10 Free Online Mastering Software Apps

Here is a collection of the best free online mastering software apps to master music and beats in your browser without installing any software.

Audio mastering is the final stage of audio production. It refers to the process of putting the finishing touches on a song by enhancing its overall sounds, ensuring consistency across the album, and preparing it for distribution.

Audio mastering is the fine-tuning and equalization of a track, which includes optimizing the average and peak volume levels. Using tools like compression and equalization, a balanced level is achieved that is consistent with other recordings. A mastered track is ready for online distribution on platforms such as Spotify and Apple music.

Best Free Online Mastering Software

  1. Bandlab Mastering
  2. Major Decibel
  3. Music Gateway
  4. Mastering Box
  5. Landr
  6. Ian Knowles Mastering
  7. AI Mastering
  8. Maztr
  9. Maastr
  10. Mastering.Studio
Best Free Online Mastering Software Apps
Best Free Online Mastering Software Apps

The mastering process is the last step in the music production phase. It boosts audio levels and adjusts frequencies to make the music sound its best on different devices.

Using these free online mastering apps can save you hours of time because a lot of these apps master audio automatically and require very little work from you.

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1. Bandlab Mastering

Bandlab Audio Mastering Online
Bandlab Mastering Online

Bandlab’s online mastering service instantly masters your audio files. This free mastering tool will help you get the best-sounding audio.

BandLab is mastering software developed by BandLab Technologies. It also offers an assortment of free audio tools for creating music online.


  • Supports: Audio & Video formats
  • Import: WAV, MP3, MP4
  • 4 Mastering Styles:
    • Universal – Balanced dynamically and tonally.
    • Fire – Clear midrange and punchy lows.
    • Clarity – Clear highs with a light dynamic expansion.
    • Tape – A warm saturation with organic dynamics.
  • Collaborators can be sent private links.
  • Web Mastering Service


  • Master multiple audio tracks without being constrained by paywalls, whether they are demos for collaborators or distribution-ready releases.
  • BandLab offers one of the best free online mastering services in the world.
  • Faster than competitors by up to 10x. Work while they process quality masters.
  • Access to over 25 million users and artists for collaboration.
  • Master all your songs
  • Hi-Res Masters


  • The library is not as extensive as other similar mastering programs.
  • It does not support bulk upload.
  • The masters lack the ‘human touch.’

Bandlab Website

2. Major Decibel

Major Decibel Mastering Software
Major Decibel Mastering Software

Major Decibel is an online mastering service that provides high-quality, affordable digital audio mastering.

The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality mastering for all types of music tracks. It does not use third-party audio processing software or hardware.

This enables them to apply advanced audio signal processing techniques that are better than most professional studio equipment.

Majordecibel features a user-friendly interface. Simply upload your track and wait for the servers to master it.


  • Limited to mastering 2 free tracks per month.
  • Must upload 2 WAV files. The audio track you want to be mastered, and a reference audio file.
  • Three mastering options: Low, Medium, and High.
  • Five post-mastering equalization options: Bright, Brighter, Neutral, Warm, and Warmer.
  • Multiple mastering options and mastering settings
  • Upload audio files for reference mastering
  • Master a track instantly


  • Users can upload 2 tracks every month without signing up for an account.
  • The mastering process is shorter.
  • Regular updates ensure high-quality service.


  • Each track you upload remains on the servers for 48 hours, after which it is removed.
  • Does not support bulk upload.
  • The masters lack the ‘human touch’ which can be felt when a human mastering engineer masters tracks.

Major Decibel

3. Music Gateway

Music Gateway Free Mastering Software
Music Gateway Free Mastering Software

Music Gateway is a free mastering engine that lets you instantly master your audio. It is an all-in-one music service platform with various tools and products that artists and musicians can use to master their music.


  • Upload format: WAV files.
  • 100% free services.
  • Unlimited mastering and downloading.
  • Upload a reference track and use its sound signature.
  • A variety of services such as collaboration marketplace and sync licensing.


  • Instant mastering.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Free access to Music Gateway features.
  • Upload audio file for reference mastering


  • Slow support for customer complaints isn’t the best thing for users who are looking for quick answers and solutions.
  • You cannot migrate your song data from other cloud storage spaces.
  • Lack of ‘human touch.’

Music Gateway

4. Mastering Box

Mastering Box
Mastering Box | Mastering Engine

MasteringBox is a free web-based mastering service that offers instant results. The algorithm of MasteringBOX analyzes the dynamic and spectral characteristics of your track to find the best settings for mastering.

Online mastering services like MasteringBox make mastering audio fast and easy.

MasteringBox was created by a team of enthusiastic musicians who want to help musicians with a simplified production process but still produce hi-res music.

The best thing about this service is that you can upload multiple songs and have them mastered simultaneously.


  • MasterBox analyses the characteristics of your audio and processes it based on the gathered data.
  • You can master single tracks instantly or the entire album altogether within minutes.
  • It provides improved quality and proper loudness to your tracks. It has an effective and powerful Loudness Control feature.
  • It produces clean sound with a good balance of frequencies.
  • EQ Control Settings
  • The MasteringBox app for mobile is free to download. It allows you to upload tracks directly from your phone.


  • Appealing user interface that is easy to understand and navigate.
  • Offers bulk uploads.
  • Master tracks quickly.


  • It has a higher price point as compared to some of its competitors.
  • The mastering service lacks the ‘human touch’ felt in tracks mastered by professional engineers.

Mastering Box

5. Landr

Landr Free Audio Mastering Software
Landr Free Audio Mastering Software | Mastering Engine

Landr is an online cloud-based automated mastering service. It is one of the major players in the mastering industry that offer sound quality at a low price. Landr has multiple platform integrations, and online audio mastering is available for all file formats.

Landr uses evolving AI to master songs, and it allows your music to be perfectly tuned with the world.

With Landr mastering, users can achieve exceptional sound for individual tracks while balancing them dynamically throughout the album. It also offers an excellent listening experience across devices.

This mastering tool is great if you are a beginner audio engineer, or are professional sound engineer.


  • You can get 2 free 192 kbps low-res MP3 masters per month with a free account.
  • It has a free desktop app with useful features such as cloud storage backup, digital audio workstations, and file management.
  • Artists can do bulk uploads.
  • Multiple formats for mastering tracks: Warm, Balanced, and Open.
  • It offers volume matching which is important for playback.
  • Free curated samples across all major genres.
  • AI Powered


  • Allows bulk upload.
  • Offers instant AI audio mastering.
  • High-quality sounds.
  • Frequent feature updates to improve online audio mastering.


  • The pricing system is hard to understand.
  • It lacks the ‘human touch.’


6. Ian Knowles Mastering

Ian Knowles Mastering
Ian Knowles Mastering | Web Mastering Service

Get your audio track mastered instantly in your browser by dragging and dropping it. It’s 100% in the browser, no upload or downloads required, and awesome sound, perfect for demos, streaming, and releases.

Ian Knowles mastering offers a unique mastering grade processing suite called ‘Blackbox.’ It adds quality and loudness to your mix while providing the perfect balance that you can find in top productions.

Blackbox uses a natural analog-style mastering process that accurately configures settings based on user preference. It can master and improve the quality of every genre from Dance, Rock, and Pop to Breakbeat, Hip Hop, and Indie.


  • Blackbox can finely tune its mastering chain to the uploaded audio content.
  • Easy drag and drop process to upload audio directly to the interface.
  • Various crafted expressive controls to achieve the sound you want.
  • Low-frequency cut
  • Sub enhance
  • Body level
  • Clarity
  • Brightness
  • Loudness
  • Compression
  • Quality
  • Ceiling control
  • Loudness release
  • Stereo cut frequency
  • You can export the final master to AIFF and WAV formats at any processed sample rate.
  • Loudness metering: RMS, LUFS, Integrated Loudness, and Dynamic Range.
  • Fast Fourier Transform Analyser (FFT) window to show perceived sonic levels.
  • Export free WAV files


  • High-quality sounds.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Instant track mastering.


  • It lacks the ‘human touch’ that can be felt when professional mastering engineers work on the mix.

Ian Knowles

7. AI Mastering

 AI Audio Mastering Online
AI Audio Mastering Online | Mastering Engine

AI Mastering is an online mastering service that provides high-quality, affordable digital audio mastering. +You can achieve improved professional sound quality that brings your music closer to the sound of commercial music.

AI Mastering uses a powerful limiter to balance your audio’s loudness and dynamic range and create balanced mixes. +It is a powerful tool that lets you improve your music easily to focus on creating music itself.


  • Unlimited Online Mastering.
  • Drag and drop user interface.
  • Target loudness customization.
  • Mastering level and output format customization.
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Loudness analysis
  • A variety of mastering options
  • Machine learning


  • Free sign-up.
  • Export unlimited masters.
  • Free desktop version.
  • Free AI audio mastering functions are equivalent to paid plans.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Good balance of loudness and dynamic range.
  • Frequent updates to maintain improved sound quality.
  • Free unlimited mastering


  • Lack of the ‘human touch’ which can be felt when music is mastered by a professional.

Visit Website

8. Maztr

Maztr Online Audio Mastering App
Maztr Online Mastering App | Mastering Tool

Maztr is an automated mastering platform with an intelligent engine that uses algorithms to understand users’ needs based on the settings of their projects.

Mastr provides cloud storage for tracks and allows you to download tracks from anywhere with an internet connection.

With Maztr, users can choose their custom EQ settings, intensity, and genre to gain better control over the mastering process.

With Maztr’s online mastering platform, you can create unique sounds while avoiding the generic sound that is usually achieved through other mastering platforms. Get started today!


  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited 192kbps MP3s
  • Listen to Unlimited Previews to Hear Changes
  • 2 Projects
  • 2 Tracks Of Storage
  • 1 MP3 Stem Per Day
  • MP3 File Editor
  • 50MB Max File Size
  • Affordable Price For Subscription Plan
  • Premium Plans Available


  • Users can create a free account.
  • It offers an affordable and elaborate payment plan.
  • Provides cloud storage for your music.
  • It takes a shorter time to master tracks.
  • Frequent updates improve the quality of services it provides.
  • Great for professional sound engineers


  • This service does not support bulk track uploads.
  • The mastering service lacks the ‘human touch,’ which is felt in tracks mastered by human mastering engineers.


9. Maastr ( Trial )


Maastr is an online intelligent mastering engine that is browser-based.

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Get Feedback Online
  • Store Revisions
  • AI-powered mastering


10. Mastering.Studio


Mastering Studio is a free mastering software that lets you upload a track, select a mastering style, and get professional results fast. No subscription is required.

The free plan allows you to create a “CD Master”, which is a WAV file, 16-bit, perfect for CD, and acceptable for streaming.

Styles include London, LA, and Miami.

Visit Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Online Mastering Service For Free?

There are many online platforms that offer free online mastering services, but BandLab is the most popular platform among users. It supports both audio and video formats and offers four mastering styles that you can use to create your signature style. It lets users master as many tracks as they want without the constriction of paywalls. It is ten times faster than its competitors and offers thousands of free samples and loops.

Where Can I Master A Song For Free?

Many online audio mastering platforms offer free services to their users. You can choose a platform from the list given above and master your songs for free.

What Is The Best Online Mastering Site?

BandLab is one of the best online mastering sites.

Is It Necessary To Master A Song?

Mastering is an important step in the audio production process. It ensures that your music will sound best across all streaming platforms, devices, media formats, and speaker systems.

If you are releasing a commercial project, you should make sure that your song is perfectly mixed and mastered to sound great on all devices.

How Do I Master A Song Online?

Some online mastering platforms allow users to master their songs for free. You can sign up on a website you like and start uploading your tracks.

Many online mastering apps have drag-and-drop interfaces where you simply drag and drop an audio file into the window, and it will start processing the audio. Some of the more advanced mastering apps allow users to upload a reference mastering track to get a similar sound.

Can I Master My Own Music?

With increasing and evolving online mastering platforms, it is easier to master your own music to make it sound better and professional. These platforms offer various tools and samples to make the mastering process easier for you.

It is important to note that you cannot achieve a perfect mix or one you can expect from a professional mastering engineer through online mastering services.

However, these services can help you bring your final mix closer to a professional-sounding track.


I hope these free web-based mastering apps help you achieve the professional audio you are looking for.

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