100 Music Marketing Graphics ( Paid & Free Music Graphics )

Music Marketing Graphics ( Paid & Free Music Graphics )

Here is a collection of free and paid graphic designs to use for your music marketing needs.

Benefits of using a pre-made templates

  • Save money since you aren’t paying for custom design work
  • Avoid hours of trying to create graphics so you can focus on music

The designs below are mainly flyer designs, but the graphics can be modified for other purposes.

Use your imagination. The graphics can be used for your website, marketing banners, Instagram images, Facebook, email marketing, and much more.

3 Design Examples

Below are 3 flyer designs that I modified to work for the Music Maker WordPress theme.




You can see I took elements, colors, and the style from each flyer design. And you can do the same with the graphics below.

You will need to have and know how to use Photoshop to edit these designs.

Paid Music Graphics

Modern Beats Flyer

Free Music Graphics

Free Music Marketing Graphics

Music Graphics - Flyer Template

Hip Hop Graphics

The Hip Hop Bass Flyer

New Beat Flyer

High Beats Flyer Template

Underground Hip Hop Flyer

Electro House Music Flyer

Battle of the Beats: CD Artwork Template

Infinity Electro House Party





Electro Beats Flyer

Flat Beats Flyer




Urban Beats Flyer



Urban Beat Flyer

Urban Beats Party Flyer

Electro Flyer/Poster Vol. 4

10 Vintage Insignias

Future Beat Flyer

Fat Beat Club Flyer

Autumn Beats Flyer Template

Alternative FlyerPoster Vol. 15

Showdown Flyer Template

Beats And Rhymes Party Flyer

Purple Party Flyer Template

My Birthday After Party Flayer Template

Light Colorphonic Poster

Electronic Beats - A3 Music Party Flyer

City Beats Flyer

Summer Flyer/Poster

Hip Hop Flyer Template



City Beat Flyer

Seven Beats Flyer

Electro Party Flyer Template

High Pulse Flyer Template

Futuristic Flyer Templates

Colorphonic Poster Flyer




Creation Music: CD Cover Artwork Template

Deluxe / New Year | Flyer + FB Cover

Futuristic Flyer Poster Templates

Electro Party Bundle Vol.01

24 Letters: CD Cover Artwork Template

Push The Tempo Flyer

Night Club Space Party Flyer/Poster Template V2

Electro Flyer/Poster Vol. 8

Beats after bell - Flyer

Deep Beats Party | Flyer

Heart Beats Party - Event Flyer Template

Emotions: CD Cover Artwork Template

 Home Files Print Templates Flyers Events Concerts Luminous Flyer

Artist Concert Flyer Template

Electro Sound Party

Platinum Flyer Bundle

Mixtape Release Party Flyer

6 DJ's FB Timeline Cover

Techno Sounds Flyer

Music Designs

Minimal Flyer/Poster

Reggae Friday's Flyer Template

Alternative FlyerPoster Vol. 10


Flyer Bundle

Reggae Flyer/Poster Vol. 4

Elemental Photoshop Action

Nightclub Flyer/Poster Vol. 6

Lively Photoshop Action

HyperFuze Photoshop Action

Paradigm Photoshop Action

Indie Flyer/Poster

Infinity Flyer A4

Special Guest Deejay Flyer

Vintage Summer Flyer

Minimal Flyer Vol. 12

Minimal Abstract Flyer Templates

Nightclub FlyerPoster

Sound Beats4 Futuristic Flyer

Angel Beatz Party Flyer

Minimal Sound Flyer Template

Party Flyer Bundle




Night to swagger Party Flyer

Free Music Graphics


School music festival poster




Before buying any of the designs please read the descriptions to make sure they if the font in the design is free.

Tips & Ideas

  • While looking at the graphics above, ignore the text in the graphics and envision your marketing message in the graphic.
  • Clean and simple is always the best approach. You do not want to include too many distractions for your customers if these are on your website.
  • Create different marketing campaigns each month to promote beat and product sales.

I hope these graphics help you with your marketing needs.

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