Beat Selling Website Checklist

This article was written on the Music Maker WordPress theme help website for the users of the template. But if you have a music website or a website in general, here are a few questions you should ask yourself when building a website.

Beat Selling Website Checklist

When seeing users of the Music Maker theme I have seen some people do some wonderful things that have inspired me. But I have also seen tons of people make some bad confusing choices on their websites.

It’s kind of like MySpace. MySpace was cool because you could customize the layout of your page. But then people would mess up their pages with things they thought were cool, which would make it hard to read text, hard to find links, they would be spammy, and they would add way to many distractions.

Question: What is the overall goal of your website?

Whatever it is creating a great user experience is a must.

You need to make it incredibly easy for your website visitor to do what you want them to do. So you need to think about how graphics, text, links, widgets, and banners all affect your goal. If distractions are getting in the way of that goal, get rid of them.

You may have a number of goals, but you need to set priority levels on your goals. What’s more important, getting a new social fan or making money off selling a beat? What’s more important, having a big banner to an affiliate link or collecting emails to market to in the future?

You need to eliminate distractions to reach your website goals.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching Your Website

  1. Is your website easy to use / navigate? ( Get a second opinion )
  2. Do you have a distracting website background image that distracts visitors from your content and from buying beats?
  3. Is the text on your site spammy? Meaning is it all talk about BUY, BUY, BUY!
  4. Does the content on your website sound professional?
  5. When visiting your site, does it look like your site is run by a real person or is it just a faceless website?
  6. Do all your homepage banners display / link properly? Does the messaging meet with your goals?
  7. Is your logo the right size in the header and does it look right next to the social icons? Is your logo to big and pushing your site down?
  8. Do you have too many links in the navigation menu?
  9. Does your website look glitchy because of bad code and plugin add-ons?
  10. Do you have nice looking images or are your images blurred / stretched?
  11. Does your homepage banners link to external sites? If so, is it your goal to send people away from your site as soon as they land on your site?
  12. Are your beat names easy to remember?
  13. Have you researched your competitor’s websites to see what they are going great?
  14. Do you have professional looking branding? ( Checkout 50 Creative Logo Templates to Look Professional )
  15. Have you tested all contact and email forms?

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