9 Best Websites to Find Music Production Jobs

Here are the best online job boards to find music production jobs for music producers, musicians, engineers, sound designers, and more.

Music production jobs are becoming more and more popular with the music industry booming, there is a high demand for qualified individuals to fill these positions.

The problem is that many people don’t know where to look when they’re trying to find music production jobs online.

This blog post will highlight the best websites that you can use to search for music production jobs. It will also highlight some of the different types of job openings available on each site.

Best Websites to Find Music Production Jobs
The Best Websites to Find Music Production Jobs

Where to Find Music Production Jobs

One of the most popular places to find music production jobs is on online job boards.

Here you’ll be able to search through thousands of listings that are available at any given time and apply for whatever positions suit your needs.

1. LinkedIn


One great place to find music production jobs is LinkedIn. If you’re not familiar with the website, it’s essentially a social media platform that allows users to network and look for jobs in their field of expertise.

While they don’t have an entire section dedicated specifically toward music production positions, most individuals who work in this industry will post open positions here if they aren’t available elsewhere.

Types of music jobs available:

  • Music producer
  • Audio production coordinator
  • Festival producer
  • Music production & distribution specialist
  • Music Instructor

2. Indeed


Indeed is a site that aggregates job listings from all over the web, making it easy to filter by location and other key factors. This makes searching for production jobs extremely convenient while still giving you access to an extensive list of openings.

Types of audio jobs available:

  • Music producer
  • Studio manager
  • Music composer
  • Music Director
  • Part-Time & Full Time
  • Audio engineer technician
  • Studio assistant

3. ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter is another job board that aggregates listings from all over the web. The nice thing about this site in particular is that you can set up email alerts for when new production jobs are posted within a certain radius of your location.

Type of sound jobs available:

  • Studio manager
  • Audio engineer (or similar)
  • Recording Engineers
  • Part-Time & Full Time
  • Professional music producer/sound designer
  • Editor/music engraver

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a site that allows you to search through thousands of job listings using filters like salary and location, making it easy for users to narrow down their options. If you’re currently unemployed or looking for a new position, this website provides access to some great music production jobs with companies from all over the world.

Types of music producer jobs available:

  • Music composer
  • Music producer
  • Audio engineer
  • Music video editor
  • Part-Time & Full Time

5. Upwork

Upwork is a job site where recruiters from all over the world post jobs. However, it’s particularly useful if you have some experience in music production and are looking to freelance or hire out your services. There are tons of individuals who need help with sound design, mixing & mastering, composition, etc., so this website provides access to plenty of work opportunities for those willing to put themselves out there!

Types of music careers available:

  • Sound engineer/audio designer (freelance)
  • Music tutor (online lessons)
  • Social media manager (for musicians/labels)
  • Composer/songwriter (freelance)

6. CraigsList

CraigsList is known for people selling items online. But they also have a very popular job board. When visiting the website, select your city and state.

Types of music jobs available:

  • Music Instructors
  • Studio Coordinator
  • Music Teachers
  • Music Artist Manager

7. Simply Hired

SimplyHired is another job board that aggregates listings from all over the web. However, this site tends to focus on white-collar jobs and office roles more than the others we’ve mentioned so far. If you’re looking for a music production position in an actual studio or other professional settings, it’s worth checking out!

Types of music production jobs available:

  • Studio assistant
  • Record producer
  • Sound engineer
  • Music producer
  • Music manager

8. Jooble

Jooble is a job search engine that uses Google Maps to show you where the jobs are. It’s another fantastic resource if you’re looking for music production work and want to narrow your results by location, as it can be difficult on some of these sites to filter listings in this way.

Types of music jobs are available:

  • Music producer
  • Sound designer/audio engineer
  • Music studio manager
  • Studio assistant

9. Entertainment Careers

Another online job board that gathers listings from a variety of sources is Entertainment Careers. However, this site tends to focus on music and entertainment jobs in general, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for work in fields other than just music production or sound design.

Types of music jobs available:

  • Sound engineer/audio designer
  • Professional musician
  • DJ & club manager
  • Music producer

Tips For Applying For Music Jobs Online

When doing a music job search, it’s essential to stay organized. Keep track of all the places where you applied by creating a spreadsheet or document.

This will help when employers reach out asking about other openings. You can quickly provide them with links based on location/job type etc. This also ensures that you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities.

How To Get A Job In The Music Industry & Get Hired!

Another piece of advice is to be as specific as possible when applying for music production jobs online.

If a job posting asks for experience in “audio engineering”, state that that you have these skills. This will help the employer see your relevant qualifications and hopefully lead to an interview.

Here are some additional tips to make sure you make a good first impression and land your next music job:

  1. Be prepared with all the information they need to know about you, such as your education, skills, and references
  2. Put together a killer resume
  3. Use videos and pictures to show off your skills
  4. Have a cover letter that shows enthusiasm and demonstrates how great of a fit you will be for their company
  5. Have one or two sentences about why this position is perfect for you
  6. Use keywords they used in the job ad when applying

Music Job Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a few questions in mind that you want to ask before you apply for any of these jobs.

How Do I Get A Job In Music Production?

To get a job in music production, browse online job boards to see what is available. If you have friends or connections in the music industry, ask if they know of any available music jobs and to keep you in mind if they hear of any. Getting a referral to a job is one of the best ways to land a new job.

Many jobs will only hire people with experience. So you may want to consider an internship or lower pay to add the work experience and knowledge to your resume.

Doing smaller jobs can lead to much bigger jobs, new connections, and referrals.

Knowing the right people can help you land your dream job.

Is It Hard To Get A Job In Music Production?

Applying for jobs in the music industry can be tricky. Depending on your location and experience, employment may be limited. Even if you live in a good area, the market may be oversaturated. But if you gain the proper knowledge and make the right connections, getting a job in music may not be hard.

There are a variety of jobs in the music industry. From those who work as producers and sound engineers to those who work as songwriters and composers, music production offers many opportunities for individuals looking for work.

There are many different types of music jobs out there, and some people will be more qualified than others with specific skill sets. Still, it is essential to remember that even those without any experience can get started by applying for entry-level positions.

To be successful in the field, one must have a passion for music, have a mindset for learning, and be flexible for different opportunities.

Is Music Production A Lucrative Career?

Music production is a promising career for those who are passionate about music and enjoy working with sound. It is not an easy job, but it is definitely a fun one!

A career in music production can be rewarding for those who enjoy the creativity involved. A typical day might include recording, mixing, and mastering tracks – all of which are fun tasks to perform!

There is also an element of business included, so you must learn how to market yourself well if you want your work to shine through. Music production is not just about being creative – it’s also about knowing how to sell yourself and your work.

What Kind Of Job Can You Get With A Music Production Degree?

The canvas of music production is enormous, and there are so many different jobs available, such as audio engineer, recording studio manager, or working in film sound.

There are lots of opportunities for those who want to pursue this career! If you enjoy the idea of being involved with music, then it might just be right for you.

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How Do You Get A Job As A Music Producer?

Creating music can be very satisfying creatively. However, actually getting your foot in the door takes some serious effort if you want to build up an impressive resume.

It’s wise to be patient while networking within small circles until more opportunities arise naturally instead of rushing into things prematurely without having enough experience.

Once they have some experience, music producers can find jobs in a variety of different areas, and it is essential to be flexible.

For example, some music producers work as freelance artists. This means that they license their music out to companies or advertisers looking for background music in movies, television shows, commercials, etc.

Some others produce tracks with singers or rappers who pay them royalties on top of what they earn from the record label.

And finally, some music producers are hired by the corporate sector to create music for products or companies which they can use in their marketing campaigns.

What Are The Best Paying Music Jobs?

Some of the highest-paying music jobs are in the following fields:

The Best Jobs in the Audio Industry

What Is A Music Producer’s Salary?

It depends on the type of music production job you have. Wages can range from $40,000 to well over six figures per year for a music producer.

The median annual income is estimated at $51,000, according to payscale.com.

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We wish you luck in finding a job in music production. With these websites, you can find jobs across the United States from Los Angeles to New York.

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