to have fun with the process, and don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.

In conclusion, finding the perfect name for your song can be a tough process, but with the help of song name generator websites, it can become the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

These generators offer a large selection of ideas, making it possible for music creators to generate countless ideas and diverse song name mixes with just a click of the generate button.

The generated titles are pretty creative, and you can even create random names by using your own word to come up with a pretty creative name for your song.

Whether you are looking for a single word or a meaningful title that perfectly captures your song’s theme, these name generators are the best place to start.

The best effort to make a good song name is to feel free to try out as many song name generator tools as you want, and select the perfect song title name that suits your taste.

This will give the most people a pretty good first impression of your song, and help your music stand out in the most popular genres like rap songs.

With these name generators, you can rest assured that you will get the best song name for your next track title.

So, feel free to dive in and explore the diverse song name options that each website offers.

We hope you find these music name generators helpful, and hopefully, you will come up with the perfect name.

Have you used any name generators to help come up with song names?

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