1,200 Free Drum & Bass Samples

Here are the best free drum and bass samples, sample packs, and loops to download online. These websites offer thousands of royalty-free drum and bass samples to inspire new drum and bass tracks.

Drum and bass, a genre that has captivated the hearts of many, is known for its fast-paced beats and intricate rhythms. Finding the right samples can be a game-changer for those passionate about creating music in this genre.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free drum and bass sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Best Free Drum And Bass Samples

  1. Free DnB Drum Kit
  2. AKAS Dnb Essentials Sample Pack
  3. Free Samples Vol. 6
  4. Atomic Drum and Bass Loops
  5. Drum and Bass Drum Loops
  6. 20 Drum and Bass Drumloops
  7. Free Liquid Drum & Bass Samples
  8. Neurofunk
  9. Arachne Drum & Bass Sample Pack
  10. Drum and Bass Kit
  11. Scartip: Free Drum & Bass Sample Pack
  12. Rhythm Lab Drum N Bass Drum Loops
  13. SampleRadar Mistabishi DnB Samples
  14. Liquid DnB Sample Pack
  15. Pixabay
  16. Looperman
  17. Sample Focus
  18. Free Drum & Bass Samples Vol. 2
  19. Drum ‘N’ Bass Pad Samples
  20. Free Drum N Bass FX Samples

Seeking inspiration for your next track? Explore the best free music samples for creativity.

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Free DnB (Drum and Bass) Drum Kit

Free DnB Drum And Bass Drum Kit–Breaks N Beats
Free DnB Drum And Bass Drum Kit–Breaks N Beats

The Free DnB Drum Kit by Producers Buzz is a comprehensive set tailored for music creators passionate about drum and bass. This kit lets users access 13 diverse drum and bass drum kits bundled into a single, user-friendly download.

The pack offers a mix of beats, breaks, DnB variations, FX, hats, kicks, and snares.

  • 450 unique sounds
  • Dedicated FX, hats, kicks, and snares sections
  • Ideal for drum and bass projects

View Website

AKAS Dnb Essentials Sample Pack

AKAS Dnb Essentials Sample Pack
AKAS Dnb Essentials Sample Pack

The AKAS Dnb essentials sample pack is your go-to toolkit for creating top-notch drum and bass music. Offered by AKAS, this pack ensures that music creators have the essential sounds and beats at their fingertips.

Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned creator, this pack simplifies the music-making process.


Free Samples Vol.6 – Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Free Samples Vol 6 Drum Bass Sample Pack
Free Samples Vol 6 Drum Bass Sample Pack

Ghost Syndicate introduces Free Samples Volume 6, a Drum and bass sample pack tailor-made for music creators. This collection is packed with precision-mastered loops and one-shots, guaranteeing the best quality for your music projects.

Every file is conveniently tempo and key labeled, ensuring seamless integration into your tracks.

  • Drum and bass loops and one-shots
  • All files tempo and key labelled
  • 5 Atmo Loops and 5 FX Loops
  • 15 Bass Loops and 4 Synth Loops
  • 60 Drum & Percussion Loops
  • Variety of percussive sounds: Kicks, Snares, Hats, and more

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Atomic Drum and Bass Loops

Atomic Drum And Bass Loops
Atomic Drum And Bass Loops

Atomic Drum and Bass Loops is a dynamic mix of free loops specially curated for drum and bass or jungle fans. Each loop runs at 170 BPM, ensuring the perfect tempo for your creations.

From dynamic bass loops to creative vocal samples, this collection promises to add that extra punch to your tracks.

  • Take advantage of these electrifying sounds!
  • 21 Drum loops
  • 9 Synth Loops
  • 20 Vocal Loops
  • WAV format
  • Perfect for Drum and Bass or Jungle genres

Atomic Pack

Drum and Bass Drum Loops

Drum And Bass Drum Loops Ghosthack
Drum And Bass Drum Loops Ghosthack

Drum and Bass Drum Loops offers a dedicated set of loops ideal for Drum and Bass and Neurofunk creations. It goes the extra mile by breaking down the drum elements, giving you separate files for hi-hats, snares, and bass drums.

This way, you can mix and match to design the perfect rhythm for your project. With every loop set to a tempo of 172 BPM, you’re all set to create some energetic tunes.

  • All loops at a consistent 172BPM tempo
  • Separate stems for hi-hats, snares, and bass drums
  • High-quality sound samples


20 Drum and Bass Drumloops

20 Drum And Bass Drumloops
20 Drum And Bass Drumloops

Ghosthack has carefully curated this package, offering a mix of drum and bass loops and glitchy beats. The high-quality WAV format ensures clear and pristine sounds every time.

  • Features 15 drum and bass loops
  • Includes an additional 5 glitch loops
  • Tempo variety with 170bpm and 178bpm loops
  • 10 One-shot samples for distinct drum layers
  • 24-bit High-quality WAV files

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Free Liquid Drum & Bass Samples

Free Liquid Drum And Bass Samples
Free Liquid Drum And Bass Samples

Free Liquid Drum and Bass Samples by Ghosthack is a creative collection crafted especially for music creators passionate about Liquid Drum and Bass. Discover a range of atmospheres, enticing basslines, rhythmic drums, lively percussion, and melodic synth sounds complemented by impressive FX.

This pack combines 44 premium samples and loops, providing essential tools to enhance and elevate your next track.

  • Dynamic drum and percussion elements
  • Melodic synth sounds
  • Unique FX sounds

Liquid Pack


Neurofunk Free Sample Pack
Neurofunk Free DNB Sample Pack

The Neurofunk free sample pack by Ghosthack offers a curated set of 70 royalty-free samples and loops crafted for Drum, Bass, and Neurofunk projects. Explore the punchy dynamics of 21 Neuro Basslines and 14 Reeces that seamlessly fit into your music projects.

The pack also offers robust Drum Loops and individual drum one-shots for custom rhythm creations. The deep pads add an atmospheric touch, while the Riser and Cymbal FX elevate your track transitions.

  • 70 royalty-free samples and loops
  • Features 21 Neuro Basslines
  • 5 Drum Loops for rhythmic layers
  • One-shots: 6 Kicks, 7 Snares, 5 Hi-Hats
  • Enhance transitions with 5 Risers and 2 Cymbal FX
  • Files at 172BPM, 24bit WAV format, 44.1khz


Arachne – Free Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Arachne Drum Bass Sample Pack
Arachne Drum Bass Sample Pack

This free drum and bass pack combines pulsating bass lines, ethereal synth pads, and melodic piano licks. It also features select FX and an array of percussive sounds to elevate your tracks.

  • 11 Bass loops
  • 44 Synth loops
  • 15 Drum loops
  • FX loops
  • 35 Percussion hits
  • 100% royalty-free


Drum and Bass Kit

Drum And Bass Kit
Free Drum And Bass Kit

The Drum and Bass Kit by Ghosthack is an all-in-one sound kit for music creators aiming to craft compelling Drum and Bass tracks. It includes a fully separated STEM construction kit with additional bass, percussion, and synth loops to fuel your creativity.

This pack provides 68 diverse files, ensuring a broad sonic palette for your projects.

  • Drum and Bass Construction Kit
  • Full STEM-separated tracks
  • Bass, percussion, and synth loops
  • Free MIDI files are included
  • 100% Royalty-free

View Kit

Scartip: Free Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Scartip Free Drum Bass Sample Pack
Scartip Free Drum Bass Sample Pack

The Scartip Drum & Bass Sample Pack from Compound Audio is a must-have for music creators eager to enhance their sound collection.

Exclusively designed by Scartip, this pack delivers a range of top-notch Drum and bass samples.

With everything from crisp kicks and sharp snares to ambient foley and diverse fx, it offers a comprehensive array of sounds to enrich your tracks.

  • Assortment of Drum and bass samples
  • Crisp kicks and sharp snares
  • Ambient foley and diverse fx included
  • Wide-ranging sound selection

Scartip Pack

Rhythm Lab Free Drum N Bass Drum Loops

Rhythm Lab Free Drum N Bass Drum Loops
Rhythm Lab Free Drum N Bass Drum Loops

The Rhythm Lab free drum n bass drum loops sound kit is your go-to resource for unique and unreleased drum and bass loops.

Specially crafted for fans of the drumfunk and chopping styles, these loops range from 148 to 178 BPM, ensuring versatility for your musical projects.

Bring a fresh touch to your drum & bass tracks with these high-quality samples.

  • Features unreleased drum & bass loops
  • Loops range from 148-178 BPM

Rhythm Lab

SampleRadar Mistabishi DnB Samples

SampleRadar Mistabishi DnB Samples
SampleRadar Mistabishi DnB Samples

The SampleRadar Mistabishi DnB Samples is an exciting collection curated for music creators looking for drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep sounds.

Crafted by the talented James Pullen, known for his work as Mistabishi, these samples offer high-quality audio experiences.

These 24-bit WAV files integrate seamlessly into most DAWs and samplers.

Plus, they’re royalty-free, allowing creators to use them in their tunes without any constraints.

  • 50 Select drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep samples
  • 24-bit WAV file format
  • Compatible with most DAWs and samplers
  • Royalty-free


Liquid DnB Sample Pack

Liquid DnB Sample Pack
Liquid DnB Sample Pack

The Liquid DnB Sample Pack by Highpass offers music creators a reliable source of drum and bass sounds.

Produced by Highpass, known for quality music, this pack equips creators with diverse sound elements like drum loops, Reese bass loops, and noise textures.

Each sound is carefully organized into folders, ensuring easy access and smooth workflow.

With sizeable 402 MB content in 32-bit WAV format, users get both quantity and quality.

  • Contains drum loops, top loops, kicks, snares, and more
  • 402 MB of quality sound content
  • 32bit WAV format
  • Organized structure with labeled folders
  • Royalty-free

Liquid DnB


Pixabay 1

The Pixabay Drum-and-Bass Collection is a versatile sound effects library tailored for music creators. It boasts 584 royalty-free drum-and-bass sound effects and is a rich resource for anyone looking to enhance their next project.

The collection includes a variety of unique sounds, from the energetic “Amen Break” to the rhythmic “Grinder Drum Loop.”

With easy-to-download MP3 formats, these sounds are designed to fit into any music production software seamlessly.

  • Wide range of unique sound samples
  • Royalty-free
  • MP3 format
  • No attribution is required
  • Suitable for various music projects




The Looperman drum and bass collection offers an array of free drum and bass loops, samples, and sounds perfect for the modern music creator.

Generously provided by the community, these samples span various software platforms, including Acid, FL Studio, Ableton, and more.


Sample Focus

Sample Focus
Sample Focus

Sample Focus is your go-to online destination for royalty-free Drum and bass sounds.

Curated by a dedicated community, this site prioritizes quality and variety.

Their extensive library is updated daily, ensuring fresh sounds for every project.
Royalty-free Drum and bass sounds
Community-curated and uploaded samples

Sample Focus

Free Drum and Bass Samples Vol. 2

Free Drum And Bass Samples Vol 2
Free Drum And Bass Samples Vol 2

Free Drum and Bass Samples Vol. 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to Ghosthack’s widely acclaimed first volume of Neurofunk and Drum and Bass samples.

Back by popular demand and refined with enhanced quality, this pack delivers a curated selection of drum and bass drum loops, basslines, and one-shots to elevate your music projects.

Each sound is designed to provide you with the essential tools for creating standout tracks.

  • 100 premium sounds
  • Loops and one-shot samples
  • 16 Basslines
  • 14 Hi-hat loops
  • 16 Kick and snare loops
  • 28 kicks and 7 snares
  • 4 Percussion loops
  • 7 Individual percussions
  • Royalty-free license


SampleRadar Free Drum ‘N’ Bass Pad Samples

SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass Pad Samples
SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass Pad Samples

SampleRadar Free Drum ‘N’ Bass Pad Samples offers an expansive collection designed for music creators eager to elevate their drum ‘n’ bass tracks.

MusicRadar presents this package with 130 lush chords and drones crafted to infuse your projects with a grand and immersive ambiance.

These samples can easily be integrated into any DAW or sampler thanks to their high-quality 24-bit WAV format.

  • Contains 130 sweeping chords and drones
  • Enhances drum ‘n’ bass tracks
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers
  • 100% royalty-free for complete creative freedom


SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass FX Samples

SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass FX Samples
SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass FX Samples

The SampleRadar Fee Drum N Bass FX Samples is a curated collection that enhances your drum ‘n’ bass creations.

Dive deep into a selection of risers, descenders, impactful sounds, and intriguing abstract noises.

Perfect for music creators looking to add a unique touch to their DnB projects, these FX samples are designed to captivate and surprise.

  • Dedicated to drum ‘n’ bass FX sounds
  • Includes risers, descenders, and impacts
  • 24-bit WAV files
  • Royalty-free


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Drum and bass sample packs?

These are curated collections of audio files designed explicitly for Drum and bass music production. They encompass a variety of sounds, from kicks, snares, and hi-hats to atmospheric pads, basslines, and more, tailored to the unique sound of Drum and bass.

Are all these drum and bass samples really free?

Yes, all the sample packs listed in the blog post are free for download. However, always check the terms of use for each pack, as some might require attribution or have other usage restrictions.

How do I download the sample packs?

To get your hands on any sample packs, you only need to click on the link that matches the one you’re after. This will take you directly to the original source website, where you’ll find the pack and be able to follow the step-by-step instructions to download it.

Can I use these samples in commercial projects?

It’s important to review the terms of use for each sample pack, as even though many of them are royalty-free, some may have requirements such as attribution or restrictions on commercial use.

Are the sample packs compatible with [DAW Name, e.g., FL Studio, Ableton, etc.]?

Most sample packs consist of WAV files or other common audio formats, making them compatible with virtually all DAWs. Check the file format before downloading if you have specific compatibility concerns.

How are these sample packs curated?

The sample packs are selected based on their quality, uniqueness, and relevance to the Drum and bass genre. I’ve also considered user reviews and recommendations from reputable music production communities.

I’m new to music production. How do I use these samples?

Once you’ve downloaded a sample pack, extract the files and import them into your DAW. From there, you can drag and drop the samples into your project, manipulate them, and integrate them into your tracks.

How can I preview the sounds before downloading?

Some of the linked websites might offer previews of the samples. If you still need to, you can often find demos or review videos online that showcase the sounds included in the pack.

Can I share or redistribute these sample packs?

While you’re free to use most of these samples in your music projects, redistributing the sample packs themselves might violate the terms of use. Always refer to the original source’s guidelines before sharing or redistributing.

I hope you found this free drum and bass sample pack list helpful.

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