5 Places You Need to Listen When Mixing Audio

Here is a list of five places you should always test new beats and music when mixing audio to ensure it sounds great everywhere.

It is best practice to test your audio mixes in different places to make sure that it sounds like it should on all devices. There is nothing worse than sending someone a great beat or song and it sounds terrible.

You always want to make sure your music avoids audio clipping, it’s at a good volume, the instruments are properly mixed, and the high and low frequencies sound the way you want.

So here are five places to test when mixing audio.

Places You Need to Listen When Mixing Audio

5 Places You Need to Listen When Mixing Audio

1. Music Headphones

Music Headphones
Tomasz Gaw

Headphones will be one of the most popular ways people listen to your music on the go. It is great to test your music in headphones to hear all the subtle sounds and frequencies.

There is a wide variety of headphones.

There are cheap headphones that are standard with most phones, headphones that are made specifically for mixing audio like the Audio-Technica ATH-M30x, and headphones that add extra bass frequencies like the Beats by Dre headphones.

You should test with all the headphones you can.

You should avoid making music with headphones that add extra bass because this sound will not be the same for the average listener.

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2. Computer Speakers

Test Audio Mixes on Laptop Computers
Nikolay Tarashchenko

Most music is listened to through computer speakers, so test out your mixed on a laptop to hear how it sounds on potentially terrible speakers.

3. Car Speakers

Test Audio Mixes in Your Car
Humberto Arellano

Test your music in your car and turn the volume up to imagine how others will listen to the music.

Video: The Car Test: Why it Works (and how to make your mix translate)

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3. Studio Monitors

Audio Mixing with Studio Monitors
Troy T

Test your audio mixes on professional studio monitors which are supposed to give you a clear professional sound to help with mixing.

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5. Phone Speakers

Test Audio on Your Phone
Ben Kolde

Test your music on your phone speakers to see how it sounds.

Not all phone speakers will sound the same, but test on at least one phone device to get a general idea of how the music sounds on it.

So these are our tips for testing out new beats and music when mixing audio.

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Where do you test out your music when mixing audio?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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