How to Use FL Studio Mobile: Step-by-Step Tutorials for Beginners

Here are the best FL Studio Mobile tutorials to help you get started with making music. FL Studio Mobile is available for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows.

Here are the best free FL Studio Mobile tutorials to help you start making music fast.

FL Studio Mobile Tutorials ( Beginners Guide )

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FL Studio Mobile Tutorials

  1. How to Install FL Studio Mobile
  2. Getting Started with FL Studio Mobile
  3. MiniSynth
  4. How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard
  5. Transistor Bass
  6. Touch Control
  7. Quantizing Notes
  8. Advanced Step Sequencer
  9. Custom Drum Templates
  10. Recording Audio
  11. Trap Beat Tutorial
  12. Hip Hop Beat Tutorial

How to Install FL Studio Mobile

To install the app search your phone or tablet app store for FL Studio Mobile.

FL Studio Mobile Tutorials ( Beginners Guide )

Getting Started with FL Studio Mobile

This video will give you a general overview of FL Studio Mobile.

  • Using the home panel
  • Using the playlist
  • How to use instruments
  • How to create a drum track


The MiniSynth is a synthesizer with a low processor overhead and great sound.

Load the presets or create your own sounds from scratch. There are 6 tabs covering the synthesizer controls.

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How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile can connect to external MIDI keyboards and controllers. Controller Instructions

Cable: Micro USB OTG USB Connector

Video Examples

Transistor Bass

Transistor Bass is a subtractive synthesizer in the style of the legendary Roland TB303™ Bassline synthesizer.

Great for fast ‘Acid’ basslines. Feature Info

Touch Control

FL Studio Mobile responds to touch controllers, including knobs and faders. Touch Controllers

Quantizing Notes

Here is a overview on how to quantize notes.

Advanced Step Sequencer

Double-tapping on a Clip in the Playlist will open the appropriate Editor window.

Once open, single-taping on Playlist content will change the Editor Window.

Step Sequencer

Custom Drum Templates

Here is a overview on how to import samples.

Recording Audio

When recording audio from a microphone, make sure to wear headphones so audio from FL Studio Mobile isn’t mixed in with the recorded source. Audio Recording

Trap Beat Tutorial

Here is a video of Kyle Beats making a Trap beat in FL Studio Mobile.

Video: Trap Beat From Scratch

Hip Hop Beat Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on how to make a Hip Hop beat in FL Studio mobile.

Image-Line Website

FL Studio Mobile Tutorials

Related: FL Studio Tutorials ( Beginner’s Guide )

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