10 Free Chord Progression Generator Apps

Here are the best free chord progression generator websites for musicians and producers to find new chord progressions fast.

Making music can be frustrating, requiring countless hours of trial and error before hitting on the right note.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were online resources that would show us the right chord progression for our songs?

Online Chord Progression Generators are exactly what you need to guide you through this process. Generate inspiring, catchy tunes with these visual tools, and stop wasting time trying to create music.

With Online Chord Progression Generators, you can learn how to make even more personalized music. These helpful musical tools can help musicians of all levels streamline the creation process.

Free Chord Progression Generators Online
Free Chord Progression Generators Online

What Are Chord Progressions?

A chord progression refers to how certain chords are played within a piece of music or song. These progressions are very important for composers and musicians that play instruments that can play chords and create melodies on the guitar or piano.

Chord progressions are used in all types of music. Try playing a few pop songs or pieces, and you’ll find out that there are countless ways in which you can order chords to create captivating music.

What Is a Chord Progression? | What Is A Chord?

What Are Chord Progression Generators?

Figuring out which chord progression you should use in your music can be a daunting and time-consuming task, and it can also take out most of the fun involved in composing music. Fortunately, though, a chord progression generator can help simplify this task immensely.

Chord progression generators can help you build, play, and discover some sweet chord progressions and can help massively boost the quality of your musical compositions as well!

You can find different free chord progression generators online, but finding the best one for your needs and wants can be difficult. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best ones out there.

Here is a list of the best chord progression generators available online.

Best Free Online Chord Progression Generator Apps

  1. Chord Chord
  2. Auto Chords
  3. Sound Grail
  4. Tone Gym
  5. One Motion
  6. Chords Progressions Generator
  7. All Guitar Chords
  8. Simple Chord Generator
  9. Random Chord Generator
  10. Chord Progression Generator

1. Chord Chord

Chord Chord | Build Chord Progressions
Chord Chord | Build Chord Progressions

ChordChord can help you create some sweet chord progressions in a jiffy. You can even choose to get arpeggiated chords and drum patterns to accompany them as well.

It also allows you to fine-tune the BPM to your liking if you end up digging a progression but want something a bit faster or slower.

Additionally, their website also contains very helpful and relevant blogs for those that are trying to learn as much as possible about music theory!

  • Export MIDI Files
  • Download MP3 Files
  • 19 Virtual Instruments

View Website

2. Auto Chords

Auto Chords
Auto Chords

Autochords is another chord progression generator that can help you find inspiration to write music. Simply choose a progression style and the key of your preference, and the generator will do the rest!

It even gives you alternative progression suggestions that you can utilize in different parts of your song, like the bridge. Give this website a try and see how chord progressions work with your music projects.

  • Instruments: Piano & Guitar
  • Suggests Alternative Progressions
  • Common Chord Progression Info

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3. Sound Grail

Sound Grail
Sound Grail Chord Progressions Generator

Discover new musical ideas with the Soundgrail chord progression generator! This generator allows you to choose 7th chords, basic triads, and which key you want the chord progression to be in.

It also features other common modes such as Dorian, Lydian, and Locrian on top of simple major and minor modes.

One of the best things about this chord progression generator is it allows you to save and export MIDI files of the chord progression straight to your PC and your DAW!

  • Save & Export MIDI
  • Adjust BPM
  • Create Interesting Chord Progressions
  • Different Mode Options

Sound Grail

4. Tone Gym

Tone Gym
Tone Gym

The ToneGym chord progression generator allows you to build chord sequences according to voice-leading principles. It also gives you the option to build progressions without or with scale boundaries.

  • Interactive
  • Select Scale Boundaries
  • Select Root Note
  • Built-In Metronome
  • Show & Hide Key Names

Tone Gym

5. One Motion

One Motion
One Motion

This online chord progression generator allows you to create epic chord progressions with unique rhythms, styles, and chords easily through your browser.

  • Interactive
  • Multiple Virtual Instruments
  • Record Mode
  • Select Style

One Motion

6. FaChords Chords Progressions Generator

FaChords Chords Progressions Generator
FaChords Chords Progressions Guitar Generator

FaChords is an online progression generator that is ideal for guitar enthusiasts hoping to write their next magnum opus. The website also contains helpful information about chords and some other basics for those just starting with music theory.

  • Interactive Interface
  • Set Time Signature
  • Wood Type: Maple, Ebony, Rosewood, Black & White


7. All Guitar Chords

All Guitar Chords | Drag and Drop
All Guitar Chords – Chord Progression Generator Guitar

This is another great option for guitar lovers that want to take the fuss out of creating chord progressions for their compositions. This tool helps create catchy chord progressions and teaches you the proper finger placements as well!

  • Interactive UI
  • Allows You To Choose Right Or Left Handedness
  • Shows Different Variations For Each Chord

Visit Website

8. Simple Chord Progression Generator

Simple Chord Progression Generator  | Major Chord & Minor Chord
Simple Chord Progression Generator

This simple yet intuitive chord progression generator can help you create chord progressions up to 10 chords long! The interface is also extremely minimalistic and easy to navigate.

  • Randomize
  • Play Loops
  • Generate New Progression

View Website

9. Random Chord Generator

Random Chord Generator | Major Chord & Minor Chord
Random Chord Generator

This generator is ideal for composers that want to view random chord progressions. Perfect for practice purposes or for stimulating creativity for songwriting!

The Random Chord Generator also features four of the most popular varieties of the 7th chords. It also provides enharmonic alternatives for every black note chord included in the options.

  • Clean Interface
  • Randomized Chords

Visit Website

10. Chord Progression Generator

Chord Progression Generator | Borrowed Chords
Chord Progression Generator

This chord progression generator allows you to find chord progressions with the simple click of a button.

Find random chord progressions and get creative! This tool can generate random 32 bar major and dominant progressions as well!

  • Generates Random Chord Progressions
  • Clean UI

View Website

How Do I Use These Online Chord Progression Generators?

All of the chord progression generators mentioned above are completely free to use online and require no installation. They are some of the best options available due to their clean UI, ease of use, and handy features.

Most of them are pretty self-explanatory and require no special instructions to use, but luckily almost every chord progression generator tool mentioned in this article has their own easy-to-understand instructions for using the tool on their respective websites.

How To Use ChordChord.com – Tutorial

For those generators that feature an option to generate a random chord progression, it’s often best to leave everything on random and simply hit the “generate” button a few times until you land on a progression that you like.

Then, simply use that progression on the instrument of your choice, such as a guitar or piano, and start building up upon the progression to give your song more structure and generate more ideas.

How Do You Come Up With Chord Progressions?

Coming up with chord progressions on your own can be easy if you know the basic rules of writing progressions.

Here are the 5 basics you need to follow to make sure your progression works and sounds good.

  1. Figure out which key you want to write in or are most comfortable with. If you are just getting into music, try starting with the C major, G major, A minor, or E minor keys, as they are often the easiest to get the hang of.
  2. Decide the primary chords and start building your progressions with them. Then move on to secondary chords to help develop your progressions even further.
  3. Always begin and end your entire chord progression on chord I.
  4. Get inspiration from some of the most popular progressions in pop music or from your favorite songs artists’ pieces.
  5. Try experimenting with circle progressions.

Using a chord progression generator app can be a great tool for musicians and music makers looking to build interesting chord progressions for their creative expression.

These apps offer a variety of chord progression ideas, including common chord progressions and borrowed chords, which can be explored using music theory and Roman numerals.

By starting with the first chord and experimenting with major and minor chords, users can create unique and captivating chord progressions that stand out in dance, Hip Hop, or pop music and catch the attention of other musicians.

Additionally, with the help of chord progression generator apps, even beginner musicians can easily create interesting chord progressions with just four chords, often represented by a Roman numeral.

These apps offer a wide range of chord progression ideas, including common chord progressions such as the I-IV-V and the vi-IV-I-V progressions, and the use of borrowed chords from other keys, which can add more complexity and depth to the music.

With just a basic knowledge of music theory and the use of Roman numerals to represent chords in the key of C major, for example, users can explore endless possibilities for creating interesting and unique chord progressions.

So why not try out a chord progression generator and see how chord progressions work for your next musical project.

I hope you find these free chord progression generator apps helpful.

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