15 Free Halloween Sample Packs & Free Halloween Samples

Here are the best free Halloween samples and free Halloween sample packs for music producers to get spooky and horror sounds online.

These free Halloween samples include hundreds of frightening sound effects, eerie loops, and chilling atmospheres to help you create the perfect Halloween track. Many of these Halloween sample packs offer royalty-free samples that can be used for both personal and commercial music projects.

If you’re on the hunt for new sounds, we have a selection of articles with free music samples.

Best Free Halloween Samples

  1. Free Horror Sound Effects Pack
  2. Free Scary Sound Effects Pack 02
  3. Free Creepy Sound Packs for Halloween
  4. Looperman Free Halloween Loops
  5. Angelic Vibes Halloween Melody Pack
  6. Free Horror Sound Effects Part 2
  7. Sample Focus
  8. 99 Sounds Halloween Sound Effects
  9. Free Samples: Halloween
  10. Halloween Requiem
  11. Halloween Pack
  12. Halloween Fxs
  13. The Warehouse
  14. Free Sound Effects
  15. XLNT Halloween Pack
  16. SampleRadar Pure Evil Samples
Best Free Halloween Samples
Best Free Halloween Samples

Click the buttons below to visit each free Halloween sample pack. Look for the download button on each site for the free samples. Do not install suspicious software.

1. Free Horror Sound Effects Pack (30)

Free Horror Sound Effects Pack
Free Horror Sound Effects Pack | Spooky Halloween Samples

The Free Horror Sound Effects Pack is a great audio kit designed for music producers and video creators.

It’s an assortment of chilling sound effects certain to help your next project.

From spine-chilling whispers to piercing screams, this pack offers sounds that can create suspense.

This pack is ideal for Halloween videos or any project requiring a spooky atmosphere.

  • Blood and guts sound effects
  • Eerie whispers
  • Spooky ambient sounds
  • Screeches, slams, and screams

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2. Free Scary Sound Effects Pack (70)

Free Scary Sound Effects Pack 02
Free Scary Sound Effects Pack | Halloween Samples

Offering an array of spine-chilling sound effects, music creators will find everything from eerie piano FX to harrowing screams.

The variety in this pack provides a great collection of sounds suitable for different settings, from a haunted school to the vast emptiness of space.

For those aiming for a professional touch in their work, this 73 MB pack promises high-quality WAV samples that can elevate any horror production.

The Scary Sound Effects Pack offers a complete collection of over 70 distinct horror sound effects.

These effects range from the familiar yet eerie tones of manipulated instruments to the truly unsettling sounds of unknown creatures.

  • 70 Horror-themed sound effects.
  • Features piano FX, horror voices, screams, and more.
  • Varied sounds are suitable for different settings and scenes.
  • High-quality WAV format for each sample.

Download Now

Top Free Halloween Samples

3. Free Creepy Sound Packs for Halloween (120)

Free Creepy Sound Packs For Halloween
Free Creepy Sound Packs For Halloween | Free Halloween Samples

The free creepy sound pack for Halloween is a collection of eerie sounds specifically made for haunting Halloween tunes by Reason Studios.

This sound pack is loaded with sounds ideal for boosting the spooky factor in your music projects.

One featured pack is the Halloween Monsters Sound Pack by Navi Retlav, consisting of 120 unique samples.

These sounds, ranging from tomato-smashing noises to fridge drones, were specifically recorded to emulate different monster and fear types.

Another frightful addition is the Halloween Sound Pack by Seán Murray.

Described as a mix between a John Carpenter score and a creepy carnival by the maker himself, this sound pack is sure to add a chilling touch to your projects.

  • 2 Unique Halloween-themed sound packs.
  • Each sound is made to represent different monster and fear types.

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4. Looperman Free Halloween Sounds (200)

Looperman Free Halloween Loops Samples Sounds
Looperman Free Halloween Loops Samples Sounds

The Looperman website is a platform that offers a variety of free Halloween-themed audio samples and loops.

These sounds are readily available for music creators and were generously uploaded by other users.

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5. Angelic Vibes Free Halloween Melody Pack (22)

The Angelic Vibes Free Halloween Melody Pack is a downloadable music toolkit.

It is designed to provide eerie and ambient melodies that can be incorporated into your music tracks.

This pack features 22 complete melodies, 75 individual loops, and 16 ambient effects, making it a versatile tool for any music project.

It is filled with unique melodies that range from dark trap rhythms to cinematic soundtracks.

The melody pack serves as inspiration for any dark or winter-themed music projects.

It is equally useful whether you are producing Hip Hop music, Lo-Fi instrumentals, or seeking background music for videos.

The melodies licensing is royalty-free, so you can use them for commercial projects.

  • Offers 22 full melodies
  • Includes 75 individual loops
  • Features 16 ambient effects
  • Ideal for dark or winter-themed projects
  • Great for providing background music for videos
  • Original and unique melodies
  • Royalty-free licensing

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6. Free Horror Sound Effects Part 2 (50)

Free Horror Sound Effects Part 2 | Horror Sample Packs
Free Horror Sound Effects Part 2 | Horror Sample Packs

The Free Horror Sound Effects pack offers a range of 50 eerie sounds for your music projects.

You will find a mixture of deep drones, heavy impacts, ambient pads, reverses, big risers, spine-chilling scrapes, and experimental synth sounds.

All these sounds are royalty-free, which means you can use them in your commercial projects without any concerns.

  • 50 Dark horror sounds
  • Includes deep drones and heavy impacts
  • Features ambient pads and reverses
  • All sounds are royalty-free for commercial use

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7. Sample Focus Halloween Sounds (29)

Sample Focus | Free Halloween Sounds
Sample Focus | Free Halloween Sounds

The Sample Focus website offers royalty-free Halloween audio samples, sounds, and loops.

These audio files are great for boosting the holiday atmosphere in any of your music projects.

With an array of themes ranging from dark, glitchy sounds to haunting piano melodies and aggressive dubstep, you’ll always have ideas to give your music a unique Halloween edge.

  • Features a collection of free Halloween-themed audio samples, sounds, and loops.
  • All audio samples are royalty-free.
  • Includes diverse audio themes such as dark, glitchy, haunting piano melodies and aggressive dubstep.
  • Each audio sample comes with information on its key signature, tempo (BPM), and duration.

Sample Focus

8. 99 Sounds Halloween Sound Effects (60)

99 Sounds Halloween Sound Effects
99 Sounds Halloween Sound Effects

The Halloween Sound Effects sound kit by 99Sounds is a free collection of high-quality horror sound effects, ideal for enhancing the atmosphere of your video projects, movie trailers, or YouTube and indie films.

Adding these unique noises to your work delivers a thrilling and eerie atmosphere, perfect for a Halloween-themed film or video.

This sample collection includes a range of sounds, from jumpscares and impacts to atmospheric noises.

The pack also provides creature noises, ghost sounds, and tension builders, among others.

With this collection, you can create your own spine-chilling horror vibe.

All sound effects provided are 100% royalty-free and available for instant download.

The audio files are delivered in 24-bit WAV format with a download size of 326 MB.

  • Free collection of high-quality horror sound effects
  • Perfect for movie trailers, music, indie films, and video projects
  • Range of sounds, including jumpscares, impacts, and atmospheres

Download Here

9. Free Halloween Samples (67)

Free Samples Halloween | Best Free Halloween Sounds
Free Samples Halloween | Best Free Halloween Sounds

This free Halloween sample pack is a unique collection specially crafted for music creators.

This Halloween-themed pack is loaded with spooky sounds, eerie atmospheres, and bone-chilling effects.

It delivers 67 fear-inducing sounds, perfect for setting a chilling vibe in your music.

The great news is that all of these samples are 100% royalty-free, meaning you can use them freely in your music projects without any copyright issues.

Worry not about the sound quality, as all the samples are mixed and ready to be used directly in your digital audio workstation (DAW).

Despite their spooky theme, these sounds can effortlessly fit into any bass music genre, like Dubstep, Drum and bass, Grime, Trap, and more.

  • Special Halloween-themed sound pack
  • Includes 67 uniquely spooky sounds
  • Sounds cleaned, edited, and mixed
  • Great for all bass music genres

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10. Halloween Requiem

Halloween Requiem | Download Free Halloween Samples

The Halloween Requiem is a high-quality producer sample pack with a dark Halloween theme.

It’s entirely free for the music production community and comes packed with a variety of royalty-free samples that help music creators enjoy greater versatility in their productions.

This pack not only includes WAV and MP3 samples but also full WAV STEM files.

You’ll have quick access to the BPM and key info of each track.

  • High-quality, royalty-free producer samples
  • Halloween-themed sound
  • WAV & MP3 Samples
  • Full WAV STEM files

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11. Halloween Pack (200)

Halloween Pack | Spooky Halloween Samples
Halloween Pack | Halloween Sound Samples

This is a valuable pack that contains a variety of samples, presets, and loops to help conjure the perfect eerie atmosphere in your music.

The pack includes over 200 royalty-free samples such as loops, one-shots, melodies, baselines, guitar loops, and Foley drums.

Grab the Halloween pack now and start creating spooky tunes in time for Halloween.

  • Offers a range of sounds, from drum loops to guitar loops.
  • Included are melody loops and basslines for creating a whole song.
  • 73 Free Serum Presets
  • 200 royalty-free samples

Download Here

12. Halloween Fxs (50)

Halloween Fxs | Halloween Music Samples
Halloween Fxs | Free Halloween Sample Downloads

The Halloween FX sound kit is a unique collection of horror-themed sound effects presented by Loop Cult.

This pack is designed to provide music creators with the essential sound to create a chilling and dark masterpiece.

This kit offers a variety of sounds, such as haunting ambiance, powerful impacts, and tense drones.

All of the sound effects in this collection are 100% royalty-free.

  • 53 Unique horror-themed sound effects
  • Features haunting ambiances, dark impacts, and tense drones
  • Royalty-free Halloween samples

Download Here

13. The Warehouse (116)

The Warehouse | Free Halloween Samples
The Warehouse Halloween Samples

The Warehouse sound kit is a free collection of horror sound effects and percussion sounds.

This sound library was developed by Richard Gould, who is also the creator of Percussa Toolbox.

The Warehouse provides a sample instrument containing a variety of SFX elements captured in a military storage location in the UK.

The Warehouse features over one hundred unique, chilling sounds, all recorded within an untouched environment of the facility.

  • 116 One-shot samples in 24-bit WAV format
  • Great for horror soundtrack projects

The Warehouse

14. Free Sound Effects (50+)

Free Sound Effects | Best Halloween Samples
Free Sound Effects | Scary Halloween Sample Packs

The free sound effect website is a source of scary and horror sounds available in both WAV and MP3 formats.

It includes a range of sound effects, from ghosts and monsters to witches and screams.

These sound effects are strictly for personal, non-commercial projects, as they do not come with a professional license for use.

  • Free scary and horror sound effects
  • WAV & MP3 formats
  • Sound effects like ghosts, monsters, screams, etc.

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15. XLNT Halloween Pack (50)

XLNT Halloween Pack | Halloween Sample Kits
XLNT Halloween Pack | 2024 Halloween Sample Packs

The XLNT Halloween Pack is a digital audio sample pack designed for music creators.

It includes 50 unique Bass One Shots that are tailor-made for Tearout, Riddim, and Dubstep styles of music.

Leverage this pack to produce your signature music, or just explore and experiment with new sounds.

  • Contains 50 Bass One Shots
  • Perfect for music producers focusing on Tearout, Riddim, and Dubstep genres


16. SampleRadar Pure Evil Samples (225)

SampleRadar Pure Evil Samples
SampleRadar Pure Evil Samples | Unique Halloween Sample Packs

The SampleRadar Pure Evil Samples offers a collection of bleak and fearful sounds for music creators.

  • Contains guitar and string sounds divided into five tempo-labelled folders.
  • All samples are provided as 24-bit WAV files for easy import into your DAW or sampler.
  • Royalty-free Halloween samples

Pure Evil

How to Make A Spooky Halloween Beat

Here is a great tutorial on how to make a Halloween beat in FL Studio. The free Halloween samples in our article would be sure to help out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download these free Halloween sample packs?

Click on the links above to be directed to the download page of each sample pack. Make sure you comply with any terms of use mentioned on the download pages.

Is it required to have a subscription or membership to download these packs?

Most of the packs included in our list are available for free without needing a membership or subscription. Some platforms might require you to create a free account or may ask for your email address.

Can I use these Halloween samples for commercial projects?

The licensing conditions vary for each sample pack. While some of the samples are available for free and can be used commercially, others may require attribution or have other stipulations. Check the terms of use for each pack before using them in commercial projects.

I hope you found this list of free Halloween samples and free Halloween sample packs useful.

Good luck with crafting horrifying tracks.

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