15 Free Jungle Sample Packs

Here are the best free Jungle sample packs to kickstart your next music project. Get access to thousands of free Jungle samples today.

A Jungle sample pack is a curated collection of audio files that embody jungle music’s rhythmic and melodic essence. Originating from the UK in the early ’90s, jungle music blends breakbeats, basslines, and diverse sound elements.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free jungle sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

These free jungle sample packs provide music creators with pre-recorded snippets to use with these music projects, providing an authentic jungle sound. Add to your sound library with more free sound kits from our free music samples article.

Free Jungle Sample Packs

  1. Shadows Jungle Sample Pack
  2. JungleJungle Sample Pack
  3. Neu Jungle
  4. Old Skool Jungle & Rave Samples
  5. Liquid Drum and Bass Samples
  6. Arachne Drum & Bass Sample Pack
  7. Dub Arc-Dub To Jungle
  8. DnB Essentials Samples
  9. SampleRadar Drum N Bass
  10. Sample Focus
  11. Looperman
  12. Breakbeat Paradise
  13. Free Jungle Sample Pack Vol. 4
  14. Phat Drum Loops
  15. Rhythm Lab Breakbeats
  16. DOA
  17. DNB
  18. FAQs
Best Free Jungle Sample Packs
Best Free Jungle Sample Packs

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free jungle sample pack. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Shadows Jungle Sample Pack

Shadows Jungle Sample Pack
Shadows Jungle Sample Pack

Ghost Syndicate’s Shadows Jungle Sample Pack is your key to crafting cutting-edge 140BPM Jungle tunes. This pack equips you with 63 distinct samples, tailored for music creators inclined towards the darker shades of drum and bass, jungle, and dubstep.

These range from murky bass loops to breakbeat-centric drum loops and haunting melodic combinations.

  • 63 total samples in the basic pack
  • Grungy bass loops to amplify your tracks
  • Breakbeat-driven drum loops for rhythm

Shadows Pack

JungleJungle: 1989-1999 Sample Pack

JungleJungle 1989 1999 Sample Pack
JungleJungle 1989 1999 Sample Pack

The Jungle 1989-1999 Sample Pack by Blu Mar Ten is a rich assortment of early drum & bass sounds, echoing the iconic beats from the 90s.

Created initially as a hobby project, it flourished into an impressive collection of vintage drum loops and samples sourced from either vinyl or CDs.

These samples are available in a crisp 16-bit WAV format and ready to load into any DAW or hardware sampler.

With this free jungle pack, music creators get an invaluable resource to infuse authentic drum & bass vibes into their creations.

  • 675 total jungle samples
  • Includes bass, breaks, FX, pads, riffs, Arps, hits, and vocals
  • Sourced from vintage vinyl and CDs
  • Delivered in 16bit WAV format
  • Ideal for drum & bass and jungle genres
  • Not for commercial use without proper clearance

Visit Website

Neu Jungle

Neu Jungle
Neu Jungle

The Neu Jungle is a nostalgic trip back to the golden era of 90s Jungle music, presenting a great collection of drum breaks and vibrant synth sounds.

Designed using iconic 90s and 2000s samplers, the drum loops emanate a warm and thick sound reminiscent of early Jungle recordings, thanks to meticulous processing using vintage effects and tools.

The pack also boasts diverse synth sounds, recorded with legendary instruments and prioritizing bass tones.

Easily integrated, these high-quality 24-bit WAV files have also been conveniently sliced in Recycle Rex format for maximum versatility.

  • Inspired by 90s Jungle music
  • Drum loops created with famed 90s/20s samplers
  • Processed with vintage effects for authentic sound
  • Over 200 breakbeats
  • Recorded with classic instruments like Moog Prodigy and Korg MS-20
  • Available in Recycle Rex format for easy use.

Neu Jungle

Old Skool Jungle & Rave Samples

Old Skool Jungle Rave Samples
Old Skool Jungle Rave Samples

The Old Skool Jungle & Rave Samples from Hardcore Junglism is a delightful blend of retro and modern music samples, perfect for bringing that classic Jungle and Rave feel to your tracks.

Inside, you’ll discover an array of bass stabs, sub-bass samples, layered break loops, and diverse synth offerings.

Whether you’re hunting for lead synth samples, melody loops, or TR8 samples, this pack has got you covered.

Crafted in a high-quality 24-bit WAV format, these samples are authentic and 100% royalty-free.

  • Over 120 old skool/nu skool samples
  • 8 Bass Stabs & 8 Sub Bass Samples
  • Layered 5 Break Loops
  • 5 Lead Synth samples
  • 24 Synth and melody loops
  • 12 Pad/Chord samples & 5 String samples

Old Skool

Free Liquid Drum and Bass Samples

Free Liquid Drum And Bass Samples
Free Liquid Drum And Bass Samples

The free liquid drum and bass samples pack is a remarkable collection for every music creator interested in enhancing their tracks.

You will find diverse Liquid Drum and Bass sounds, from immersive atmospheres to punchy basslines.

  • It contains 44 diverse samples and loops
  • Offers basslines, drum, and percussion sounds
  • Synth sounds for added texture

Liquid Pack

Arachne Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Arachne Drum Bass Sample Pack
Arachne Drum Bass Sample Pack

The Arachne Drum & Bass Sample Pack by Loopcult is an all-encompassing collection tailored for Drum & Bass fans.

Offering tight kicks, a variety of snares, and diverse percussive elements, it’s designed to infuse richness into your tracks.

The pulsating basslines, eerie synth pads, and jazzy piano licks add depth and variety.

  • A mix of tight kicks and varied snares
  • Rich percussive loops and one-hits
  • Pulsating basslines for depth
  • Royalty-free

Arachne Pack

Dub Arc-Dub To Jungle Free Demo Pack

Dub Arc Dub To Jungle Free Demo Pack
Dub Arc Dub To Jungle Free Demo Pack

The Dub Arc-Dub To Jungle Free Demo Pack from Totally Dubwise Recordings offers a taste of their best-selling sample pack.

Catering to music creators, this pack combines elements from reggae, jungle, and drum & bass.

You will find breaks, FX hits, vocal samples from soundclashes, and various instrument loops.

  • Presented by Totally Dubwise Recordings
  • Selection from their top-selling sample pack
  • 5 Jungle & D&B breaks
  • 5 Reggae & Dancehall breaks
  • 5 FX single hits
  • 5 Soundclash vocal samples
  • 5 Bass single hits
  • Instrument loops

Dub Arc Pack

SampleRadar DnB Essentials Samples

SampleRadar DnB Essentials Samples
SampleRadar DnB Essentials Samples

The SampleRadar DnB Essentials Samples provides music creators with a vast selection of drum ‘n’ bass and jungle sounds, capturing the energetic vibes of the genres’ resurgence in 2022.

The sample pack boasts a range of pre-produced loops between 160bpm and 175bpm, paired with a wealth of individual drum hits, making beat crafting a breeze.

Additionally, including FX and melodic loops – featuring bass, leads, and old-school pads offers even more versatility.

These high-quality 24-bit WAV files seamlessly integrate into any DAW or sampler and are yours to use royalty-free.

  • Focused on drum ‘n’ bass and jungle sounds
  • Loops range from 160bpm to 175bpm
  • Individual drum hits included
  • Varied FX and melodic loops
  • 24-bit WAV file format
  • Royalty-free usage


SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass Samples

SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass Samples
SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass Samples

The SampleRadar Free Drum N Bass Samples from MusicRadar brings you an exclusive collection of professional-grade, royalty-free drum ‘n’ bass samples you won’t find anywhere else.

While drum ‘n’ bass may have peaked in mainstream popularity years ago, its influence on genres like grime, dubstep, and ghettotech remains significant.

This pack offers two distinct free construction kits filled with drum and bass sounds, including loops, single hits, and multi-samples.

These samples are designed in high-quality 24-bit WAV format and ready to be dropped into your DAW.

Plus, you can freely incorporate them into your tracks without any concerns about royalties.

  • Two unique construction kits
  • Features drum and bass sounds
  • Includes loops, single hits, and multi-samples
  • High-quality 24-bit WAV format
  • 100% royalty-free samples


Sample Focus

Sample Focus 4
Sample Focus 4

Sample Focus offers a comprehensive library of Jungle sounds for music creators.

With the ease of downloading, you can quickly get your hands on a variety of royalty-free Jungle samples, sounds, and loops.

From cinematic to deep house vibes, these sounds are versatile and ready to elevate your tracks.

  • Royalty-free Jungle sounds
  • Easy to download and use

Sample Focus


Looperman 2

The Looperman platform offers a huge collection of free Jungle loops, samples, and sounds for music creators.

These unique audio snippets are compatible with popular music software like Acid, FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools, Garageband, Cubase, and more.

  • Wide variety of Jungle loops
  • High-quality WAV format
  • Suitable for diverse music projects


Breakbeat Paradise

Breakbeat Paradise
Breakbeat Paradise

Breakbeat Paradise is your go-to destination for quality breakbeat samples.

This platform presents the Breakbeat Paradise Samplekit Volume 3, ensuring you’re in tune with the latest sounds from the breakbeat scene.

The sample kit is vast, including everything from hot hip-hop beats capturing the East Coast vibe to classic vinyl breaks that carry the gritty sound enthusiasts adore.

It also boasts a diverse range of male and female vocals, voice hooks, and even some scratch loops for those looking to add turntablist flair to their tracks.

  • MP3 format
  • Diverse vocal collection: male, female, and FX vocals
  • Authentic vinyl breaks are sampled for a genuine feel
  • Turntablist scratch loops included

Breakbeat Paradise

Free Jungle Sample Pack Vol. 4

FREE Sample Pack Vol 4
FREE Sample Pack Vol 4

This pack is a stellar offering from DJ Hybrid, a renowned figure in the music world and the head of Deep In The Jungle Records.

With this pack, music creators can delight in unprocessed bass lines, captivating FX, and Amen Beats, essential ingredients for producing head-turning tracks.

View Pack

Phat Drum Loops

Phat Drum Loops
Phat Drum Loops

The Phat Drum Loops offers a diverse collection of drum samples available for free download.

Designed for music creators, these loops range from the distinct and unique vibes of the ’70s rock beats to the funky rhythms that can groove your track.

Whether you’re into classic rock sounds, funky bass lines, or more chilled-out vibes, there’s something for everyone.

Sourced from various artists and albums, each loop has its own story.

  • WAV & MP3 format

View Website

Rhythm Lab Breakbeats

Rhythm Lab Breakbeats
Rhythm Lab Breakbeats

The Rhythm Lab Breakbeats offers a curated selection of vintage funk and soul breakbeats for music creators.

These loops, presented in clear WAV format, ensure top-notch quality without being sourced from MP3 conversions.

Each break is manually sliced, and some even come in multiple versions like CD and vinyl.

While these loops provide great inspiration, creators are reminded to seek permission from the original owner if they intend to incorporate these breaks into their music.

  • High-quality WAV format loops
  • Manually sliced breaks
  • Vintage funk and soul themes
  • Suitable for educational purposes

Rhythm Lab



This digital library comprises a wide variety of free drum break samples.

Each pack offers an abundance of sounds to fit every musical need.

  • Variety of drum break samples
  • Organized into named folders for easy navigation
  • High-quality samples for professional sound




Curated by the experts at Antidote Audio and showcased on SoundCloud, this pack provides an assortment of beats and rhythms perfect for any music creator looking to elevate their tracks.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jungle Sample Pack?

A Jungle Sample Pack consists of curated sound bites originating from the jungle music genre. These packs typically include rhythmic breakbeats, basslines, and various atmospheric sounds, allowing producers to incorporate authentic jungle vibes into their tracks.

Why would I want to use Jungle Sample Packs in my music production?

Jungle Sample Packs offer an easy way to inject unique and authentic jungle sounds into your tracks. They save time, provide professional-quality sounds, and can inspire new musical ideas.

Are these Jungle Sample Packs compatible with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs)?

Yes, most Jungle Sample Packs are designed to be compatible with popular DAWs like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and more. Always check the pack’s specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific software.

Can these sample packs be used for genres other than Jungle?

Absolutely! While they originate from the jungle genre, these sounds can be integrated into various musical styles, from hip-hop and techno to ambient and beyond, adding a unique flavor to any track.

How do I properly credit the creators of these sample packs in my music?

Each sample pack might have its own set of licensing terms. Some may be royalty-free, requiring no attribution, while others might ask for credits. Always review the pack’s licensing agreement and give appropriate credits as specified.

Are these sample packs truly free?

Yes, the Jungle Sample Packs listed in this article are free to download and use. However, always read the terms to ensure there are no hidden charges or future royalty obligations.

Can I use these samples for commercial projects?

Many Jungle Sample Packs are available for both personal and commercial use. However, it’s important to check each pack’s licensing terms to determine if it can be used commercially without any restrictions.

What’s the difference between Jungle and Drum & Bass sample packs?

While both genres have similar roots and overlapping characteristics, Jungle often has a more raw and organic feel with intricate rhythms. Drum and bass usually have a faster tempo and a more polished, modern sound. The sample packs reflect these distinctions in their sound bites.

How do I download and install these sample packs into my DAW?

Once you’ve downloaded a sample pack, it typically comes in a compressed folder. Extract the folder, and then you can manually drag and drop the samples into your DAW’s library or follow your DAW’s specific procedure for importing samples.

Can I modify or alter the sounds in these Jungle Sample Packs?

Once you’ve imported the samples into your DAW, you can manipulate them as you would with any other sound – adjusting pitch, tempo, effects, and more to fit your project’s needs.

I hope you found this list of free jungle sample packs helpful.

Mark V.

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