How to Use Email Autoresponders to Increase Sells

Here are 6 tips on how you can use email autoresponders to promote your beats, products, music, and services more effectively.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate directly with your audience. You can’t just post things on social media and hope people will see your messages.

So it is best to capture email addresses to promote and market your message too.

Email Marketing Tips

What Are Email Autoresponders?

Email autoresponders are a sequence of emails that you create to go out automatically once a person signs up for your email list.

Here is an example of an email autoresponder sequence:

  1. Introduction – Sent immediately after the user submits an email address.
  2. Music Tips – Provide helpful music tips, sent 3 days after sign-up.
  3. Products – Promote your available products, sent 6 days after sign up.
  4. Services – Promote your music services, sent 9 days after sign up.

You can pretty much plan and create hundreds of emails to be sent out at future dates.

You should automate this process because it would take too much time to send all these people emails manually.

If you set up email autoresponders you can have emails go out in a specific order to share helpful information and then persuade them to buy from you once they know you are someone they trust.

So here are seven tips on how to use email autoresponders to increase your income and build a better relationship with your audience.

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How to Use Email Autoresponders to Increase Sells

1. Build a Relationship & Trust First

Email Autoresponders - Know How to Collect Email Addresses

The first step to build the foundation for any of your marketing strategies, including autoresponders, is to build a relationship of trust with your audience.

When you are trying to build a relationship with them, you shouldn’t go directly into selling.

A good way to build trust is to share helpful information.

When you give to others, they tend to want to give back to you. It’s The Law of Reciprocity.

Start with small steps. Respond to comments in social media, asking your clients how was their experience, how they think you can improve, etc.

Soon it will pay off, you will be creating a reliable customer-service relationship that will encourage your audience to embrace your brand and pass the word forward.

So use autoresponders to build a relationship over some time.

2. Be Supportive

Be prepared to answer an occasional question or opinion from your customers. Show your audience that they are part of your brand too and that you’re there to listen.

But just don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Create it!

Ask your customers personally if they have any problems that they need help solving.

Don’t be afraid to offer your help.

The sooner you show your lead that you’re there to listen, the better their experience will be.

3. Learn How to Collect Email Addresses

One of the most popular strategies to collect email addresses is to offer a free download for your visitor’s email address.

That way your audience will feel you’re being fair.

If you are selling a course, for instance, you can maybe offer the first lesson for free within the first email message.

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4. Share Great Content at the Right Time

Share Great Content at the Right Time

It doesn’t do any good to have a killer email funnel/marketing plan but poor content. Many beginner entrepreneurs overlook the importance of great and helpful content, at the right place of the funnel and at the right time.

That is, make sure your email content is aligned with your funnel. For instance, someone who just signed up to your email list should receive a greetings message, as opposed to a lead who’s already subscribed for some time.

5. Promote Your Products & Services

Know how to promote your products and services via your mailing list. It’s a great practice to offer occasional freebies and discount coupons.

Or even notify your email list when there is going to be a promotional sale.

Make sure you don’t try to sell something on every message (especially on the first ones) or otherwise your brand will be seen as greedy.

6. Nobody Likes Spam

Nobody likes their email inbox to be cluttered with tons of robotic-sounding messages from the same mailing list. That’s a practice that should be avoided at all costs.

Sending spam makes a brand sound dull and lifeless. Instead, focus on weekly or bi-weekly messages with great content.

A professional and human approach will lead you to much better results.


Building a relationship of trust with your customers should be the foundation for your marketing plans.

Make sure your content is tailored to each lead on each step of the email funnel, and send them at the right time.

Spamming is a practice that should be avoided at all costs.

Show your support to your list and always be there to help them.

Learn to promote your products and services via email.

Share freebies, discount coupons, and sales announcements.

Do you currently use email autoresponders?

Please share it with us in the comments below!

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