4,000 Free Drum Samples for Music Production

Free Drum Samples

Here are over 4,000 free drum samples to add to your music sample collection.

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Free Drum Samples

1. 100 Kick Drum Samples Vol 1 – 100 Kick Drums in various genres. All generated from scratch for you to use in your music productions.

2. 29 Classic Breaks – Here’s the complete file list: Amen, Barry White, Big Beat, Central Station, Curbie, Drum Breaks Part 4, Easyrider, Funky Drummer, Hi Hache, Honey Drippers, Isaac Hayes, Melvin Bliss, Michael Jax, Midnight, Midnight-1, Skullsnaps, Sly, Tina Turner, Upp, Urban, Washington.

3. The Sample Set Vol. 2 – 30 Kick Drums, 30 Snare Drums, 5 Hi-Hats, 6 Percs, 26 FXs.

4. The Sample Set Vol. 3 – 20 Kick Drums, 17 Snare Drums, 18 Cymbals/Hi-Hats, 5 Percs.

5. The Sample Set Vol. 4 – 12 Kick Drums, 17 Snare/Clap Drums, 36 Cymbals/Hi-Hats, 6 Percs.

6. The Sample Set Vol. 5 – 9 Kick Drums, 21 Snare/Clap Drums, 15 Cymbals/Hi-Hats, 10 Percs.

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7. Main Room House Kicks Vol 1 – 25 Kick Drum Samples.

8. Dave Smith Instruments Tempest vs Akai MPC60 – 90 WAV files. It’s Linn vs. Linn. Two classic drum machines, both designed by “the father of the drum machine” Roger Linn. The MPC60 is a sampler first released in 1988 and is considered one of the major contributors to the development of hip hop music.

9. Royalty Free Progressive House Loops Samples Sounds – 230 Loops recorded at 120 and 125 BPMs.

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  1. You kno i agree Im on hear daily ….!!! this is the best thang for beat motivation since scratch magazine!!!!

  2. please am having issues extracting.. i have downloaded over 16 packs, but none is able to extract