What Is Trap Music?

This guide will answer what is Trap Music, provide examples of trap music, and explain the history of this popular music genre.

  1. What is Trap Music
  2. Examples Of Trap Music
  3. How Is Trap Different From Rap Music
  4. Who Invented Trap Music
  5. What Is The Trap BPM
  6. What Makes A Beat Trap
  7. How Do You Make A Trap Melody
  8. What Is Trap Slang For
  9. What Is The Best Trap Music
  10. Trap Music Overview

What is Trap Music?

Trap Music is a music style that combines elements of Hip Hop, Rap Music, Electronic Dance Music, Electro House, and Dubstep.

The lyrical theme of trap music must be based upon the general life and culture of the trap. As per& Wikipedia, the term Trap means a place where drug deals take place.

The trap music style has gone through an evolution. It might be lesser-known compared to a more prolific style of music, but still, it has a loyal fanbase.

What is Trap Music
What is Trap Music

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Although it has its roots in rap, it also crosses over to other genres like hip-hop and EDM. You should expect a tempo of around 130-170 BPM and an aggressive sound.

Note that the trap sound can vary depending on the artist and the genre. In some songs, you might hear dubstep and techno beats with intense drum samples. While in others, you might get a hip-hop vibe and rap beats.

Who Invented Trap Music?

What Is An Example Of Trap Music?

2021 Best Trap Music

Here are some examples of trap songs:

Turn On The Lights – Future131 BPM
I Don’t Like – Chief Keef132 BPM
Saint Tropez – Post Malone132 BPM
I Do – Cardi B135 BPM
Neva End – Future135 BPM
Old Town Road – Lil Nas X136 BPM
Trap House – Gucci Mane150 BPM
Mask Off – Future150 BPM

How Is Trap Different From Hip Hop & Rap Music?

Trap music focuses on the synthesis of instrumentals and beats. Whereas rap music mainly focuses on the lyricism and the rhythm of the words to the song.

Rap music uses steadier beats at slower tempos. Trap music uses less consistent beats at faster tempos.

Who Invented Trap Music?

Although it is hard to tell who exactly invented Trap music, rappers UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, Cool Breeze, Kilo Ali, Master P, and Ghetto Mafia were among the first rappers to introduce trap music in the early 1990s.

During the 2000s, after the success of several albums and singles released, trap music started to emerge.

In 2003, T.I.’s second studio album Trap Muzik was released, which sold over 2.1 million copies and achieved major commercial success.

In 2012, a new movement started where electronic music producers and DJs started incorporating the elements of trap music in their works. Due to this, its popularity extended among electronic music fans as well.

What Is The Trap BPM?

The tempo of a trap is generally from 130-170 BPM. However, the average tempo of trap music is about 140 BPMs.

Some trap songs can be as slow as 100-130 BPM. At the same time, others can be as fast as 150-200 BPM.

What Makes A Beat Trap?

A trap beat is a backing track of trap music. The trap music features:

  • Rolling kick and bass sounds
  • Processed vocals
  • Shuffling hi-hats

The tempo of a trap beat is generally between 130 – 170 BPM. Due to this fast metronome, trap rappers either follow the fast pulse of hi-hats or feel the groove in half tempo and follow the kick or bass groove.

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Another distinctive factor of trap beats is Roland 808 drum machine type kick.&

Trap beats can be of the following types:

  • Hard Trap Beat – These beats are more rhythm-focused and contain fewer melodic elements.
  • Guitar Trap Beat – It utilizes guitar
  • Dark Trap Beat – It uses the aggressive nature of heavy low-end sounds.

How Do You Make A Trap Melody?


Here are some tempo and song structure examples that trap artists use for their tracks.&

  • You can set your tempo in the ideal range of 140-150 BPM.
  • Then you can get your beats down. You can start with an eighth-note pulse, and you can create hi-hats to create the bounce.
  • You can create your melody, and then you can also repeat it on a loop.
  • Make sure to also add 808 patterns and kick drum.
  • You can put your snare on beat 3 and beat 1, instead of beat 2 and 4. You can keep it high and also layer in more percussion.
  • In order to create that edgy street sound, you can use distortion at the time of edit. You can also add some synthesizers, reverb, and clap.

What Is Trap Slang For?

Trap is an Atlanta slang word that means a house used to sell drugs exclusively.

What Is The Best Trap Music?

Here are some of the best trap music:

#1. Jaguar – What So Not

It was released in 2013, and as soon as it was released, it started to get traction. This song has heavy bass, killer drop, and a catchy melody. It is also one of the best trap songs to dance as it has a very pop EDM vibe.

#2. Dum Dee Dum – Keys & Krates

This is a hit song, especially at parties, since it has a catchy melody and an amazing drop.

#3. Harlem Shake – Baauer

This song was released in 2012. It was recorded by American DJ and musician Baauer. This song has high energy and can make you move.

#4. Kinjabang – TroyBoi

This is one of the most out-of-the-box kinds of trap songs. Troyboi has been a prominent trap artist in the trap music world. This song has an oriental music influence mixed with hip-hop.

#5. The Drop – Bro Safari

This is a 2013 hit song by Bro Safari. This song has a very catchy tune which is perfect for dancing.

Trap Music Overview

Trap music emerged in the 1990s in the Southern United States and is another branch of Hip Hop. Trap Music is an up-tempo, Hip Hop style of music with heavy bass and dark synths. The name comes from the Atlanta slang word, “Trap”, which refers to a house where drugs are sold.

This new subgenre of hip hop, often associated with the trap sound and heavily influenced by gangsta rap, captured the essence of street life, sometimes referred to in trap lyrics as life in ‘trap houses.’

In its early days, trap music was a unique and fresh approach to the hip-hop scene, led by dedicated trap artists, many of whom were Southern rappers.

A key ingredient of trap music is the Roland TR-drum machine, responsible for the hard-hitting beats, bass-heavy sound, and the notorious triple-timed hi-hats. This music created an entirely new genre that resonated with fans and artists alike. Trap records, often filled with these trap elements, quickly started topping the hip-hop charts, a testament to its major influence in the music industry.

But trap music isn’t confined within the borders of hip-hop. Over time, trap music has begun to penetrate the pop music sphere as well. The modern trap sound, fused with electronic dance music, has given rise to EDM trap music, a testament to the genre’s versatility. This trap-influenced EDM has drawn pop artists, pop stars, and EDM artists into the trap music scene, creating a party atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of music lovers.

Many artists, not just mainstream rap artists or trap rappers, have been attracted to the trap sound. This has led to a widespread cultural impact, with radio stations playing everything from a trap hit to a rap song influenced by trap. Even the music industry has recognized the significance of this, with many trap producers gaining mainstream popularity and recognition.

The history of trap music is a testament to its resilience and ability to adapt, transforming from a niche genre into a mainstream phenomenon. Whether it’s a catchy trap hit like ‘Trap Queen,’ or the darker tones of trap rap, trap music continues to shape the sound of modern music. Its influence can be seen in many areas of music, from the trap music scene to the EDM trap and even in the pop music charts.

In conclusion, the legacy of trap music can be found in the work of countless hip-hop artists and the evolution of the music industry itself.

The genre has been a major influence on many artists and has left an indelible mark on the music industry as a whole. Despite its roots in portraying the dangerous lifestyle of the streets, trap music has blossomed into a genre that transcends social, cultural, and musical boundaries.

I hope we answered what is Trap music, and you have a good understanding of it.

If we missed anything, please share it in the comments.

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