600 Free Drum Samples: 10 Free Single Drum Sample Packs

Free Drum Samples

This week’s free sample post includes over 600 free drum samples, including free kicks, claps, snares, cymbals and more.

Free Drum Samples

1. 100 Awesome Free Kick Samples – Clean 32-bit music samples. Made from scratch (clean low end).

2. 10 Hip Hop Claps – Free pack contains crispy, classic and real Hip Hop Clap Samples are aimed at Hip Hop, Urban, R&B, Soul and Pop producers.

3. Tom Drum Roll – One single Wav file.

4. Mega Cymbal Samples Drum Kit (Drumkit) – 12 Cymbal Wav files.

5. Hi-Hats Sound Pack (Soundkit) – 271 WAV Hi-Hat samples.

6. 808 Sub Bass Drop Hit (Sound)

7. Snare Kit Vol. 1 & 2 – Excellent collection of expressive snare drums – compiled by the always on point DrumKitSuppy.

8. Hands Make Sounds – 158 samples of hand claps and finger snaps.

9. 100 Awesome Free Kick Samples – In total there are 100 kick samples in this package and they are aimed for any EDM genre that requires punchy kick drums.

10. Snare Kit Vol. 1 & 2 – Expect some a handcrafted and articulately designed collection of ‘filthy’ snare drum samples and layering tools.

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  1. Really helpfull this resource!

    I have a blog about music producting. I write about music tips and tricks!

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  2. Check out ARCADE by Output. Loads right in your DAW and is free for the first 100 days. All kinds of inspiring loops.